Executor II


If you read over the email Executor, it brings us back to why we did what we did last year. Grocery Store Bandits.

We are sons and heirs of God so there must be an estate and sons and heirs of such an estate, in my view, to not be confused with all others, must do true love.

Doing so keeps the assets of the God estate, the world, in the estate administered by the executor, government, for the benefit of the heir rather than as most do now, claim a portion as their own.

By claiming a portion of the God estate as ones own, creating a new mini estate but still of the one estate; one assumes full responsibility. He has assumed the role of the executor/trustee.

You cannot separate from the family or not give freely to the family and expect a free ride at the expense of the family. If you give freely to the family then it is very likely the family will give freely to you and God has promised you that.

There is but one way in my estimation to Read the rest of this entry


Hi all

It is not you but the estate that is bankrupt.

If that be true then the one entering the estate into bankruptcy is doing so because of mismanagement but more significantly, he must have control.

Question to ask. When an assignment of an estate is made to a trustee in bankruptcy, is it the estate or man who is bankrupt?

If the estate then man cannot be the name.

When a man dies the estate lives on. They say that Micheal Jackson made money even though he is dead. So clearly the name cannot be referring to the man but the estate. Man can have an interest in property that makes up an estate, thus, the man is not part of the estate. He must have an interest/control in order that he may assign the estate over to a trustee in bankruptcy. He is not assigning himself but the estate. In the matter of the Bankruptcy of DOE, JOHN.

Thus, man and the estate (assets, rights, interests and entitlements) are not one and the same and man and name are not one and the same. If the name does not identify an estate, the property that makes up an estate, but man, by what means can the property be identified?

I suppose the answer is, Read the rest of this entry


Hi all

If you look at the drawing on the right that Laurier drafted it is the basis of free energy. Unlike in the drawing on the left where the energy is siphoned out of the system into private hands, the energy on the right circulates within the system. My understanding of free energy is that Read the rest of this entry

Government cannot pay.

Hi all

Based on an email i received this morning I feel compelled to share the following.

So long as we draw or attempt to draw on the government the government will draw on us, e.g. through taxation.

Canada has not the means to cover liabilities, taxation is evidence of that since taxes pays the interest to the holders of government bonds. In other words, Canada cannot make the interest payments because Canada has no money, is insolvent/bankrupt. Whatever money it does get it gets through taxation and other revenue generating methods, all in the form of taxes, therefore; for a bankrupt to service a debt or take on the liabilities people think it should take on, the bankrupt has no place to turn but the people. Why so? Because a bankrupt cannot pay and we are the source of credit as evidence by personal income tax collections. There is no other source.

In short, a reason for income taxes is Read the rest of this entry

True payment

Hi all

It is said "thou shalt have no other gods before me".

Now one can debunk that as biblical crap or see the sense and applicability of it.

We can say, the government does not have authority over me, or, we can say, "thou shalt have no other gods before me" is saying the same thing. You cannot be made to turn your back on God which would be the case to say you must recognize the authority of the government as supreme. There are many ways to say 'thou shalt have no other gods before me' but it is one that we know is recognized.

In complying with the state one did/does have the state as the god before him. To say that the state has no authority over me rather than "I did (truth) but no longer (new truth) have other gods before me" is freeing. You cannot be made to turn your back on God, yourself.

'I did but no longer do what i do for money' could be saying, if it is true; I had money before me as my god, worked to earn it, but no longer do so I do not have any money let alone i was not born with it.

Truth is that people are not born with money and working for it is optional, therefore; paying it, having debts, is an option.

Once one has decided he has no other gods before him that leaves only one thing we the people have to settle a debt, Read the rest of this entry

Men or persons

Hi all

We are the creators of our reality. We are responsible for liabilities we create such as come into existence when one tells the cars salesmen, "I accept you offer for that car". The acceptance of the offer is the birth of the obligation, liability to pay.

Now knowing that we create our reality and that we are everything and nothing, as much as we can create the liability so to can we create the remedy.

To look at any place or venue or person or entity other than self for a solution or remedy or a way out of the box is to deny who one is and the divine power that one is given. In other words, there is no need to focus or pay attention to any other but self as source of grief, solutions, and remedy.

You, is it. You are the One.
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Debt-money Code Cracked

Hi all

The government has put out a request for suggestions to change the financial system.

Let us think about that.

We are currently on a debt money system and what can possibly be done to change that to something better working within the same standards as now?

In other words; I am sure that the minister of finance, treasury board etc, and others in government, know their business well, and what can anyone else offer that would improve on their knowledge. For what purpose would they seek suggestions to improve on their knowledge?

