I made a request to the Queens printer regarding the information on the face of a birth certificate. Here is the response.

Thank you for your inquiry.
We did not receive your original e-mail.

The Queen's Printer for Ontario holds copyright over all works prepared by or for the Crown, including the birth certificate.  While copyright does not apply to individual facts (data), it does apply to the design of the form and compilations of information such as the birth certificate, both with and without information entered.   Additionally, logos or other symbols are protected by copyright and/or trademark laws.

Copyright falls under federal law.  The web site of the Canadian Intellectual Property Office ( contains extensive information relating to copyright and trademarks.

Yours truly

Carolyn Gray

Senior Copyright Adviser,
ServiceOntario Publications

On another note, this is Notice that the Pay it Forward program as we know it MAY end as of Sunday February 13 2011 as I will not be here after that day to receive mail prior to the 16th. Any agreements received after that date MAY be returned. How the pay it forward program will function after the meeting I cannot say. I did say previously that no one is being shut out and it may be that anyone interested would have to contact the lawyer directly. I know not the future. I will say that my function will likely change. What the divine has planned for me I cannot say but I feel my energy will be focused more on helping myself and others come to a greater awareness of and be at peace. I do not see a way out of the box except by peace. Hence I accepted the offer to help build and era of love and peace. If not us, who? How does claiming titles to things, agent bashing, system bashing, pope bashing, bank bashing, help in that regard?

I sense that the only or main reason we face grief is because we attract it, or, that it is we do not see the good/divine in everything we face that we receive other than good or
negativity. All are one. In other words, when I have peace inside I have peace outside, the me in the mirror. As far as I can tell that is what this whole thing comes down to. Once one has that inner peace one then knows what he has to do to make peace with the system. Treat others as you would like to be treated never meant so much for me as it does now, for that other is me. In making peace I am making peace with myself since all are one. If I am negative then other me is negative and I have myself stuck fighting not what is outside of me (the system, bank, cop, court, government) but me. How can I ever win that battle with myself except to come to know that is what I am doing and make peace; love myself?

I feel this is what is happening to everyone; we are not fighting the system, judge, court, law, cop, agent, but self. ALL IS ONE. As per the movie Revolver, the last place we will look is at self as the solution. So many continue to focus on that what is outside of them, in the mirror, as the cause of their situation.

Are you going to brow beat an agent? Do you know he is you? All are one. Are you going to make accusations? Do you know you'd be accusing yourself? Are you going to withhold energy? Do you know you'd be withholding from yourself? This i believe is the loop we are in.

I have offered the Pay it Forward program to almost everyone who partook in the Giver program of 2007. I am stunned that so few accepted even though for them the fee is waived. If there are any Givers I have not contacted who may be interested let me know and I will confirm you are a Giver and send you the information to join pay it forward if you so choose.

So we are clear, the pay it forward program will not be as it is now after the 16th. If the lawyer requires funding to do what must needs be done, everyone not already in the program will be given an opportunity to pitch in.

On another note, I rec'd word from Wendy that a bailiff came to evict, but, and without getting into more detail, she is still in the home. It seems, and I have yet to confirm this, that she made peace with the system and has been accepted as a peaceful inhabitant. So far anyway. What I can say is she did not make any claims and that two ladies spoke with her prior to the bailiff coming who were from the Office of the Public Guardian. Something about 'vulnerable persons'. The bailiff appeared on a previous occasions and
suggested a mental evaluation, which, Wendy did not resist or say, I am not crazy, I do not need such an evaluation, fuck you; she accepted; hence the ladies showed up. I shared her audio recordings and they are posted on the blog site.

We are all vulnerable in the sense that the system is a big machine and has an advantage over us and we are vulnerable to attack as if believed to be the name/claimants /owners. I am not saying you should contact the Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee. Wendy did not do that it was offered. I think when we express a sincere desire to be at peace with the system, make no claims, clear up a mistake, that protection for those will kick in. Peaceful inhabitants are of no concern to the military forces or public. It is
the belligerents (resistance) they are concerned with. Remember, the military forces exist because we people are not at peace. If you want to make claims or demands by parol or on paper you are considered belligerent, or, not working for the greater good of the family, the one. All are one and that one is the family I am talking about here. Even hidden-hand said the duty is to the family. You may have thought some special family and you are correct, but that family is the one, the all. The head, the one infinite creator.

