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Hi all

It is not you but the estate that is bankrupt.

If that be true then the one entering the estate into bankruptcy is doing so because of mismanagement but more significantly, he must have control.

Question to ask. When an assignment of an estate is made to a trustee in bankruptcy, is it the estate or man who is bankrupt?

If the estate then man cannot be the name.

When a man dies the estate lives on. They say that Micheal Jackson made money even though he is dead. So clearly the name cannot be referring to the man but the estate. Man can have an interest in property that makes up an estate, thus, the man is not part of the estate. He must have an interest/control in order that he may assign the estate over to a trustee in bankruptcy. He is not assigning himself but the estate. In the matter of the Bankruptcy of DOE, JOHN.

Thus, man and the estate (assets, rights, interests and entitlements) are not one and the same and man and name are not one and the same. If the name does not identify an estate, the property that makes up an estate, but man, by what means can the property be identified?

I suppose the answer is, Read the rest of this entry

Response; Nov 4 Conference call

Dave wrote:..........Hallows response in bolded font.........

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Thks for the conference last night Vic.

OK, this resonates with me and I have always wanted to be a giver. I give for a living, but I am regulated to get a professional fee for it, which I use to pay my business expenses and the remaining I use to sustain my family and I and our life styles. A part of my "income" goes to feeding the poor and hungry.

So when we pay it forward, we are offering our entire credit, 100% income to the gov....Yes but also funding your way with your credit.
In your opinion, how confident are you that the gov will provide all our current/future needs, since we will have surrendered our income ? We provide for ourselves. We are not relying on the gov to provide anything. In the end the gov gets our credit. So we use our credit to fund our way/purpose and it flows into circulation and is taxed and any income you may be entitled to is paid to the gov; all free money. You, me, each of us, is a source of his own credit, the basis of all what circulates as money. I know that this needs to be seen, but I would think that everyone would want to do this, if the gov WILL meet the people's needs, once they surrended 100% income to them. We meet the govs needs, as we already are, is what you are not seeing and in the process our own. Off course there will be abuse (as people are selfish, it is in their nature)..people will work when they want, especially if they have a job they hate, others may expect great richness..How does gov monitor that?.Complicated to answer that in a few words but the universe has a built in firewall that until one is with the proper conscience he cannot get through the wee door in the big wall. Consciousness of greed is not consciousness of love and greed is resistance and the door is not there.
How will gov look at someone who surrenders 100K as income as opposed to someone who surrenders 30K?...I just shared an email this past week about this. The little old lady who gave all she hath to the treasury which is in the bible.The giving freely and unconditionally of yourself (energy/credit) or 100% as compared to those who give say 30% of their income of say even 1000 billion dollars, which gave the most? The one that gave the most, 100% of himself = his creative energy/credit, has given all he has to give and that is what reality is measured by, what true love is and where true freeom is because the one that gave 30% is still taxed/burdened. In his mind he is rich but spiritually he is dead. We build our treasures in heaven or on earth and if the latter, we are bound to the earth. What price do you pay for freedom? By which thought do you measure the price? Another thing, regardless of what price a man sells his labour, he is selling himself short because truly he, we, all of us, are priceless. Price is a phycological thing and not real. Some value the home in terms of dollars and cents, commercial values/mind, and other in terms of its purpose, a roof over my head; spiritual values. The thing most people seems to not get here is that love, giving freely and unconditionally of oneself is not regulated or regulatable, therefore; is where true freedom is. When you really get that you will know it is true. Where there is LOVE; there is no contract (promises/bound) there is no law (regulation).

If we are out of the income circle, there will be no tax, but does this mean that we are out of the box..entirely?I think I answered that just above.; doing love, yes.......
What about SIN, drivers license, the law, what extent are we out of the box? 100% on the outside of the box but giving 100% of self to serving those in the box that one day they are free of the box.

I have lots of questions, but I will wait to hear back from you on these first, kindly.......Thank you for the opportunity.
Many thks. This really excites me Vic............Then it is good.........I love you


Nov 4 Conference call

Hi all

Last nights call is posted at and on this blog at November 4 Conference call

If anyone has questions or wants further information feel free to e me or phone.

I love you

Tonites Call (Nov 4, 2010)

Hi all

It seems that the phone company(s) have blocked their paying customers with discount long distance packages from accessing the Free Conference Call number.

If you were not able to access tonight's call that may be why. You'd have to contact the phone company about that.

The call was recorded and Read the rest of this entry

The way home

Hi all

I think it fitting to share this from another.

You noble theories of God has nothing to do with the G-D that they use in statute and testamentary trust (old&new Testament). (Ba'al Moloch Lucifer Amen-Ra etc).

There are many Gods but only one supreme Divine nameless unbiased omnipresent energy. Making dogmatic presumptions based on "God" dig the rabbit hole deeper.

I responded;

I am not going to respond to your many many assumptions.............except to say that i could care less what others define God to be. I do agree that what I mean by the three letters 'G' 'o' 'd' has nothing to do with what you think or what they; G-D that they use in statute and testamentary trust (old&new Testament). (Ba'al Moloch Lucifer Amen-Ra etc) mean. In other words, the god you and they focus on is not the God I am talking about.

He asked;

So which definition of God are you using when you mention "Father"?

To which my response is this;
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Here's what to do... say the first email you are sending to John:

SUBJECT:  IMPORTANT! I need your help, John

Dear John,

I have some important information to share with you about how to change things for the better for our families. Please review the info at the following blog(s) then contact me to have a quick conversation about what we can do. I will just want to know whether you will help get the word out as well, that's all. I'm just looking for five people who will make the commitment with me to change things for the better. Let me know "if you are in".

The Blog is called Freedom From Debt at:

Thank you!
Talk to you soon.

Your friend

My Telephone Number is: 999-999-9999

The men with a names called Vic and Wally have told about 60 people (Sept 26, 2010) in Ajax Ontario about this information.

Let's do the math:

Based on sharing this with JUST ONE man or woman a day (with two days off - Saturday and Sunday) 5 people per week for just one week... look what can happen:

Week one
Those 60 just tell 5 each = 300
Week two
Those 300 just tell 5 each = 1,500
Week three
Those 1,500 just tell 5 each = 7,500
Week four
Those 7,500 just tell 5 each = 37,500
Week five
Those 37,500 just tell 5 each = 187,500
Week six
Those 187,500 just tell 5 each = 937,500
Week seven
Those 937,500 just tell 5 each = 4,687,500
Week eight
Those 4,687,500 just tell 5 each = 23,437,500
Total people reached with this information = 29,296,800
is: 34,108,800

29,296,800 divided by 34,108,800  x 100 = 85.9% now have had this information shared with them by November 30, 2010!

The Internet connected population of people have been informed and then can never say "well I didn't know there was a better way to have an economy that isn't based on debt"

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