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Response; Nov 4 Conference call

Dave wrote:..........Hallows response in bolded font.........

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Thks for the conference last night Vic.

OK, this resonates with me and I have always wanted to be a giver. I give for a living, but I am regulated to get a professional fee for it, which I use to pay my business expenses and the remaining I use to sustain my family and I and our life styles. A part of my "income" goes to feeding the poor and hungry.

So when we pay it forward, we are offering our entire credit, 100% income to the gov....Yes but also funding your way with your credit.
In your opinion, how confident are you that the gov will provide all our current/future needs, since we will have surrendered our income ? We provide for ourselves. We are not relying on the gov to provide anything. In the end the gov gets our credit. So we use our credit to fund our way/purpose and it flows into circulation and is taxed and any income you may be entitled to is paid to the gov; all free money. You, me, each of us, is a source of his own credit, the basis of all what circulates as money. I know that this needs to be seen, but I would think that everyone would want to do this, if the gov WILL meet the people's needs, once they surrended 100% income to them. We meet the govs needs, as we already are, is what you are not seeing and in the process our own. Off course there will be abuse (as people are selfish, it is in their nature)..people will work when they want, especially if they have a job they hate, others may expect great richness..How does gov monitor that?.Complicated to answer that in a few words but the universe has a built in firewall that until one is with the proper conscience he cannot get through the wee door in the big wall. Consciousness of greed is not consciousness of love and greed is resistance and the door is not there.
How will gov look at someone who surrenders 100K as income as opposed to someone who surrenders 30K?...I just shared an email this past week about this. The little old lady who gave all she hath to the treasury which is in the bible.The giving freely and unconditionally of yourself (energy/credit) or 100% as compared to those who give say 30% of their income of say even 1000 billion dollars, which gave the most? The one that gave the most, 100% of himself = his creative energy/credit, has given all he has to give and that is what reality is measured by, what true love is and where true freeom is because the one that gave 30% is still taxed/burdened. In his mind he is rich but spiritually he is dead. We build our treasures in heaven or on earth and if the latter, we are bound to the earth. What price do you pay for freedom? By which thought do you measure the price? Another thing, regardless of what price a man sells his labour, he is selling himself short because truly he, we, all of us, are priceless. Price is a phycological thing and not real. Some value the home in terms of dollars and cents, commercial values/mind, and other in terms of its purpose, a roof over my head; spiritual values. The thing most people seems to not get here is that love, giving freely and unconditionally of oneself is not regulated or regulatable, therefore; is where true freedom is. When you really get that you will know it is true. Where there is LOVE; there is no contract (promises/bound) there is no law (regulation).

If we are out of the income circle, there will be no tax, but does this mean that we are out of the box..entirely?I think I answered that just above.; doing love, yes.......
What about SIN, drivers license, the law, what extent are we out of the box? 100% on the outside of the box but giving 100% of self to serving those in the box that one day they are free of the box.

I have lots of questions, but I will wait to hear back from you on these first, kindly.......Thank you for the opportunity.
Many thks. This really excites me Vic............Then it is good.........I love you


Nov 4 Conference call

Hi all

Last nights call is posted at and on this blog at November 4 Conference call

If anyone has questions or wants further information feel free to e me or phone.

I love you

Tonites Call (Nov 4, 2010)

Hi all

It seems that the phone company(s) have blocked their paying customers with discount long distance packages from accessing the Free Conference Call number.

If you were not able to access tonight's call that may be why. You'd have to contact the phone company about that.

The call was recorded and Read the rest of this entry

Love is the Currency.

Mary C said it well when she wrote "Love is the currency of the 21st century".

It is true because the lack of love is why we are burdened.

We, not 'they', are the ones we are waiting for. 'They' cannot help us. We people, love, is the solution.

Paying attention to and commenting on what 'they' are doing or did is not helping you notice what you are and are not doing.

If you have pondered the idea and maybe meditated on it, you must know that there is only one way to be truly free; let the energy flow freely.

It is the giving of our energy freely that we find life; for he she that does not allow it to flow freely, like a battery that can no more provide enough energy, are rundown or dead (spiritually).

Some give a lot of energy and some give a little, but he she who boldly goes where no man I know has gone before, that givers his her all, with no other consideration (intent) in mind, shall be free.

Love, free energy, is not regulated.

I was shared a story today of a transfer of property that resulted in CRA claiming a capitol gain liability. A lawyer got involved and said one word; love. Tell them you did it of love. They did and CRA backed off immediately.

Lawyers will put in consideration of 'Natural Love and Affection and one dollar" on transfers of property, but love would say, get that dollar off there.

As Lee says, by adding that one dollar as a consideration keeps one under the law.

Natural Love and Affection is a lawful consideration without the mention of a dollar. The addition of even one dollar makes the intent a bit about love and a bit about money. Double minded.

The basis of the 'Pay it Forward' process is to Read the rest of this entry

Conference call reminder and other

Hi all

I thank the man whose name is named James for setting up the new web site....................

He has done a fine job and will be working to improve the site as need be.

I remind all of the conference call slated for Thursday October 21 9PM eastern time; 712-775-7400 PIN 530406#

The topic will be the 100% Return of Tax, the Trust Agreement, the duty of the trustee, and what is proposed as the solution with regard to those who choose to get out of the box of otherwise 'perpetual enslavement to debt' and subjection to the Income Tax and other Acts. At no time what will be talked about cover business matters or GST, or HST, PST, or any other tax or Act applicable to the operation of a business. Sole Proprietorship is you and the business are one and the same for tax purposes so that type of business situation is included in the topics and objective. I will not answer questions pertaining to any other type of business so please do not ask.

This call is not limited to those generally located on the land mass known as Canada but the information is in that I am not aware of the rules and codes in other land masses nor do i intend to pursue such. I will say now that I beleive what we are doing here can be done in most other land masses. I suggest those from other land masses wait until after the call and listen to the recording of it..............I ask that because I have no clue how many people may call in and we may need the space.

I respectfully request that those who wish to be on the call are on by not later than 9PM eastern time. 9:05, 9:10, 9:15 blah blah is not 9PM

I respectfully request that if you partake you are in a quiet place so that everyone can hear what is said. That means, and no disrespect, no babies crying in the background, no phones ringing, no TV or radio in the background, no noise of any sort that may prevent people from hearing what will be said.............

Thank you and have a wonderful now.....

I love you

Upcoming Conference call

Hi all,

The conference call we has last, Oct 6th was about the 100% Return of Tax blah blah.

Since that call things have evolved and we are now going for the gusto...........The be all end all solution to free ourselves from perpetual never ending treadmill of debt and being treated as debtors.

I covered that in an e mail yesterday titled '100% Return of Tax up-date'.

We must respect that Canada has not the means to pay money and is a reason it went to the banker for aid in the first instance, therefore, we must be willing to take over funding government. haha!

I am seeing if a conference call can be organized for this Thursday which is open to everyone. So we are clear here, this has evolved way beyond just income tax or CRA.

It is solution oriented and non-confrontational................

I love you

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