And I did share what happened when a man did claim and reserve all rights in the name while making a first appearance in court. They put on a show for the public but the matter was dismissed. Most likely because they did not want to respond, it is not your name to claim. That would have revealed that the name is not who you are. Sometimes it is in the public interest to let go and give the man what he wants. I also shared what happened to a man who went the opposite direction. Someone else has paid the rent since. For me it is simple. I am not, as supported by legislation, VB, therefore; no one can point to my body and say; he is liable. In that sense I am indemnified as possessor of the corresponding BC.

If you want to claim the name as your name I do not see how that benefits or helps the family, the one. To me anyone doing that is saying, I am on my own. You want to own you are on your own. To give you an example. Let us say you are able to claim full title to a car. Do you think the state is going to allow you to use that car on the roads. Who is going to be liable for any damage to the public? If you say the state has that obligation after claiming all titles to what you think is yours, then it has it via our use of the BC. I think the state would be more inclined to support/indemnify those that support/love it through the name, having come to peace, rather than those who wish to be on their own. Time will tell I suppose.

I accept the BC is a form of indemnification as i have been privy to a few instances where that can be the only conclusion. In that sense, the divine has provided us the tool via
government that we may use it one of two ways; to serve self or other self. Claiming title to the name or property is saying, I serve self is what i get out of that thinking. How it is we will come to unity if we all claim this that and the other thing is MINE? Imagine 7 billion people all claiming as mine. We'd have arm-and-gettem. Or, image everyone in your home adopted the mine attitude, claiming title to this that and the other thing; all would be fighting each other for what, STUFF.
No peaceful inhabitants here.

It is my understanding that it is the mine attitude that got us in this mess going back long ago. Read Babylonia Woe. And if that be the consciousness or teaching what will change? Acts 4:32 to 5:4. We either share in common or own individually and if the latter, the stage is set for war. War amongst ourselves because now the coveting comes into play, therefore, we must know and be peace first and foremost as the focus. But to place claiming things/titles as mine as the top priority and nothing in my estimation will change for that is where we are now.

There may be Canon laws but there are also laws of the Universe. This simplest of which is, love thy neighbor as thyself. All are one thus nothing to claim but the letting go of

A Latin slogan in the court here in Cobourg says, shame on he that thinks evil of it.

That says it all in my view. All are one so who put those words on that plaque. Man or the one infinite creator?

We have the choice to react negatively or to accept and ponder and see the real purpose behind events. To learn and grow, to cease being the judge; to be at peace.

I do not claim to be a wise man for it surely means I do not know.

Nuff said

I love you



Some of you may recall a while back I shared info what John A MacDonald said back in his day. The main quote is this; when Canada seized the territory, meaning what we know as Canada.

I read a brochure at a campground north of here and it had the history of the area. It went on to say that a reason England came to Canada was for lumber to build ships given the ongoing war with Spain I believe at the time. Spain had taken control of the boreal (not sure of the spelling) forest and so England had no source of lumber to build its warships/defenses. Not a bad thing what they did but perhaps misunderstood.

I would say this is evidence of a military type takeover/occupation and is likely why the government says it does not own anything per se', it seizes things and assumes control and responsibility until the war is over. The pay it forward program is about peace and love as discussed on previous occasions and at the whybefudd blog.

See yourself as an inhabitant of what we now call Canada and see that a military has taken over. So long as the people are peaceful inhabitants and not combatants we are in a sense civilians or non military, with and not against, and as such, protected. Did the allies not receive great praise when they liberated nations during WWII?

Now we can support the military or fight it. The latter I would say a loosing battle but that, so it seems, is what we have been doing albeit unknowingly.

When a military seizes a territory it, with regard to the peaceful inhabitants, assumes all responsibility and liability. So long as the military maintains occupancy everything on and of the land land is seized. Now we can support/help the military or not, the latter a form of resistance.

When all become one the war is over, hence; now more than ever is the time for people of like mind, those desirous of peace and love, to come together to help bring in the era of peace and love. This is the main theme of pay it forward and with regard to the meeting set with a lawyer for Feb 16th. The lawyer would be like an 'envoy'. To help bring the two sides, currently at war, or not at peace, together.

So if in fact as MacDonald said the territory was seized, then claiming ownership or acting as if we are owners is going against the grain. Remember, God gave man dominion but not ownership rights. The military of today as it is in Canada is here in my view to maintain peace and order. We can help or fight.

