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Hi all

If you look at the drawing on the right that Laurier drafted it is the basis of free energy. Unlike in the drawing on the left where the energy is siphoned out of the system into private hands, the energy on the right circulates within the system. My understanding of free energy is that Read the rest of this entry

Government cannot pay.

Hi all

Based on an email i received this morning I feel compelled to share the following.

So long as we draw or attempt to draw on the government the government will draw on us, e.g. through taxation.

Canada has not the means to cover liabilities, taxation is evidence of that since taxes pays the interest to the holders of government bonds. In other words, Canada cannot make the interest payments because Canada has no money, is insolvent/bankrupt. Whatever money it does get it gets through taxation and other revenue generating methods, all in the form of taxes, therefore; for a bankrupt to service a debt or take on the liabilities people think it should take on, the bankrupt has no place to turn but the people. Why so? Because a bankrupt cannot pay and we are the source of credit as evidence by personal income tax collections. There is no other source.

In short, a reason for income taxes is Read the rest of this entry

True payment

Hi all

It is said "thou shalt have no other gods before me".

Now one can debunk that as biblical crap or see the sense and applicability of it.

We can say, the government does not have authority over me, or, we can say, "thou shalt have no other gods before me" is saying the same thing. You cannot be made to turn your back on God which would be the case to say you must recognize the authority of the government as supreme. There are many ways to say 'thou shalt have no other gods before me' but it is one that we know is recognized.

In complying with the state one did/does have the state as the god before him. To say that the state has no authority over me rather than "I did (truth) but no longer (new truth) have other gods before me" is freeing. You cannot be made to turn your back on God, yourself.

'I did but no longer do what i do for money' could be saying, if it is true; I had money before me as my god, worked to earn it, but no longer do so I do not have any money let alone i was not born with it.

Truth is that people are not born with money and working for it is optional, therefore; paying it, having debts, is an option.

Once one has decided he has no other gods before him that leaves only one thing we the people have to settle a debt, Read the rest of this entry

Men or persons

Hi all

We are the creators of our reality. We are responsible for liabilities we create such as come into existence when one tells the cars salesmen, "I accept you offer for that car". The acceptance of the offer is the birth of the obligation, liability to pay.

Now knowing that we create our reality and that we are everything and nothing, as much as we can create the liability so to can we create the remedy.

To look at any place or venue or person or entity other than self for a solution or remedy or a way out of the box is to deny who one is and the divine power that one is given. In other words, there is no need to focus or pay attention to any other but self as source of grief, solutions, and remedy.

You, is it. You are the One.
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Pay it forward up-date.

Hi all

This is for those who have or may partake in the Trust Agreement, pay it forward, love, process.

This process is not about anyone's specific issue. It is a one swoop takes care of all. So I do not need to know what papers or communications have been received from CRA. We are not rushing into taking care of your personal issues with CRA. This is a group collective thing designed to take us from debtors to source of credit. It is about intent. Do you intend to receive personal benefit or gain, contrary to love and why we are taxed, burdened, or is your intent to help mankind? I suggested on the last conference call that one be sincere to him herself. It is one thing to say my intend is to serve and better mankind and quite another that it is true.
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Hi All

More to consider.

I highly and strongly recommend the Audio Book of a Conversation with God, Book One. They do a fine job of reminding us who we are and that 'all there is is love'. That is the basis of all of creation. One is in the flow (free) or not (not free). The act of one taking action to free himself from something creates the reality of the very thing he is trying to escape from. He is caught in his own hell.

There is no greater credit than Love. Love is in nature what credit is in law.

Lets us say that Her Majesty has Read the rest of this entry

Follow-up of Oct 21st call

Hi all

I enjoyed the call last night.

As discussed the people are the source of credit, hereafter "source".

We back the money that is paid as income and by taking income we receive the benefit of our own credit which is what keeps us on the debt taxpayer treadmill.

Doing that is akin to a battery (source of energy) receiving the benefit (return) of the energy it puts out rather than or in addition to the bulb in a flashlight.
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Is income tax voluntary

Hi all

It is said that income tax is voluntary.

Could it be so?
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