You may have heard of the Truth and Reconciliation thing between government/catholic church and the native peoples.

It is in regards of what the church blessed by the government did in beating the Indian out of the Indian years back.

The purpose of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission is to make monetary amends for what was done. A form of repentance, albeit money cannot undo what was done.

I was told that what caused the Truth and Reconciliation to come about was the potential for thousands and thousand of claims against the church and government by those affected by what the church and government had done. Rather than face these claims through the Courts the Truth and Reconciliation Commission was established.

Point here is it was the number of potential claims that got the governments attention. Strength in numbers. Now relate that to us being recognized by or as the registered legal name.

For those who desire to give of themselves freely and unconditionally for the love of God and all this is great news; because the more of us that partake in Paying it Forward the greater the chances the situation of us having the legal and financial liabilities associated with the registered legal name will be resolved once and for all time.

Although it is not necessary to partake in the 'Pay it Forward' program to give of yourself freely, the folks involved in meeting with the lawyer through the church are well aware of the Truth and Reconciliation situation. The great thing is that unlike the Truth and Reconciliation, we are not Read the rest of this entry

Who the real owner is?


Who the real owner is.

Many of us say the God owns everything but then in the next moment claim that the government holds the rights in a name, has the liability. What a cop out folks. Take responsibility. How is claiming the government owns the name glorifying Father God? How does that jive with God owns everything?

The government has said consistently that it does not own the name and perhaps we should listen to what we say "God owns everything" and stop trying to make another an owner of something, like the name. Glorify the Father.

I have said before and say again, I believe God holds the title to the name because I believe God owns everything, therefore; the name exists to account for our choices and nothing more.

The choices we have as i know it come down to two; love consciousness or not love consciousness = commercial mind.

I mean, people talk that the courts are commercial. Ya, so are we in our minds when our consideration is anything but love. Is it possible people are in Read the rest of this entry

Thy will be done in earth as IT IS in Heaven


The kingdom of Heaven is within you. What you are in spirit, heaven, is what you experience outside of you, earth, the physical.

In other words, what you are in conscience (heaven) is the basis of your perceived outer reality (earth).

In other words, if you are other than true divine love, that is what you experience in earth or physical senses.

Thus if you have conditions or considerations attached to your thoughts, your heaven, that is the spirit of you from which the outer world is formed.

In other words, if you are not expressing the divine then the outer world does not either. That would likely be why God is not allowed in schools because we have not God in our heart that the love God is shines through us.

Or, what you are is what you receive.

So if your thoughts contain considerations such as "what is in it for me", conditions, that is the basis of who you are and your outer reality (earth) involves contracts, contracting, and law. One cannot have the spirit of conditions within (heaven) and not have those same conditions apply to his earthly reality.

If one excludes the true divine spirit, no conditions, unconditional love/giving, then the outer reality will be that.

As it is in Heaven, within you, so it is on earth. This is why it is so important to know thyself and be honest with thyself. Who am I? Do I have conditions attached to my thoughts.

Once again we see that your remedy lies within you and no where else. All outwardly seeking for freedom cannot be found for freedom comes from within. To seek it through legal forms, knowledge, UCC/BOE, and procedures etc is missing the mark 180 degrees.

The mark of the beast is the works of the ego.

Cannot serve God and Mammon is to say, cannot serve/be human consciousness and serve/be divine consciousness.

Once again we see it is us that must be the world we choose in order to have that world. Trying to change the world, the perceived outer reality, is of no force and effect because what is outer is an expression of inner.

Thy will be done in earth as it is in Heaven is to say, what you are inside is what is outside. If you are unwilling to go within to change who you are, your will, your will is that nothing will change for the better.

Thy will be done in earth, outside of you, as it is in heaven, who you are inside, spiritually or the lack thereof.

As it is in Heaven, within you, so it is on earth.

If you feel like a victim or act like a victim guess what, you will be victimized and the victimizer is self. Stuck in a loop going round and round like Neo in the train station.

As it is in Heaven, within you, so it is on earth.