Further, if in fact we are under military occupation we are never going to beat it except at the cost of many many lives. Thus it is perhaps better to accept what is and work with and fit in with it. In so doing the military/government has the responsibility/liability. If we are under military occupation we have the liability because we have not been helping. Helping to achieve peace that is.

So it is all fine and dandy that Jesus died that we have no debts but if the reality is we are under military occupation, it may be at this time because without such an occupation greed and anger may have killed us all, or at least, made life miserable. No doubt some folks are going to take issue with these thoughts but to do so may be to claim to know the truth when it may be we have no clue. We read and seek and search and find, but, do we really know what the heck is going on? Regardless, where there is love there is peace there is no contract there is no law there is no military except maybe on standby because you never know when someone is going go berserk.

Consider the above is somewhat correct and consider surrendering to the situation. Let go.

Some folks may have success claiming this that and the other title to what they believe they own or have right to, and that may be, but, they also assume the responsibility and burdens. I know a man whose brother in law, I believe it was, claimed all rights in the name in a court and the case was dismissed, but, we figured it was their way of letting go rather than getting into the truth, you do not own that name; which would have disclosed much now wouldn't it? So it seems sometimes they will allow us the illusion of ownership and victory but you have to ask yourself, do I own anything and did I win? To be clear here, had the court said you do not own the name the obvious outcome would be, then i do not have the liability for it. The whole game, law of free will, would come crashing down and a question is, is everyone ready for the truth? How would life for us be if everyone knew it was the name charged and not them?

I say not everyone is ready for the truth and this is why we have a military occupation, to keep the peace as best as possible and we do not seem to be helping when we make claims rather than ask, how can we help.

Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for it. J.F.K.

We may have been looking at this thing with the wrong ideas in mind.

If you want to own your on your own. Gee, I am a poet and did not know it. haha!

With love..... 🙂

One good swoop


As you listen to Wendy and her story and others with similar stories and successes, for the same reasons they have success, clearing up a mistake, is what the meeting with the lawyer is out accomplish in one swoop.

In other words, for the same reasons those people are having their successes is the reason we are meeting with the lawyer to get out of the box once and for all (unless one goes back in) so we do not have to face these case by case or account by account, contract by contract, legal mumbo jumbo situations. That meeting is set for Feb 16th.

We did as i wrote in the email 'New perspective' take the name as our own into the public and did use it as personal id which is a no no. That is a mistake we made and the one that needs to be fixed.

I could make a long list here of the things we attract to ourselves as a result of the error of our ways, such as Read the rest of this entry



I think it is important to make a distinction.

That is that the name on court papers or an account is of a BC because that is the name to which liabilities rights and duties are attached/able.

It is also the name there is no authority to say you is it or that it is your name, that you are Mr or Miss so and so, or or or or or or or or.

There is a lot of assuming going on both sides of the fence.

As a lawyer in the gallery said during my application before the court Nov 2010; the Vital Statistics Act is vague and a court could send the legislation back to the legislature for clarification.

We can offer all the opinions and theories we wish but that is all they are.

With love

Love thyne enemy


I have no clue as to the truth or not but if in fact the Great Harvest is near, now more than ever then is the time to make some serious decisions.

To follow the negative, service to self path or the positive, service to others path. The latter what I call the Love path.

Yes all are one and either path serves one but to my present understanding there is an energy blockage for being on the negative path. There will have to be a form of recompense for negative pathers.

Take note how you react to situations and you will get a pretty good idea which path you are on now.

Amidst the talk of doom and gloom is the possibility for divine peace and love to take over. We simply need get on board. The more that do the greater the possibility/probability.

Interesting it is that giving freely and unconditionally of oneself is a release of energy; the dam breaking that the energy can flow freely. The battery always on stand-by ready to serve.

Ra explains it well which I shant attempt to interpret but it is something like this. When we refuse or do not receive and accept a catalyst is good we miss an opportunity which rolls around inside and if not spent, manifests into what we call disease. Disease then is but a dense collection of energy with no where to go; purpose denied. Seeing good in everything we perceive is acceptance of a catalyst, its purpose recognizable, and the energy flows on through.

We toss the word love around quite a bit but it is far more than unconditional giving. It is also accepting; accepting responsibility as a creator. To deny responsibility is to deny oneself is a creator; yet we are creators.

