Pay it Forward up-date clarification


It seems some folks are confused. In the email titled 'Pay it Forward up-date' is this;

So with our desire and intent on the table, all that remains now is that you are not so and so (the name), the name is so and so. I am asking the recipients of this round two letter for their authority to say you are so and so to validate the attachment of legal liabilities, duties, responsibilities, benefits, ownership, etc., to you men and women, that are or may be recorded under the legal name.

The recipients are those who receive the letter from the trustee e.g. CRA. At no time does the trustee send letters to you people in the program. And I wrote, I am not asking for your consent to the content
of that letter, yet some have given their consent.

Are we good now?

I love you

Governing legislation/authority


Consider this information is crucial.

There has been much talk regarding liability for the name. Perhaps we can demonstrate here how that is established.

First off the Vital Statistics Act, or legislation that requires that the government register births is the legislation that governs the registration of births, the issue of birth certificates (BC) and the information found on the face of BC's including the name.

Keys words are 'governing legislation' or 'legislation that governs'. In short, if not for legislation such as the Vital Statistics Act, there would be no birth certificates and no legal names such as the one appearing on a BC. The legal name to which liabilities may be attached would not exist.

So in that sense and in fact, the said Act or similar in other provinces is the governing authority regarding the reg. of births, the issue of BC's and the information found thereon.

Now we have said we do not consent to be recognized by or as the name but what we have not done is ask, where do you get the authority to recognize or identify me by or as that name? Where do you get the authority absent my consent to say I am so and so [legal name as appears on or is derived of a BC].

We have entered the statement of birth (SOB) and BC as evidence and referenced or provided section 46 of the Vital Stats Act in Ontario which is the authority indicating such documents are admissible in court as proof.

The question is, from where do the agents, others, get the authority to recognize or id you, your body, as the name appearing on or derived of a BC and or where do they get the authority, e.g. in court, to say you are so and so?

Truth is there is no authority except our consent, but to close the door on that I recommend that you print off a copy of the Vital Statistics legislation for the province that issued the BC you have as that legislation is the governing authority meaning; if it does not say in that Act that you are so and so or you shall id yourself as so and so or that says others can say you are so and so or recognize or id you as so and so, then the authority to say you are so and so or to recognize or id you as so and so does not exist.

But you have to show the entire Act and ask, show me in this governing legislation where it says you have the authority to say I am so and so or that authorizes you to recognize me or id me as so and so?

Show me where it says you have the authority to govern me via the name?

Like the judge said to George Gordon, it is not Read the rest of this entry

Ultimately, the Bank is owned by the people of Canada.

Hi all;

A special type of Crown corporation

The Bank was founded in 1934 as a privately owned corporation. In 1938, it became a Crown corporation belonging to the federal government. Since that time, the Minister of Finance has held the entire share capital issued by the Bank. Ultimately, the Bank is owned by the people of Canada.

The Bank of Canada Is Owned By The People of Canada

The Bank of Canada Is Owned By The People of Canada

The cause of the continued control of the money supply by the private banking interests is people looking our for their private interests. What we have outside of us is a reflection of what is in us. As members of the public we are one but with private interests we are divided. In other-words, we should see that all what is public, or not private interests, is us, the one, and that what is private is separate from the one. Everyone one of us who has his her own private interests is saying, Read the rest of this entry

Love is the Currency.

Mary C said it well when she wrote "Love is the currency of the 21st century".

It is true because the lack of love is why we are burdened.

We, not 'they', are the ones we are waiting for. 'They' cannot help us. We people, love, is the solution.

Paying attention to and commenting on what 'they' are doing or did is not helping you notice what you are and are not doing.

If you have pondered the idea and maybe meditated on it, you must know that there is only one way to be truly free; let the energy flow freely.

It is the giving of our energy freely that we find life; for he she that does not allow it to flow freely, like a battery that can no more provide enough energy, are rundown or dead (spiritually).

