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Every now and again I receive methodologies how to break free of the system. How to break free of contract, commercial redemption, Office of Executor, and all that BS.

Every one of them is a deception, delaying the inevitable and a waste of time and energy.

In law consideration is what binds, therefore, where consideration is not, neither is contract neither is law.

Where there is love there is no contract there is no law because of a lack of consideration.

Consideration = contract and contract is the law.

The only way to be free of the concept of consideration and contract and law is to Read the rest of this entry

Nov 10th Court up-date

Hi all

This is to up-date you on yesterdays court action for a determination of the rights of the parties. As you know the Crown made a motion to have the application dismissed which it got.

We know the reason why it was dismissed and so the next application will address that. This is the first time that the crown actually submitted a Read the rest of this entry

The basis of the process.

Hi all

Pay It Forward...

You can request further details of how to get started by emailing: bb(at)trytel(dot)net (remove the brackets and replace at with @ and dot with a (.) Be sure the subject line of your email says: "I would like to participate in the Pay It Forward process". If this is not done, there are no guarantees that your email will be seen and / or read!

I have people asking for the specifics of the pay it forward process. The best way for me to answer that is to say as I have on the conference calls, it is founded on true unconditional love and ones desire to do that because he she knows that is his true nature and purpose and no other. That he must be and do that not for any reason but because that is who and what he really is. 'Love God the Father/Mother with all thine heart' and 'love thy neighbor as thyself' is the new testament message.

The specifics are contained in the Read the rest of this entry

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The reason for passwords to be delivered automatically on registration, is to make sure that the email address is actually under the control of whoever registered it and not someone else (or a spambot). So when someone doesn't get this email, admin has to determine whether the one who registered is really the one who is claiming they registered!

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Feel free to use the Contact page to send any message to us if you are having problems (as some of you have done already and have had their problem resolved).

All the best and Welcome to the Freedom From Debt blog!

Admin - Freedom From Debt

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Wake-up Souls

Hi all

I know we have been down the road of; who has the liability for the name.

As you wake up to who you are, and I will use the term, sons of God, who but as can be with the liability?

To whom does God turn and ask, who has the liability for my creation?

Are you feeling the idiocy of being of the God family and asking, "who has the liability for the name"?

Not to mention that the government is bankrupt and has not the means to be liable. Not to mention it is our energy that powers (credits) the entire system.

Not to mention it makes no sense that the living would go to the dead for life.

As misunderstood or interpreted as the words in the bible may be, it is speaking to the living.
Read the rest of this entry

Freedom starts with love

Hi all

Here is something to ponder.

Where there is love there is no contract there is no law.

Now, if one is not doing love then he must be bound.

In other words, one cannot be free and yet not do/be love.

I would say the reason for the debt based currency stems from the divine saying, you know not yet true love, therefore you cannot be free until you do it.

We must see the bigger picture and serve the whole of it to the exclusion of self but knowing self is part of the whole.

Love see/knows no evil. It loves it to love...............

I love you!

Upcoming Conference call

Hi all,

The conference call we has last, Oct 6th was about the 100% Return of Tax blah blah.

Since that call things have evolved and we are now going for the gusto...........The be all end all solution to free ourselves from perpetual never ending treadmill of debt and being treated as debtors.

I covered that in an e mail yesterday titled '100% Return of Tax up-date'.

We must respect that Canada has not the means to pay money and is a reason it went to the banker for aid in the first instance, therefore, we must be willing to take over funding government. haha!

I am seeing if a conference call can be organized for this Thursday which is open to everyone. So we are clear here, this has evolved way beyond just income tax or CRA.

It is solution oriented and non-confrontational................

I love you

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