As I get a better grasp of that it reminds me of long ago when I started my first business enterprise. Like most new enterprises there is a time span before a profit is generated and unfortunately in my case the Read the rest of this entry

RE: Cestui Qui Vie Trust Act 1666


I read about this 1666 Act stuff before and will say it is in interesting viewpoint but my take is it is hogwash.

It is not until you id yourself by a registered name (no life entity) that you are treated as a child of the state or dead. Dead to the soul of life. Hence the permit to use the car. Do parents not grant permission? Do children not ask?

If you id yourself by a registered name you are dead because the name is dead.

I remind folks of the pig farmer in BC who was charged for murdering 27 woman or so. A lawyer for the defense raised the fact that one woman they could not identify by name. No name, no jurisdiction and the charge of murdering that woman was dropped. She was dead, was on his property, but he was not charged or convicted of murdering that one woman and the only difference was, they could not id the body by a name.

I remind also of the two landlord tenant cases. The guy in the second case has not paid rent for 3 years. I drafted the affidavit so I know the content and it came down to, man is not the tenant, the name is. Man is not liable obviously.

Man does not own the earth the earth owns man.....Sitting Bull.

Time wounds all heels..(hahahaha/call it karma).....John Lennon

All are One so whatever you think 'they' are doing to you, it is you doing it to you.


With lottsa love

Original Message:
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2011 06:21:01 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Cestui Qui Vie Trust Act 1666

Cestui Qui Vie Trust Act 1666

All comments from: seventiki

What is a "Ces tui Qui Trust" (pronounce set-a-kay) and why should you care?

In 1666, in London, during the black plague, and great fires of London  Parliament enacted an act, behind closed doors, called Cestui Que Vie Act 1666.

The act being debated the Cestui Qui act was to subrogate the rights of men and women, meaning all men and women were declared Read the rest of this entry

New perspective add on


With respect to the email 'New perspective' I would add this

The system (negative) prompted us in the form of TEMPTATIONS.

Good job, good credit rating, money, wealth, riches, stuff, but you need money. You get the drift!

Further, the purpose of the temptations is an offering, a catalyst so we have choice, this way or that.

The choices one makes are a reflection of who one is. By taking the name we chose the negative service to self path; separation; commercial warfare; competition. It is not the fault of the temptation that we took the path we did.The temptations are nothing more than catalysts. You decide how you react. This way or that.

We entered the land of where anything goes (pub-lickers all drunked up); hence, what many perceive as criminal activity, and things that just don't make sense, which are really a catalysts that in time you may see them for what they are, had enough, and look the other way. Or, one can choose to fight it, to change it, judge, label and screw it, clobber it, which only adds to it. hahaha! More rules are added to the box that affect those in the box which then causes the resistor to push back more which is cause for more rules and so on and so on.

I guess I am suggesting that we really may have to re-evaluate our perceptions. From where I am now the truth is the facts are, as Victoria Joy would say, on the moon but that applies to the public (negative) side and those in it as we all seem to be. As far as I am concerned, I can forget everything I think i learned in this seeking and law research thing etc because none of that matters. What does, I choose now to serve other selves, I accepted the name as evidenced by the BC and use of the name then [re]cognized in law, the public, making it MY NAME, my liability, my responsibility, and that I do what I refer to as, get it out of the public. Like the prodigal son having experienced the public life makes the choice to return home.

Withdraw from the game of absolute craziness, but all is good. A trick it seems is to see it for what it is, otherwise, one allows oneself to be affected negatively and positively by what are influences which can only mean one thing. One thinks the game is real and by that belief he is in the game for real, life and debt, 'til death or renewing of the mind do we part.  Die in the matrix you die in real life because all are one. In other words, there is you in the matrix (publicer/person) and you not in the matrix (private/man). I am sharing in generalities here.

A lawyer told me that anyone can Read the rest of this entry



You may have heard of the Truth and Reconciliation thing between government/catholic church and the native peoples.

It is in regards of what the church blessed by the government did in beating the Indian out of the Indian years back.

The purpose of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission is to make monetary amends for what was done. A form of repentance, albeit money cannot undo what was done.

I was told that what caused the Truth and Reconciliation to come about was the potential for thousands and thousand of claims against the church and government by those affected by what the church and government had done. Rather than face these claims through the Courts the Truth and Reconciliation Commission was established.