Some give a lot of energy and some give a little, but he she who boldly goes where no man I know has gone before, that givers his her all, with no other consideration (intent) in mind, shall be free.

Love, free energy, is not regulated.

I was shared a story today of a transfer of property that resulted in CRA claiming a capitol gain liability. A lawyer got involved and said one word; love. Tell them you did it of love. They did and CRA backed off immediately.

Lawyers will put in consideration of 'Natural Love and Affection and one dollar" on transfers of property, but love would say, get that dollar off there.

As Lee says, by adding that one dollar as a consideration keeps one under the law.

Natural Love and Affection is a lawful consideration without the mention of a dollar. The addition of even one dollar makes the intent a bit about love and a bit about money. Double minded.

The basis of the 'Pay it Forward' process is to Read the rest of this entry

Pay it forward up-date.

Hi all

This is for those who have or may partake in the Trust Agreement, pay it forward, love, process.

This process is not about anyone's specific issue. It is a one swoop takes care of all. So I do not need to know what papers or communications have been received from CRA. We are not rushing into taking care of your personal issues with CRA. This is a group collective thing designed to take us from debtors to source of credit. It is about intent. Do you intend to receive personal benefit or gain, contrary to love and why we are taxed, burdened, or is your intent to help mankind? I suggested on the last conference call that one be sincere to him herself. It is one thing to say my intend is to serve and better mankind and quite another that it is true.
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Follow-up of Oct 21st call

Hi all

I enjoyed the call last night.

As discussed the people are the source of credit, hereafter "source".

We back the money that is paid as income and by taking income we receive the benefit of our own credit which is what keeps us on the debt taxpayer treadmill.

Doing that is akin to a battery (source of energy) receiving the benefit (return) of the energy it puts out rather than or in addition to the bulb in a flashlight.
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Is income tax voluntary

Hi all

It is said that income tax is voluntary.

Could it be so?
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Upcoming Conference call

Hi all,

The conference call we has last, Oct 6th was about the 100% Return of Tax blah blah.

Since that call things have evolved and we are now going for the gusto...........The be all end all solution to free ourselves from perpetual never ending treadmill of debt and being treated as debtors.

I covered that in an e mail yesterday titled '100% Return of Tax up-date'.

We must respect that Canada has not the means to pay money and is a reason it went to the banker for aid in the first instance, therefore, we must be willing to take over funding government. haha!

I am seeing if a conference call can be organized for this Thursday which is open to everyone. So we are clear here, this has evolved way beyond just income tax or CRA.

It is solution oriented and non-confrontational................

I love you

Suggestion To The Government of Canada

Dear Member of Parliament,

As you may or may not know, the government of Canada is taking suggestions on how to improve the financial system. Enclosed is our suggestion that has been forwarded to the email address where the suggestions are to be sent; finlegis(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) We urge you to study it carefully since the suggestion is based in part on comments made by the House of Commons Standing Committee on Banking and Commerce, 1939.

Dear Honourable Minister of Finance,

The following is a suggestion in response to an article in the Toronto Sun newspapers regarding the governments request for suggestions to improve the banking/financial system. The attachment contains the suggestion in French and English. In addition to the suggestion offered herein is this from the Standing Committee on Banking and Commerce; March 24, 1939 at page 394;

“Will you tell me why the government with power to create money should give that power away to a private monopoly and then borrow that which parliament can create itself back at interest to the point of national bankruptcy, because, if we cannot finance the things that are necessary it means that this nation cannot meet its current obligations”. “Why should a government with the power to create money borrow that money at interest?” Mr Towers, “Now, if parliament wants to change the form of operating the banking system, then certainly that is within the power of parliament”.

We think that the facts and evidence speak for themselves as to why the ship Canada and the people are floundering in debt and will continue to flounder until the ship sinks taking us all with her, unless the rules are changed. It is not our desire to pursue a class action suit but neither is it our desire to see the good ship Canada and the people suffer needlessly.

