I made a request to the Queens printer regarding the information on the face of a birth certificate. Here is the response.

Thank you for your inquiry.
We did not receive your original e-mail.

The Queen's Printer for Ontario holds copyright over all works prepared by or for the Crown, including the birth certificate.  While copyright does not apply to individual facts (data), it does apply to the design of the form and compilations of information such as the birth certificate, both with and without information entered.   Additionally, logos or other symbols are protected by copyright and/or trademark laws.

Copyright falls under federal law.  The web site of the Canadian Intellectual Property Office ( contains extensive information relating to copyright and trademarks.

Yours truly

Carolyn Gray

Senior Copyright Adviser,
ServiceOntario Publications

On another note, this is Notice that the Pay it Forward program as we know it MAY end as of Sunday February 13 2011 as I will not be here after that day to receive mail prior to the 16th. Any agreements received after that date MAY be returned. How the pay it forward program will function after the meeting I cannot say. I did say previously that no one is being shut out and it may be that anyone interested would have to contact the lawyer directly. I know not the future. I will say that my function will likely change. What the divine has planned for me I cannot say but I feel my energy will be focused more on helping myself and others come to a greater awareness of and be at peace. I do not see a way out of the box except by peace. Hence I accepted the offer to help build and era of love and peace. If not us, who? How does claiming titles to things, agent bashing, system bashing, pope bashing, bank bashing, help in that regard?

I sense that the only or main reason we face grief is because we attract it, or, that it is we do not see the good/divine in everything we face that we receive other than good or
negativity. All are one. In other words, when I have peace inside I have peace outside, the me in the mirror. As far as I can tell that is what this whole thing comes down to. Once one has that inner peace one then knows what he has to do to make peace with the system. Treat others as you would like to be treated never meant so much for me as it does now, for that other is me. In making peace I am making peace with myself since all are one. If I am negative then other me is negative and I have myself stuck fighting not what is outside of me (the system, bank, cop, court, government) but me. How can I ever win that battle with myself except to come to know that is what I am doing and make peace; love myself?

I feel this is what is happening to everyone; we are not fighting the system, judge, court, law, cop, agent, but self. ALL IS ONE. As per the movie Revolver, the last place we will look is at self as the solution. So many continue to focus on that what is outside of them, in the mirror, as the cause of their situation.

Are you going to brow beat an agent? Do you know he is you? All are one. Are you going to make accusations? Do you know you'd be accusing yourself? Are you going to withhold energy? Do you know you'd be withholding from yourself? This i believe is the loop we are in.

I have offered the Pay it Forward program to almost everyone who partook in the Giver program of 2007. I am stunned that so few accepted even though for them the fee is waived. If there are any Givers I have not contacted who may be interested let me know and I will confirm you are a Giver and send you the information to join pay it forward if you so choose.

So we are clear, the pay it forward program will not be as it is now after the 16th. If the lawyer requires funding to do what must needs be done, everyone not already in the program will be given an opportunity to pitch in.

On another note, I rec'd word from Wendy that a bailiff came to evict, but, and without getting into more detail, she is still in the home. It seems, and I have yet to confirm this, that she made peace with the system and has been accepted as a peaceful inhabitant. So far anyway. What I can say is she did not make any claims and that two ladies spoke with her prior to the bailiff coming who were from the Office of the Public Guardian. Something about 'vulnerable persons'. The bailiff appeared on a previous occasions and
suggested a mental evaluation, which, Wendy did not resist or say, I am not crazy, I do not need such an evaluation, fuck you; she accepted; hence the ladies showed up. I shared her audio recordings and they are posted on the blog site.

We are all vulnerable in the sense that the system is a big machine and has an advantage over us and we are vulnerable to attack as if believed to be the name/claimants /owners. I am not saying you should contact the Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee. Wendy did not do that it was offered. I think when we express a sincere desire to be at peace with the system, make no claims, clear up a mistake, that protection for those will kick in. Peaceful inhabitants are of no concern to the military forces or public. It is
the belligerents (resistance) they are concerned with. Remember, the military forces exist because we people are not at peace. If you want to make claims or demands by parol or on paper you are considered belligerent, or, not working for the greater good of the family, the one. All are one and that one is the family I am talking about here. Even hidden-hand said the duty is to the family. You may have thought some special family and you are correct, but that family is the one, the all. The head, the one infinite creator.