Point here is it was the number of potential claims that got the governments attention. Strength in numbers. Now relate that to us being recognized by or as the registered legal name.

For those who desire to give of themselves freely and unconditionally for the love of God and all this is great news; because the more of us that partake in Paying it Forward the greater the chances the situation of us having the legal and financial liabilities associated with the registered legal name will be resolved once and for all time.

Although it is not necessary to partake in the 'Pay it Forward' program to give of yourself freely, the folks involved in meeting with the lawyer through the church are well aware of the Truth and Reconciliation situation. The great thing is that unlike the Truth and Reconciliation, we are not Read the rest of this entry





The gov does not register people it registers events, historical fact.

BC is proof of the reg of the birth of a life event.

See what is in the attachments with regard to what is named; the event, not the child.

Courts have said a BC is not evidence of current identity but of historical facts.

From a Court case; The Government point out that the use of a birth certificate for identification purposes is discouraged by the Registrar General (England), and for a number of years birth certificates have contained a warning that they are not evidence of the identity of the person presenting it. However, it is a matter for individuals whether to follow this recommendation.


An entry is regarded as a record of the facts at the time of birth. A birth certificate accordingly constitutes a document revealing not current identity but historical facts.

Deputy Registrar General Ontario said "a BC is not and was never meant to be personal id, it evolved".

It is stated in the Vital Statistics Act that the child is to be given a name, not named a name.

Courts do not ask, who are you, they ask for a name.

Crown disclosure forms have a place where they enter; Accused name; Does not say name of accused.

I agree that going into controversy costs the corporation and the liability will or should be passed off to he that is the cause.

A lawyer did agree that a BC is not Read the rest of this entry



I wish to clarify something.

When we say I am not so and so, the name is so and so; it is not for purposes of avoidance.

Unless allegations are false they are not, therefore, I would accept them to avoid controversy. I mean, if I was speeding why argue? The truth is the truth right? Yes officer I was speeding.

You may recall I shared the events of a man involved in a landlord tenant dispute. I have spoken of two and this was the first.

In that case the man entered the SOB into the tribunal file. Upon his next appearance he signed in as the alleged tenant. Upon so doing he was approached by a government lawyer from the Office of the Attorney General. He was asked by the lawyer if Read the rest of this entry

Pay it Forward up-date


Although I share this email with everyone, it is directed at those who are presently partaking in the 'Pay it Forward' program and or who may participate. Saves me from sending it again so save it if you are not yet partaking but may.

I am now drafting the letter for round two of paying it forward which is addressing the fact that you are not so and so (the name), the name is so and so.

See it this way as if an agent was asking me if I am VRB. No I am not VRB the name is VRB.

The first letters make clear our desire and intent to do love; give freely and unconditionally of ourselves through the legal name. Two letters about that have been sent already, one Nov 8th and the other Nov 30th. So that aspect is done and all of you who partake in the program are party to it.

So with our desire and intent on the table, all that remains now is that you are not so and so (the name), the name is so and so. I am asking the recipients of this round two letter for their authority to say you are so and so to validate the attachment of legal liabilities, duties, responsibilities, benefits, ownership, etc., to you men and women, that are or may be recorded under the legal name.

I will not be asking for your agreement to the content of that letter as it is not, in my estimation, necessary. The call we had Dec 7th should make clear the basis of this round two letter. I will however, let you know when it has been sent.

I will also be showing these letters to Read the rest of this entry

Era of Love and Peace

Hi all

It seems that creators intention is moving right along and love, divine peace and love is in the air/heir.

For those partaking in the pay it forward process or considering doing so this is a reminder that the basis of the motivation of the pay it forward process is not to get out of a situation but into giving of oneself freely and unconditionally. That is not to say that whatever situation you may be in is not rectified but that love, giving freely and unconditionally of oneself, is the motivating factor, the reason, the consideration.

This consciousness is not something new it has always been here for us. It is not something I invented or came up with it has always been here for us to be.

Fear is what holds us back. To help you let go of fear you may wish to Read the rest of this entry

Nov 10th Court up-date

Hi all

This is to up-date you on yesterdays court action for a determination of the rights of the parties. As you know the Crown made a motion to have the application dismissed which it got.

We know the reason why it was dismissed and so the next application will address that. This is the first time that the crown actually submitted a Read the rest of this entry

Love is the Currency.

Mary C said it well when she wrote "Love is the currency of the 21st century".