What has not been done that could improve on the current system other than going to interest free currency?

In other words, for what reason would the government request suggestions unless they are checking to know if we the people are awake.

I mean, how do you improve a debt money system? You don't, you change it to interest free, no debt, money.

More and more of us are catching on to what is going on here. The government cannot on its own, without us people, face that 'other force' out there mentioned a couple of times by the Committee(s).

This is why the suggestion of a class action is not to take that action but to give the government 'reason', and arm the government should there be a power out there that it fears.

No here is the kicker. Ponder this deeply because I am only going to write it once. SIT DOWN.

I think it is us they fear because I think that we are the bond holders. 😀 😛 😀 Ya have a good laugh when it sinks in. In fact go ahead and howl!

Ed Griffin in Creature from Jekyll Island; they will tax us to death if that is what it takes to pay us back. DO YOU GET THIS?

Pay us back. What is us, the basis of government credit, the source. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

They are borrowing from us and the interest is owed to us. Money comes into circulation 3 ways. Wages, salary, and DIVIDENDS.

Websters, dividend; includes sum or fund. The Treasury or Consolidated Revenue Fund (CRF). Wages and salary are the flaw by keeping it rather than letting it go to the Treasury, which if we did the money out of thin air, backed by our bond/pledge (done by government on the basis we are one and love each other) which is backed by our credit, our energy, and would be deposited into the fund to be dispersed as dividends to EVERY MAN (Acts 4:32 -5) ACCORDING TO HIS NEED. In other words, there are three ways to create money and we did not choose the ONE that only love knows. We all do what we do, employed (planting the seeds/ideas into factories), and the value is paid in terms of dollars and cents directly to OUR Treasury/CRF. It accumulates there and when someone needs money, it is taken from the CRF and GIVEN freely. Why freely = interest/debt free, because we gave freely. This is the way Father would have it.

The fear evolved over time. As things went on as they should not have, and got more out of hand, it evolved that it became necessary for the government to play stupid.

Think about it. We are the basis of all credit for without people nothing happens, and the Standing Committee confirms this. The funny thing about this we have looked every where for the answer but ourselves. hahahahahahahahaha! When we call upon an outsider for answers or solutions we empower that party. But, when we take the credit which is not to call upon an outsider, empowering ourselves, and take the action as we are with sending in the suggestion everywhere: We are now coming to actually see ourselves as the source of the reflection; the man in the mirror. In other words, one truly must come from a, I do not recognize your jurisdiction as over mine but the other way around. WE, not fictions, constitute God. The Constitution recognizes the supremacy of us, hahahahaha; hence we are the bond holder as a form of indemnification for the pledge by the government of our golden (gilt-edged) credit/ENERGY; but we have not spoken for ourselves but sought answers and solutions from outsiders. hahahahahahahaha!

So what I am saying is, by taking the action we are, in the manner we are, we are showing the government that we know who we are and we desire to work with you, and, we come in peace. Tis then, they, the system, need not fear us. That is why, in my view, we must let go of the past where the anger is and keep our eyes and hearts looking forward at a new desire. Love, unconditional giving. If we want free currency, we in the end, must accept that we are working for nothing, giving freely in terms of dollars and cents; but there would be no lack or want for anything. Greed is not where there is love.

More goes into the CRF than is paid out and it is all FREE ENERGY. Perpetual motion. In short, we cannot and will not have interest free currency so long as we want the money in our hands or bank accounts the way we do now. In shorter, you should not expect something for nothing. The SOB's (statement of birth) constitute the evidence of our golden existence and you could say it is that that forms the basis of the CRF. No matter where you are so to is your legal name. That name in my view is what connects you, your energy, to the CRF/treasury. In other words, our energy is meant to flow to the CRF through the legal name because without it, you do not exist on the record as a source of energy/credit.

It is us that the government fears and it is critical that we are at peace with it all so we exude peace so it fears us not. The agents shall have no others gods before them but the people. But the people have not stepped up to the plate as God so for the time being, only the legal name exists and it is powerless. And we wonder why the agents believe they have jurisdiction over us. Further, the banker is simply filling our shoes for the time being. All we need do is step into those shoes.

So if you have not yet been motivated to hammer the government and MP's etc etc, Bank of Canada, etc. etc. etc. and not bugging your friends to do the same and send out the suggestion, this information should be the motivating factor.

Go forth with peace and with love in your heart. Exude it so it passes by email, the suggestion, to the recipients.