And I did share what happened when a man did claim and reserve all rights in the name while making a first appearance in court. They put on a show for the public but the matter was dismissed. Most likely because they did not want to respond, it is not your name to claim. That would have revealed that the name is not who you are. Sometimes it is in the public interest to let go and give the man what he wants. I also shared what happened to a man who went the opposite direction. Someone else has paid the rent since. For me it is simple. I am not, as supported by legislation, VB, therefore; no one can point to my body and say; he is liable. In that sense I am indemnified as possessor of the corresponding BC.

If you want to claim the name as your name I do not see how that benefits or helps the family, the one. To me anyone doing that is saying, I am on my own. You want to own you are on your own. To give you an example. Let us say you are able to claim full title to a car. Do you think the state is going to allow you to use that car on the roads. Who is going to be liable for any damage to the public? If you say the state has that obligation after claiming all titles to what you think is yours, then it has it via our use of the BC. I think the state would be more inclined to support/indemnify those that support/love it through the name, having come to peace, rather than those who wish to be on their own. Time will tell I suppose.

I accept the BC is a form of indemnification as i have been privy to a few instances where that can be the only conclusion. In that sense, the divine has provided us the tool via
government that we may use it one of two ways; to serve self or other self. Claiming title to the name or property is saying, I serve self is what i get out of that thinking. How it is we will come to unity if we all claim this that and the other thing is MINE? Imagine 7 billion people all claiming as mine. We'd have arm-and-gettem. Or, image everyone in your home adopted the mine attitude, claiming title to this that and the other thing; all would be fighting each other for what, STUFF.
No peaceful inhabitants here.

It is my understanding that it is the mine attitude that got us in this mess going back long ago. Read Babylonia Woe. And if that be the consciousness or teaching what will change? Acts 4:32 to 5:4. We either share in common or own individually and if the latter, the stage is set for war. War amongst ourselves because now the coveting comes into play, therefore, we must know and be peace first and foremost as the focus. But to place claiming things/titles as mine as the top priority and nothing in my estimation will change for that is where we are now.

There may be Canon laws but there are also laws of the Universe. This simplest of which is, love thy neighbor as thyself. All are one thus nothing to claim but the letting go of

A Latin slogan in the court here in Cobourg says, shame on he that thinks evil of it.

That says it all in my view. All are one so who put those words on that plaque. Man or the one infinite creator?

We have the choice to react negatively or to accept and ponder and see the real purpose behind events. To learn and grow, to cease being the judge; to be at peace.

I do not claim to be a wise man for it surely means I do not know.

Nuff said

I love you

New perspective add on


With respect to the email 'New perspective' I would add this

The system (negative) prompted us in the form of TEMPTATIONS.

Good job, good credit rating, money, wealth, riches, stuff, but you need money. You get the drift!

Further, the purpose of the temptations is an offering, a catalyst so we have choice, this way or that.

The choices one makes are a reflection of who one is. By taking the name we chose the negative service to self path; separation; commercial warfare; competition. It is not the fault of the temptation that we took the path we did.The temptations are nothing more than catalysts. You decide how you react. This way or that.

We entered the land of where anything goes (pub-lickers all drunked up); hence, what many perceive as criminal activity, and things that just don't make sense, which are really a catalysts that in time you may see them for what they are, had enough, and look the other way. Or, one can choose to fight it, to change it, judge, label and screw it, clobber it, which only adds to it. hahaha! More rules are added to the box that affect those in the box which then causes the resistor to push back more which is cause for more rules and so on and so on.

I guess I am suggesting that we really may have to re-evaluate our perceptions. From where I am now the truth is the facts are, as Victoria Joy would say, on the moon but that applies to the public (negative) side and those in it as we all seem to be. As far as I am concerned, I can forget everything I think i learned in this seeking and law research thing etc because none of that matters. What does, I choose now to serve other selves, I accepted the name as evidenced by the BC and use of the name then [re]cognized in law, the public, making it MY NAME, my liability, my responsibility, and that I do what I refer to as, get it out of the public. Like the prodigal son having experienced the public life makes the choice to return home.

Withdraw from the game of absolute craziness, but all is good. A trick it seems is to see it for what it is, otherwise, one allows oneself to be affected negatively and positively by what are influences which can only mean one thing. One thinks the game is real and by that belief he is in the game for real, life and debt, 'til death or renewing of the mind do we part.  Die in the matrix you die in real life because all are one. In other words, there is you in the matrix (publicer/person) and you not in the matrix (private/man). I am sharing in generalities here.