It is true because the lack of love is why we are burdened.

We, not 'they', are the ones we are waiting for. 'They' cannot help us. We people, love, is the solution.

Paying attention to and commenting on what 'they' are doing or did is not helping you notice what you are and are not doing.

If you have pondered the idea and maybe meditated on it, you must know that there is only one way to be truly free; let the energy flow freely.

It is the giving of our energy freely that we find life; for he she that does not allow it to flow freely, like a battery that can no more provide enough energy, are rundown or dead (spiritually).

Some give a lot of energy and some give a little, but he she who boldly goes where no man I know has gone before, that givers his her all, with no other consideration (intent) in mind, shall be free.

Love, free energy, is not regulated.

I was shared a story today of a transfer of property that resulted in CRA claiming a capitol gain liability. A lawyer got involved and said one word; love. Tell them you did it of love. They did and CRA backed off immediately.

Lawyers will put in consideration of 'Natural Love and Affection and one dollar" on transfers of property, but love would say, get that dollar off there.

As Lee says, by adding that one dollar as a consideration keeps one under the law.

Natural Love and Affection is a lawful consideration without the mention of a dollar. The addition of even one dollar makes the intent a bit about love and a bit about money. Double minded.

The basis of the 'Pay it Forward' process is to Read the rest of this entry

For Immediate Release

Hi all,

I thank all who came to September 26th gathering for coming. It is always nice to come together in like mind, heart and soul.
The article in the Toronto Sun of September 20, 2010 (read it here at the source : Department of Finance Canada), is something that came to Wally and I as we were in the midst of drafting a letter to the government.

That was the major topic of yesterdays meeting. The recording of that gathering of loving souls can be viewed here at: Debt-Free, Interest-Free, Currency Seminar - Ajax Ontario blog post. (

On that note, soon you will all receive an email that has a letter offering a suggestion to the government as per its request for suggestions. We will be asking for your participation.

It comes down to these quotes from the House of Commons Committee on Banking and Commerce found in the Parliamentary Library;

“It is absurd to say that our country can issue $30,000,000 in bonds and not $30,000,000 in currency. Both are promises to pay; but one promise fattens the usurer and the other helps the people”, and;

“It is the people who constitute the basis of government credit. Why then cannot the people have the benefit of their own gilt-edged credit by receiving non-interest bearing currency, instead of the bankers receiving the benefit of the people’s credit in interest bearing bonds?”

As I am sure you will agree; why do not the people have the benefit of our gilt-edged credit? Gilt-edged means 'the best' or 'golden'.

How do you feel about the banker/bondholder/usurer reaping the benefits of your/our credit when we the people can be the beneficiaries of our own credit? Would you allow me to receive the benefit of your credit but you pay?

If you wish to be a beneficiary of your own credit then we ask that you take this matter seriously and that you get involved. It goes without saying that we must or should take action but with peace and love in thine heart. In other words, what is done is done and the past is the past; this is about a solution, hence, the suggestion.

It is not often that the government seeks suggestions from the public and we see it as an opportunity. Accept the offer for suggestions. Suggestions of the solution kind and not the bitchin and complaining type for that type is not solution oriented, thus is not a suggestion or solution.

I am pondering for the moment that it may be best that I do not send out the particulars of the suggestion blah blah until the video of yesterdays meeting is posted and you've had an opportunity to view it. A link will be provided where you can watch the video. You can send your friends to that link as well which is our hope you will do.

We broke yesterday down to 2 parts. The first part we talked about the government asking for suggestions and our suggestion. That is what will be posted at the special link.

The full recording of the day will be posted on a different site but we ask that you focus on what we are setting out to do with regard to 'we the people' receive the benefit of our own credit rather than the third party banker/usurer/bondholder receive the benefit of our credit.

It sounds absurd doesn't it that a third party receives the benefit of our credit? Well that is because it is absurd and so we have this opportunity handed to us to make the changes that we receive the benefit of our credit in the form of interest free debt free currency.

That means that you get the money you need when you need it and there is nothing to pay back. There is more detail in the video recording about this.

So this is not about your specific wants or needs but all of us, now and the future. If all of us come together here and partake, we can be the cause of the change that we receive the benefit of our credit in the form of interest free debt free currency.

You have a choice with regard to money/credit and banking; to allow things to carry on as they are or to get involved to cause change.

