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We are Free

Hi all

So there is no confusion resulting, the court case we were involved in last Wednesday had nothing to do with the Paying it Forward process.

The basis of the process is this;

WE ARE FREE to contribute to the betterment of the nation and mankind, serve the public rather than private interests, obtain necessities and enjoyment of life, help free others and the nation from debt, and express their true nature and purpose by the giving freely and unconditionally of themselves out of love for God and all and do so;

Free of debt, free of the absurdity of the existing debt based money system, free of the private-control of the money supply, free of the regulation, and free of the restrictions, limitations, and burdens presently imposed on us and the nation as a result of the aforementioned partnership (government and banks), existing banking system, taxation, and the greed, selfish, and other sinful behavior of us.

It is our divine right to do those and greater things and no law can stand in our way. We just have to choose it and declare it.

I wish to address something else. Words are the worst form of communication. They do not transfer the picture that is in the mind of the author. A picture is worth a thousand words. So when i send messages you all see the words and then react to them and your interpretation of them. You do not see the picture I see.

For example, I have written of promissory notes and Read the rest of this entry

I see this can be used for many situations.
t w wrote:

For those of you who like the concept of making demands of Members of Parliament via the actual law, this is for you.  It is the work of two people who have worked on the sidelines for some time... until Bill C-36.

Let me know what you think...



10th day of November in the year Two Thousand Ten

<name of MP / civil servant>

<address of civil servant>

<address of civil servant>

RE:  Bill C-36

Dear Civil Servant:


Let me kindly remind you of your status of a Civil Servant.  If you have any doubt that you are Civil Servant, I bring to your attention the following Supreme Court of Canada ruling:

Reference re Secession of Quebec, [1998] 2 S.C.R. 217

67 The consent of the governed is a value that is basic to our understanding of a free and democratic society.  Yet democracy in any real sense of the word cannot exist without the rule of law.  It is the law that creates the framework within which the  "sovereign will"  is to be ascertained and implemented.  To be accorded legitimacy, democratic institutions must rest, ultimately, on a legal foundation.   That is, they must allow for the participation of, and accountability to, the people, through public institutions created under the Constitution.   Equally, however, a system of government cannot survive through adherence to the law alone.  A political system must also possess legitimacy, and in our political culture, that requires an interaction between the rule of law and the democratic principle.   The system must be capable of reflecting the aspirations of the people .  But there is more.  Our law's claim to legitimacy also rests on an appeal to  moral values , many of which are embedded in our  constitutional structure .  It would be a grave mistake to equate legitimacy with the "sovereign will" or majority rule alone, to the exclusion of other constitutional values. [underlining added to highlight key points]

What are the moral values embedded in our constitution?  Moral values are embedded in the Read the rest of this entry

Era of Love and Peace

Hi all

It seems that creators intention is moving right along and love, divine peace and love is in the air/heir.

For those partaking in the pay it forward process or considering doing so this is a reminder that the basis of the motivation of the pay it forward process is not to get out of a situation but into giving of oneself freely and unconditionally. That is not to say that whatever situation you may be in is not rectified but that love, giving freely and unconditionally of oneself, is the motivating factor, the reason, the consideration.

This consciousness is not something new it has always been here for us. It is not something I invented or came up with it has always been here for us to be.

Fear is what holds us back. To help you let go of fear you may wish to Read the rest of this entry

Re: beautiful vision

Susanna wrote:

Here is a beautiful vision I received in a newsletter , confirming what we're doing with the love/ pay it forward. Be blessed !


by Suzy Star

Dear Ones,

In the Fifth Dimension or the New World, there will be a new drive and a motivation. This will be a driving force of an entirely new economic system from what the earth has seen.

In the New World there will be a new economic system that will be just the opposite of all the principles of good economics as the world sees economics today. This new system will be motivated not by greed or the love of money, but will flourish by being open, honest, sharing, loving others and friendship. No longer will there be power struggles of any kind.

With the elimination of greed and hostility, there will no longer be any need for Read the rest of this entry


Hi all

If you look at the drawing on the right that Laurier drafted it is the basis of free energy. Unlike in the drawing on the left where the energy is siphoned out of the system into private hands, the energy on the right circulates within the system. My understanding of free energy is that Read the rest of this entry

The basis of the process.

Hi all

Pay It Forward...

You can request further details of how to get started by emailing: bb(at)trytel(dot)net (remove the brackets and replace at with @ and dot with a (.) Be sure the subject line of your email says: "I would like to participate in the Pay It Forward process". If this is not done, there are no guarantees that your email will be seen and / or read!

I have people asking for the specifics of the pay it forward process. The best way for me to answer that is to say as I have on the conference calls, it is founded on true unconditional love and ones desire to do that because he she knows that is his true nature and purpose and no other. That he must be and do that not for any reason but because that is who and what he really is. 'Love God the Father/Mother with all thine heart' and 'love thy neighbor as thyself' is the new testament message.

The specifics are contained in the Read the rest of this entry

Ultimately, the Bank is owned by the people of Canada.

Hi all;

A special type of Crown corporation

The Bank was founded in 1934 as a privately owned corporation. In 1938, it became a Crown corporation belonging to the federal government. Since that time, the Minister of Finance has held the entire share capital issued by the Bank. Ultimately, the Bank is owned by the people of Canada.

The Bank of Canada Is Owned By The People of Canada

The Bank of Canada Is Owned By The People of Canada

The cause of the continued control of the money supply by the private banking interests is people looking our for their private interests. What we have outside of us is a reflection of what is in us. As members of the public we are one but with private interests we are divided. In other-words, we should see that all what is public, or not private interests, is us, the one, and that what is private is separate from the one. Everyone one of us who has his her own private interests is saying, Read the rest of this entry

Public or private money – this is good

Hi all

Alrighty then. Let us see if we close the loop here.

First off there is private money and public money. Private money is controlled by private interests and public, notes of the Bank of Canada, by the government. It is imperative that the government controls the money supply. It is when that control is in the hands of private interests that life is the way it is, and every time we go to a private bank, we dig a deeper hole for ourselves, and, we support the private interests.

You may recall it was earlier this year that i shared something from the Bank of Canada web site, it said; Read the rest of this entry

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