To be free of a reality that includes contracts of whatever type, one must loose himself of the attachment of conditions to his thoughts. Your thoughts are your tools for creation, guard them wisely.

'Tis foolhardy to try and free oneself of Read the rest of this entry

Executor II


If you read over the email Executor, it brings us back to why we did what we did last year. Grocery Store Bandits.

We are sons and heirs of God so there must be an estate and sons and heirs of such an estate, in my view, to not be confused with all others, must do true love.

Doing so keeps the assets of the God estate, the world, in the estate administered by the executor, government, for the benefit of the heir rather than as most do now, claim a portion as their own.

By claiming a portion of the God estate as ones own, creating a new mini estate but still of the one estate; one assumes full responsibility. He has assumed the role of the executor/trustee.

You cannot separate from the family or not give freely to the family and expect a free ride at the expense of the family. If you give freely to the family then it is very likely the family will give freely to you and God has promised you that.

There is but one way in my estimation to Read the rest of this entry

True payment

Hi all

It is said "thou shalt have no other gods before me".

Now one can debunk that as biblical crap or see the sense and applicability of it.

We can say, the government does not have authority over me, or, we can say, "thou shalt have no other gods before me" is saying the same thing. You cannot be made to turn your back on God which would be the case to say you must recognize the authority of the government as supreme. There are many ways to say 'thou shalt have no other gods before me' but it is one that we know is recognized.

In complying with the state one did/does have the state as the god before him. To say that the state has no authority over me rather than "I did (truth) but no longer (new truth) have other gods before me" is freeing. You cannot be made to turn your back on God, yourself.

'I did but no longer do what i do for money' could be saying, if it is true; I had money before me as my god, worked to earn it, but no longer do so I do not have any money let alone i was not born with it.

Truth is that people are not born with money and working for it is optional, therefore; paying it, having debts, is an option.

Once one has decided he has no other gods before him that leaves only one thing we the people have to settle a debt, Read the rest of this entry

Men or persons

Hi all

We are the creators of our reality. We are responsible for liabilities we create such as come into existence when one tells the cars salesmen, "I accept you offer for that car". The acceptance of the offer is the birth of the obligation, liability to pay.

Now knowing that we create our reality and that we are everything and nothing, as much as we can create the liability so to can we create the remedy.

To look at any place or venue or person or entity other than self for a solution or remedy or a way out of the box is to deny who one is and the divine power that one is given. In other words, there is no need to focus or pay attention to any other but self as source of grief, solutions, and remedy.

You, is it. You are the One.
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The way home

Hi all

I think it fitting to share this from another.

You noble theories of God has nothing to do with the G-D that they use in statute and testamentary trust (old&new Testament). (Ba'al Moloch Lucifer Amen-Ra etc).

There are many Gods but only one supreme Divine nameless unbiased omnipresent energy. Making dogmatic presumptions based on "God" dig the rabbit hole deeper.

I responded;

I am not going to respond to your many many assumptions.............except to say that i could care less what others define God to be. I do agree that what I mean by the three letters 'G' 'o' 'd' has nothing to do with what you think or what they; G-D that they use in statute and testamentary trust (old&new Testament). (Ba'al Moloch Lucifer Amen-Ra etc) mean. In other words, the god you and they focus on is not the God I am talking about.

He asked;

So which definition of God are you using when you mention "Father"?

To which my response is this;
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Cause of suffering

Hi all

We are spiritual and not physical beings. I think the main problem we have is based on we perceive from physical viewpoint rather than as energy into form, or non-physical.

For example and this may seem off the wall.

In the bible it is said that the foreigner pays the tax. If we interpret that from the physical viewpoint we may think foreign to some earthly power, and take the inappropriate action, whereas; if we interpret from a spiritual perspective we know that to mean foreign to God, or love and take the appropriate action that we are not foreign. In other words, by our actions of taking or claiming money, the benefit of our energy, we are saying, I am separate from God, love. Most by now know that is not possible but one may believe otherwise = where the burdens are.

It sure seems right given that the taxpayer is one who receives the benefit of his own energy/credit which is contrary to true unconditional love; God.
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