I add this comment from the Standing Committee March 24, 1939 at page 394, which shows the parliament, has the power that we the people receive the benefit of our credit.

“Will you tell me why the government with power to create money should give that power away to a private monopoly and then borrow that which parliament can create itself back at interest to the point of national bankruptcy, because, if we cannot finance the things that are necessary it means that this nation cannot meet its current obligations”. “Why should a government with the power to create money borrow that money at interest?”

Mr Towers, “Now, if parliament wants to change the form of operating the banking system, then certainly that is within the power of parliament”.

When you receive the email asking for your participation everything is laid out for you that all you need do is follow the instructions.

You will receive two emails; One email is to be forwarded to the email address that the government is taking suggestions at, we call that the 'Suggestion Box' (finlegis(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign), and the other to the federal members of parliament of Canada, bureaucrats (deputy ministers), mayor, members of provincial parliament, bank of Canada, the news and editorial department of media outlets such as TV, radio, newspaper etc. Leave no stone unturned.

The man whose name is named Wally put in a lot of effort to get a full email list of every member of parliament so all you need to do is copy and paste to the 'send to' box and send them. They are broken down into lots of 25 because some email provider services have spam blocker that limits to how many email addresses you can send mail at any one time.

They can also be fax or mailed through Canada post.

We are also asking that you pass this on to your friends, doctor, lawyer, club, group, anyone and everyone, and have them do the same. The more of us that do is a greater voice of the people. It is our butts/credit on the line here people and we must speak up or our silence will mean nothing changes. In fact, if we remain silent, especially after having seen the Toronto Sun article attached, we are saying we do not care. By our silence we are saying, keep on allowing the banker/usurer/bondholder to receive the benefit of our credit at our expense.

Wally and I are dedicating ourselves to this cause and aside from asking for your participation we are asking for financial assistance. We will be attempting to get a high profile lawyer onside and we may need funds for that, certainly if the matter goes to court. That aside, we are seeking the assistance of lawyers.

We cannot do this effectively on nickels and dimes and so we are asking that you dig into your pocket and ask your friends to do the same.

Financial assistance can be sent to: bb(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

Anyone having questions or suggestions should send them to either me, man whose name is named Hallow bb(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)">bb(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign), or the man whose name is named Wally wdove(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)">wdove(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

We are also available for speaking engagements to help those that are not aware of or do not comprehend the money, banking, financial system, and how it is our credit that funds the entire system and that it is our credit that is lent to us at interest.

If you wish to be added as a participant or to receive updates, please provide a name, email address, and other contact particulars to freedomfromdebt3(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

More and more people are speaking up that they feel like slaves.

Well, this is the reason because once it is re-established that we are the source of credit and have the right to benefit from it, many things will change. Crime will drop, health will improve (less stress/dis, no, ease), and we, not the corporations will be the Kings and Queens and we will no longer be treated as debtors or tax payers or viewed as targets.

Every man woman and child is effected by this.

Feel free to pass this email to your friends asking them to pass it to their friends. We are shooting to have at least a million of us get on board with this. Make it your life purpose to educate, to share, to assist.

We the people are our solution. We can cause the changes we want to have but we have to get involved. If we do nothing the ship will sink in debt taking us all with her.

As for the content of the video mentioned above, I purposely did not get into the name game because it is not relevant to us having the benefit of our credit. As Kings and Queens no one can use any name against you.

Go forth with tremendous love in your heart for all people regardless of their status or office. WE ARE ONE.

This time we go forth in peace to show the world that peace and love, not war, is the way. Peace and love, not complaining, is the way. Peace and love, not bickering, is the way. Let us unite as one for a cause that is good for all.

I love you all from all my heart and hope this message rings in your heart and causes you into action.

Together we flourish; divided we suffer.

The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.

-Albert Einstein

Links to the Standing Committee on Banking and Commerce:

Pay close attention to inquires and comments made by Mr Jacques in the May 9, 1939 proceedings.

You’ll know the cause why private and public debt, the cost of living, and taxes, are ever on the rise, and your purchasing power ever on the decline, so long as we the people do not receive the benefit of our gilt-edged credit in the form of debt free interest free currency.

To prove that, take note of the national/public debt as of today and compare it with what it was May 1939.


Take note of the cost of living today and compare it with what it was in 1939, 1949, 1959, 1969, 1979, 1989, 1999, 2009.

Mr Towers, a banker, was dead wrong.

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