If you wish to discuss this further my contact particulars follow.

Thank you

(Insert your contact details here)

TO: Minister of Finance Canada (By mail and e-mail)

COPIED TO: All Members of Parliament (By e-mail only)

September 23, 2010

Dear Sir:

Re: Pending Class Action lawsuit for breach of duty, et al

The People v. the federal government/Crown

We are in the process of investigating and determining the propriety of launching a class-action lawsuit as captioned. However, we noticed an article in the Toronto Sun wherein the government is soliciting suggestions on how to improve the financial system and thought it prudent to make a suggestion and submit it to, finlegis(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)">finlegis(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

We begin this letter with the following quotes from members of the House of Commons Standing Committee on Banking and Commerce, meeting in 1939;

“It is absurd to say that our country can issue $30,000,000 in bonds and not $30,000,000 in currency. Both are promises to pay; but one promise fattens the usurer and the other helps the people”, and;

“It is the people who constitute the basis of government credit. Why then cannot the people have the benefit of their own gilt-edged credit by receiving non-interest bearing currency, instead of the bankers receiving
the benefit of the people’s credit in interest bearing bonds?”

“Income taxes pay the interest to the bondholders”.

Surely you are well aware that the interest payment obligation attached to the creation of money does not exist and of the inevitable consequences of having to pay back more money than was created.

We men and women did not come to this world to labour under a monetary system that fattens usurers at our expense, or be held as debtors, or to support absurdities, or to do nothing as our brothers and sisters and country suffer hopelessness because of a monetary system that, as it is, benefits and fattens the usurer (moneychanger/banker).

The people are the real producers of all wealth in the country and who constitute the basis of all government credit, so why should, do, we not benefit from our own gilt-edged credit by receiving non-interest bearing currency? We hereby give notice that we claim our credit and right to the benefit of it.

Does the government not have a responsibility to the people, those who empower it and who constitute the basis of government credit, first and foremost? The Prime Minister must think so when he stated in an article on the Foreign Affairs website, “The first duty of government is to protect its citizens.”

What is the government going to do about this? Is it the policy of the government, the elected, to allow this absurdity to continue – bleeding the people and business to death (debt) in order to fatten the usurer (bondholders), or is the government going to protect and help the people?

If we do not hear from you within 10 days we shall proceed with our planned class-action lawsuit.


(Insert your contact details here)

Cher député.

Comme vous le savez probablement, le gouvernement du Canada a demandé et reçoit des suggestions actuellement pour améliorer le système financier. Veuillez trouver ci-après la suggestion d’amélioration que nous avons fait parvenir à l’adresse courriel indiquée dans sa demande, soit finlegis(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)">finlegis(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

Nous vous enjoignons de l’étudier attentivement car elle a été conçue, entre autres, à partir de quelques commentaires exprimés par le Comité permanent sur les banques et le commerce de la Chambre des communes, 1939.

Honorable Ministre des finances.

Veuillez trouver ci-joint notre suggestion en réponse à votre demande parue dans les journaux de septembre 2010 de vous faire parvenir des propositions pour améliorer le système bancaire/financier. Notre document vous propose notre suggestion en anglais et en français.

De plus, voici ce que proposait le Comité permanent sur les banques et le commerce en 1939, p.394.

“Pourquoi donc un gouvernement qui a le pouvoir de créer de l’argent emprunterait-il cet argent avec intérêts?”

M. Towers: “Maintenant, si le parlement veut changer la façon d’opérer le système bancaire, alors c’est certainement à l’intérieur de ses prérogatives de le faire.”.

À moins que les règles ne changent, que le bateau « Canada » et que le peuple soit empêtré dans les dettes et qu’il continuera de l’être jusqu’au naufrage nous emportant tous avec lui, nous apparaît évident. Les faits parlent d’eux mêmes. Nous ne voulons pas vraiment intenter une poursuite de type « class action ». Nous ne voulons pas non plus que le bateau « Canada » et le bon peuple continuent de souffrir inutilement.