I love you

The Crime of The Canadian Banking System

BILL ABRAM part-1/3

Over the past 4 years, the Canadian people have paid $137.4 billion in interest on money borrowed from private banks whereas the Bank of Canada could legally print the public's money into existence rather than borrowing it at interest. "They've paid out this huge sum because our government has failed to abide by the law." Abram, a retired high school teacher and activist on Vancouver Island, B.C., explicates the trick of fractional reserve banking.

Part 1-3

CANADA'S GREAT EXPERIMENT: 1935-1974 part-2/3

For nearly 40 years, Canada - the people of Canada - had control of their own currency! Imagine! They founded their own bank and issued their own currency with no debt obligations to banks. Taxes were low and debt was too. They got themselves out of the depression that had been induced by the international banking cartel in 1929. By 1934, through the driving force of one man -- Gerald Grattan McGeer, Mayor of Vancouver, B.C. -- Canada founded the Bank of Canada and they were on their way to debt-free recovery. Problem was, the Canadians, busy building their own country, didn't think about, weren't taught about, didn't fully know about what they had -- and they lost it to the banking cartel in 1974. A Bilderberg-banker plan to take it away from them and mire them back in deep debt, forcing them to sell off and privatize everything they'd accomplished in those healthy four decades. Canada's Great Experiment was over. But all isn't lost. The structure is still there and so is the Bank of Canada. Bill Abram tells the story, also, of Nobel-prize winner Mohammad Yunus's bank, which demonstrates "poverty is not caused by poor people; poverty is caused by the system." Hocus pocus malthusianism as practiced by the Bilderbergers and their minions is exposed by Yunus and Abram.

Part 2-3


Bill Abram remembers Gerald Grattan McGeer, a crusading labor lawyer representing the Vancouver Trades & Labour Council (Canada) who got a chance to interrogate and lecture the vaunted Lord MacMillan Banking Commission, sent over from England in depression years to fix things up. McGeer, who had done his homework, got bankers Graham Towers to admit, "If Parliament wants to change the form of operating the banking system, then certainly that is within the power of Parliament. So they did. Usury-free money for nearly 20 years: a nearly debt-free era of investment in the Commons, and the people of Canada.

Part 3-3

Income Taxes Pay The Interest To The Bondholders

From the House of Commons Standing Committee on Banking and Commerce;

“Income taxes pay the interest to the bondholders”.
The government puts up interest bearing bonds out of which money is created and we pay the interest in the form of taxes.
The taxes are a direct draw on our energy and is what I mean by our credit. In other words, it is the tax payments that make the bonds good.
The taxes are a direct draw in that, you give 100% energy measured as gross pay and go home with after tax loss of energy in terms of net pay.

Now I have no problem that the government puts up bonds, but to hold me liable for its choice to put up interest bearing bonds (promises to pay) than issue interest free currency (promises to pay), that I take issue with.
That my friends is the crux of the matter. The government has no means to pay the interest and so what business did it have putting up interest bearing bonds in the first instance, let alone hold us liable when it had another option? That being interest free currency.
So as much as it may be claimed that we receive a benefit when we receive money (income), or the government did us a favour, or the people wanted to be paid for their work and is why we are liable for the interest payment, taxes; the fact that the government could issue interest free currency in the stead of debt money, must mute the claim.
In other words, if the government had of issued interest free currency the people would not be subject to taxation, but since it has not and authorizes the issue of debt money in the stead, it is not justification in my view that people be subject to income taxes.
However, taxes are not the subject of this message or purpose of this blog site; freedom from debt via interest free currency is.
I love you

Suggestion To The Government of Canada

Dear Member of Parliament,

As you may or may not know, the government of Canada is taking suggestions on how to improve the financial system. Enclosed is our suggestion that has been forwarded to the email address where the suggestions are to be sent; finlegis(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)fin.gc.ca. We urge you to study it carefully since the suggestion is based in part on comments made by the House of Commons Standing Committee on Banking and Commerce, 1939.

Dear Honourable Minister of Finance,

The following is a suggestion in response to an article in the Toronto Sun newspapers regarding the governments request for suggestions to improve the banking/financial system. The attachment contains the suggestion in French and English. In addition to the suggestion offered herein is this from the Standing Committee on Banking and Commerce; March 24, 1939 at page 394;

“Will you tell me why the government with power to create money should give that power away to a private monopoly and then borrow that which parliament can create itself back at interest to the point of national bankruptcy, because, if we cannot finance the things that are necessary it means that this nation cannot meet its current obligations”. “Why should a government with the power to create money borrow that money at interest?” Mr Towers, “Now, if parliament wants to change the form of operating the banking system, then certainly that is within the power of parliament”.