A lawyer told me that anyone can Read the rest of this entry

Court appearance


My 19 year old boy got his feet wet today.

He made his second appearance in court and made it clear he is not so and so the name is so and so. He even went as far as to correct the judge when he referred to the boy as "you". He was going to do this on the first appearance but allowed himself to get wrapped up in their mumbo jumbo.

I spoke with him by phone last night and he was quite concerned about using the I am not so and so thing. I gave him a couple other options and told him to do what feels right for him.

I told him to expect the judge to raise his voice but to stand firm if you do the I am not so and so thing. The judge did raise the level of audio from his voice and the boy saw what the judge was doing was testing him. Many people fear the judge and I am not saying the boy was not in fear but he stood his ground and as a result he feels much empowered. In fact he said, it was like a big blockage of energy was released from his chest area. He feels far freer for it. Ya, he did not willingly sell his soul has got to feel good.

The moment he said I am not so and so the court was Read the rest of this entry



I wish to clarify something.

When we say I am not so and so, the name is so and so; it is not for purposes of avoidance.

Unless allegations are false they are not, therefore, I would accept them to avoid controversy. I mean, if I was speeding why argue? The truth is the truth right? Yes officer I was speeding.

You may recall I shared the events of a man involved in a landlord tenant dispute. I have spoken of two and this was the first.

In that case the man entered the SOB into the tribunal file. Upon his next appearance he signed in as the alleged tenant. Upon so doing he was approached by a government lawyer from the Office of the Attorney General. He was asked by the lawyer if Read the rest of this entry

True Story


True story;

A man appears in Court. He does not consent to be the name appearing on the court papers which is derived of a birth registration.

The judge says, one way or another we are going to get jurisdiction.

Obviously when the judge said that he was saying we do not have jurisdiction.

The charges are dropped because they did not get jurisdiction. The reason according to the Crown, 'the man will not consent to be the name'.

Now in that case I am told they got the registration of birth document and birth certificate in evidence along with a copy of section 46 of the Vital Statistics Act (authorizing those documents as proof in Court) and a couple definitions of the word 'person'.

Now, it is my view upon hearing that, it hit me; we need to get the governing legislation in Read the rest of this entry

Governing legislation/authority


Consider this information is crucial.

There has been much talk regarding liability for the name. Perhaps we can demonstrate here how that is established.

First off the Vital Statistics Act, or legislation that requires that the government register births is the legislation that governs the registration of births, the issue of birth certificates (BC) and the information found on the face of BC's including the name.

Keys words are 'governing legislation' or 'legislation that governs'. In short, if not for legislation such as the Vital Statistics Act, there would be no birth certificates and no legal names such as the one appearing on a BC. The legal name to which liabilities may be attached would not exist.

So in that sense and in fact, the said Act or similar in other provinces is the governing authority regarding the reg. of births, the issue of BC's and the information found thereon.

Now we have said we do not consent to be recognized by or as the name but what we have not done is ask, where do you get the authority to recognize or identify me by or as that name? Where do you get the authority absent my consent to say I am so and so [legal name as appears on or is derived of a BC].

We have entered the statement of birth (SOB) and BC as evidence and referenced or provided section 46 of the Vital Stats Act in Ontario which is the authority indicating such documents are admissible in court as proof.

The question is, from where do the agents, others, get the authority to recognize or id you, your body, as the name appearing on or derived of a BC and or where do they get the authority, e.g. in court, to say you are so and so?

Truth is there is no authority except our consent, but to close the door on that I recommend that you print off a copy of the Vital Statistics legislation for the province that issued the BC you have as that legislation is the governing authority meaning; if it does not say in that Act that you are so and so or you shall id yourself as so and so or that says others can say you are so and so or recognize or id you as so and so, then the authority to say you are so and so or to recognize or id you as so and so does not exist.

But you have to show the entire Act and ask, show me in this governing legislation where it says you have the authority to say I am so and so or that authorizes you to recognize me or id me as so and so?

Show me where it says you have the authority to govern me via the name?

Like the judge said to George Gordon, it is not Read the rest of this entry

Nov 10th Court up-date

Hi all

This is to up-date you on yesterdays court action for a determination of the rights of the parties. As you know the Crown made a motion to have the application dismissed which it got.

We know the reason why it was dismissed and so the next application will address that. This is the first time that the crown actually submitted a Read the rest of this entry

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