Si vous voulez en discuter plus en profondeur, veuillez me contacter selon ces coordonnées.


(Insert your contact details here)

À : Ministre des Finances du Canada
Copie conforme à: Tous les membres du Parlement

23 septembre 2010


OBJET: Action collective en cours pour « manquement au devoir ».
Le peuple v. Le Gouvernement fédéral/ La Couronne.

Nous étions en train de nous renseigner pour déterminer s’il était opportun et approprié de lancer une action collective tel qu’énoncé en objet lorsque, par hasard, nous avons remarqué, dans le Toronto Sun, un article dans lequel le gouvernement sollicitait des suggestions sur la façon d’améliorer le système financier. Actuellement, il nous semble plus approprié et opportun de vous faire parvenir notre suggestion en vous la soumettant sur le site proposé finlegis(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

Nous commençons ce communiqué en citant quelques propos émis par des membres du Comité permanent sur les banques et le commerce de la Chambre des communes dans sa réunion de 1939.

Première citation:

“Il est absurde de dire que notre pays peut/ veut émettre $30,000,000 en obligations (bonds) plutôt que $30,000,000 en monnaie. Les deux constituent une promesse de paiement. La première toutefois engraisse les usuriers/banquiers alors que l’autre contribue à aider les gens/le peuple.”

Deuxième citation:

“Ce sont les gens/le peuple qui constituent la source de crédit du gouvernement. Pourquoi les gens ne pourraient-ils donc pas bénéficier de leur propre crédit en recevant une monnaie libre d’intérêts plutôt que d’en faire bénéficier les usuriers/banquiers par des obligations portant intérêts?”

Troisième citation:

“Les impôts paient les intérêts aux détenteurs d’obligations.”

Certes, vous êtes bien conscients que l’obligation de payer des intérêts inhérente à la création de monnaie n’existe pas. Elle entraîne même l’inévitable conséquence d’avoir à rembourser plus d’argent qu’il en est créé.

Nous, hommes et femmes, ne sommes pas venus en ce monde pour travailler sous un système monétaire qui engraisse, à nos frais et dépens, les banquiers/usuriers ou pour soutenir des absurdités ou pour rester à ne rien faire face au spectacle désolant de voir nos frères, nos sœurs et tout le pays sombrer dans le désespoir à cause d’un système monétaire qui, dans sa formule actuelle, engraisse les banquiers/ usuriers/ monnayeurs.

Le peuple est le véritable générateur de toutes les richesses dans le pays. Il constitue ainsi la source de tout le crédit monétaire dont dispose le gouvernement. Pourquoi alors ne pourrions-nous pas bénéficier de ce crédit dont nous sommes réellement la source et recevoir une monnaie libre d’intérêts?

La responsabilité première du gouvernement n’est-elle pas, d’abord et avant tout, envers le peuple, envers ceux qui lui donnent son pouvoir et qui constituent la source du crédit monétaire? Le Premier Ministre n’exprimait-il pas cette réalité lorsqu’il a déclaré dans un article paru sur le site Web des Affaires Étrangères, que « Le premier devoir du gouvernement est de protéger ses citoyens ».

Nous vous posons alors ces questions: Qu’est ce que le gouvernement entend faire à ce sujet? Sera-ce la politique des élus du gouvernement de permettre la continuité de cette absurdité – saigner le peuple et les commerces à blanc, les entraînant ainsi dans la mort (dette – death) afin d’engraisser les usuriers/ banquiers (obligataires/détenteurs de bonds)? Le gouvernement va-t-il plutôt accomplir son devoir et protéger/ aider le peuple?

Si nous ne recevons pas de réponse à ce communiqué dans les 10 jours, nous procéderons alors à la mise en œuvre de l’action collective que nous avons préparée.


(Insert your contact details here)

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