We think that the facts and evidence speak for themselves as to why the ship Canada and the people are floundering in debt and will continue to flounder until the ship sinks taking us all with her, unless the rules are changed. It is not our desire to pursue a class action suit but neither is it our desire to see the good ship Canada and the people suffer needlessly.

If you wish to discuss this further my contact particulars follow.

Thank you

(Insert your contact details here)

TO: Minister of Finance Canada (By mail and e-mail)

COPIED TO: All Members of Parliament (By e-mail only)

September 23, 2010

Dear Sir:

Re: Pending Class Action lawsuit for breach of duty, et al

The People v. the federal government/Crown

We are in the process of investigating and determining the propriety of launching a class-action lawsuit as captioned. However, we noticed an article in the Toronto Sun wherein the government is soliciting suggestions on how to improve the financial system and thought it prudent to make a suggestion and submit it to, finlegis(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)fin.gc.ca.">finlegis(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)fin.gc.ca.

We begin this letter with the following quotes from members of the House of Commons Standing Committee on Banking and Commerce, meeting in 1939;

“It is absurd to say that our country can issue $30,000,000 in bonds and not $30,000,000 in currency. Both are promises to pay; but one promise fattens the usurer and the other helps the people”, and;

“It is the people who constitute the basis of government credit. Why then cannot the people have the benefit of their own gilt-edged credit by receiving non-interest bearing currency, instead of the bankers receiving
the benefit of the people’s credit in interest bearing bonds?”

“Income taxes pay the interest to the bondholders”.

Surely you are well aware that the interest payment obligation attached to the creation of money does not exist and of the inevitable consequences of having to pay back more money than was created.

We men and women did not come to this world to labour under a monetary system that fattens usurers at our expense, or be held as debtors, or to support absurdities, or to do nothing as our brothers and sisters and country suffer hopelessness because of a monetary system that, as it is, benefits and fattens the usurer (moneychanger/banker).

The people are the real producers of all wealth in the country and who constitute the basis of all government credit, so why should, do, we not benefit from our own gilt-edged credit by receiving non-interest bearing currency? We hereby give notice that we claim our credit and right to the benefit of it.

Does the government not have a responsibility to the people, those who empower it and who constitute the basis of government credit, first and foremost? The Prime Minister must think so when he stated in an article on the Foreign Affairs website, “The first duty of government is to protect its citizens.”

What is the government going to do about this? Is it the policy of the government, the elected, to allow this absurdity to continue – bleeding the people and business to death (debt) in order to fatten the usurer (bondholders), or is the government going to protect and help the people?

If we do not hear from you within 10 days we shall proceed with our planned class-action lawsuit.


(Insert your contact details here)

Cher député.

Comme vous le savez probablement, le gouvernement du Canada a demandĂ© et reçoit des suggestions actuellement pour amĂ©liorer le systĂšme financier. Veuillez trouver ci-aprĂšs la suggestion d’amĂ©lioration que nous avons fait parvenir Ă  l’adresse courriel indiquĂ©e dans sa demande, soit finlegis(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)fin.gc.ca.">finlegis(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)fin.gc.ca.

Nous vous enjoignons de l’étudier attentivement car elle a Ă©tĂ© conçue, entre autres, Ă  partir de quelques commentaires exprimĂ©s par le ComitĂ© permanent sur les banques et le commerce de la Chambre des communes, 1939.

Honorable Ministre des finances.

Veuillez trouver ci-joint notre suggestion en réponse à votre demande parue dans les journaux de septembre 2010 de vous faire parvenir des propositions pour améliorer le systÚme bancaire/financier. Notre document vous propose notre suggestion en anglais et en français.

De plus, voici ce que proposait le Comité permanent sur les banques et le commerce en 1939, p.394.

“Pourquoi donc un gouvernement qui a le pouvoir de crĂ©er de l’argent emprunterait-il cet argent avec intĂ©rĂȘts?”

M. Towers: “Maintenant, si le parlement veut changer la façon d’opĂ©rer le systĂšme bancaire, alors c’est certainement Ă  l’intĂ©rieur de ses prĂ©rogatives de le faire.”.

À moins que les rĂšgles ne changent, que le bateau « Canada » et que le peuple soit empĂȘtrĂ© dans les dettes et qu’il continuera de l’ĂȘtre jusqu’au naufrage nous emportant tous avec lui, nous apparaĂźt Ă©vident. Les faits parlent d’eux mĂȘmes. Nous ne voulons pas vraiment intenter une poursuite de type « class action ». Nous ne voulons pas non plus que le bateau « Canada » et le bon peuple continuent de souffrir inutilement.

Si vous voulez en discuter plus en profondeur, veuillez me contacter selon ces coordonnées.


(Insert your contact details here)

À : Ministre des Finances du Canada
Copie conforme Ă : Tous les membres du Parlement

23 septembre 2010


OBJET: Action collective en cours pour « manquement au devoir ».
Le peuple v. Le Gouvernement fédéral/ La Couronne.

Nous Ă©tions en train de nous renseigner pour dĂ©terminer s’il Ă©tait opportun et appropriĂ© de lancer une action collective tel qu’énoncĂ© en objet lorsque, par hasard, nous avons remarquĂ©, dans le Toronto Sun, un article dans lequel le gouvernement sollicitait des suggestions sur la façon d’amĂ©liorer le systĂšme financier. Actuellement, il nous semble plus appropriĂ© et opportun de vous faire parvenir notre suggestion en vous la soumettant sur le site proposĂ© finlegis(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)fin.gc.ca.

Nous commençons ce communiqué en citant quelques propos émis par des membres du Comité permanent sur les banques et le commerce de la Chambre des communes dans sa réunion de 1939.

PremiĂšre citation:

“Il est absurde de dire que notre pays peut/ veut Ă©mettre $30,000,000 en obligations (bonds) plutĂŽt que $30,000,000 en monnaie. Les deux constituent une promesse de paiement. La premiĂšre toutefois engraisse les usuriers/banquiers alors que l’autre contribue Ă  aider les gens/le peuple.”

DeuxiĂšme citation:

“Ce sont les gens/le peuple qui constituent la source de crĂ©dit du gouvernement. Pourquoi les gens ne pourraient-ils donc pas bĂ©nĂ©ficier de leur propre crĂ©dit en recevant une monnaie libre d’intĂ©rĂȘts plutĂŽt que d’en faire bĂ©nĂ©ficier les usuriers/banquiers par des obligations portant intĂ©rĂȘts?”

TroisiĂšme citation:

“Les impĂŽts paient les intĂ©rĂȘts aux dĂ©tenteurs d’obligations.”

Certes, vous ĂȘtes bien conscients que l’obligation de payer des intĂ©rĂȘts inhĂ©rente Ă  la crĂ©ation de monnaie n’existe pas. Elle entraĂźne mĂȘme l’inĂ©vitable consĂ©quence d’avoir Ă  rembourser plus d’argent qu’il en est crĂ©Ă©.

Nous, hommes et femmes, ne sommes pas venus en ce monde pour travailler sous un systĂšme monĂ©taire qui engraisse, Ă  nos frais et dĂ©pens, les banquiers/usuriers ou pour soutenir des absurditĂ©s ou pour rester Ă  ne rien faire face au spectacle dĂ©solant de voir nos frĂšres, nos sƓurs et tout le pays sombrer dans le dĂ©sespoir Ă  cause d’un systĂšme monĂ©taire qui, dans sa formule actuelle, engraisse les banquiers/ usuriers/ monnayeurs.

Le peuple est le vĂ©ritable gĂ©nĂ©rateur de toutes les richesses dans le pays. Il constitue ainsi la source de tout le crĂ©dit monĂ©taire dont dispose le gouvernement. Pourquoi alors ne pourrions-nous pas bĂ©nĂ©ficier de ce crĂ©dit dont nous sommes rĂ©ellement la source et recevoir une monnaie libre d’intĂ©rĂȘts?

La responsabilitĂ© premiĂšre du gouvernement n’est-elle pas, d’abord et avant tout, envers le peuple, envers ceux qui lui donnent son pouvoir et qui constituent la source du crĂ©dit monĂ©taire? Le Premier Ministre n’exprimait-il pas cette rĂ©alitĂ© lorsqu’il a dĂ©clarĂ© dans un article paru sur le site Web des Affaires ÉtrangĂšres, que « Le premier devoir du gouvernement est de protĂ©ger ses citoyens ».

Nous vous posons alors ces questions: Qu’est ce que le gouvernement entend faire Ă  ce sujet? Sera-ce la politique des Ă©lus du gouvernement de permettre la continuitĂ© de cette absurditĂ© – saigner le peuple et les commerces Ă  blanc, les entraĂźnant ainsi dans la mort (dette – death) afin d’engraisser les usuriers/ banquiers (obligataires/dĂ©tenteurs de bonds)? Le gouvernement va-t-il plutĂŽt accomplir son devoir et protĂ©ger/ aider le peuple?

Si nous ne recevons pas de rĂ©ponse Ă  ce communiquĂ© dans les 10 jours, nous procĂ©derons alors Ă  la mise en Ɠuvre de l’action collective que nous avons prĂ©parĂ©e.


(Insert your contact details here)

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