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Final Reminder – Communications change

Hi Everyone,

As mentioned previously we are changing how we communicate with you.

Starting Thursday November 11, 2010 you will no longer receive information directly from Dana at danamichaels1 (at) and freedomfromdebt3 (at) unless it necessary for us to do so.  After November 11, all such information will flow to you from what is posted at: FREE Member Pages through the blog site:
but you must register to read the full information on the site.

There is no cost to register.

Access the link above (you may need to press CTRL + left mouse Click to access this link if it's in an MS Word document) then scroll down to the Login box just below the "Posts Calendar" (on the right hand side) and then click Register.

For those of us who are new to this modern way of communication, the CAPTCHA Code is the box with special code letters that will need to be entered in the space provided above the code when registering.

After your password is emailed to you, Login using the password that was assigned, then change the password to something you will remember.  Once logged in, read the first few paragraphs of: "Welcome To the Membership Area" page very carefully and Modify your "Profile" right away after you've registered! (After you've entered your new password in the 2 spaces provided, be sure to press "Save Changes" at the bottom of the "Profile" page, then you can left click your mouse on the link at top left to go directly to the blog.

When you have completed registering, you will then be able to access the "Welcome To The Membership Area" when you are "logged in".

When you registered, if you didn't check the box marked: "Check here to Subscribe to email notifications for new posts" you can always change your preferences (when logged in) by going to the: "Subscribing To Posts - Options" box at the right side of any page (just below the "Posts Calendar") to make your selection.

You WON'T get any emails which come from the posts on the FREE Member Pages UNLESS and UNTIL you update the "Subscribing To Posts - Options" to receive them. This assures us that you really want these emails. You can always view the latest information that is posted by going directly to the FREE Member Pages once logged in.

This is a wonderful site which contains all the information and links anyone would need to start their research and to decide if they wish to be in receipt of further information.  For that, everyone must register, login, change password, then subscribe for direct emailing.  Once again, there is no cost to do this.

I recommend that anyone that has or intends to partake in the "Pay it Forward  Process", register at the blog.

Please direct your questions or comments to the blog site via the “Contact” tab in the menu bar at the top of the page.  Once the page opens, select from "Department To Contact" the drop down called: "Admin At Freedom From Debt Blog".

For questions or comments relating only to emails and posts in the FREE Member Pages category, select: "A man Vic At Freedom From Debt Blog".

Please take the time to make friends with the whole site.  Everything you need for the "Pay It Forward Process" and your journey to Freedom From Debt is all there.

Thank you

Much love to all

Nov 4 Conference call

Hi all

Last nights call is posted at and on this blog at November 4 Conference call

If anyone has questions or wants further information feel free to e me or phone.

I love you

Larger Text Size For This Blog

Anyone with eye strain???

For those who would like to increase the text size on this blog, the quickest shortcut to use is to press the key marked "ctrl" in conjuction with the key "+" (plus sign) to enlarge the screen and/or text.

If you have selected (at top left of your browser) View > Zoom > Zoom Text Only (Firefox) then only the text will be enlarged incrementally.

To reduce the size, press [ctrl] and [-] together and to set default size press [ctrl] and [0] (zero) together.

Hope this helps those who have shared their concern for the small font size on this blog.

If you'd like a more detailed description and a movie to watch on how to do this, see THIS WEBSITE for details.

Admin - Freedom From Debt

Whitelisting Email Addresses *Before* Registering

To all who desire to Register for FREE Membership at this blog...

(disregard this message if you are already a member but NOT if you haven't been receiving emails from us and you think you should be)

Unfortunately (for some people) there seems to be a problem getting the confirmation of your registration (when the password is sent automatically) because some virtual email providers (the worst offender so far being don't actually accept the email containing your newly issued password (probably because our email hasn't been whitelisted).

The reason for passwords to be delivered automatically on registration, is to make sure that the email address is actually under the control of whoever registered it and not someone else (or a spambot). So when someone doesn't get this email, admin has to determine whether the one who registered is really the one who is claiming they registered!

To help us and to assure (in advance) that email from us will be received successfully (only to those people who want it), please follow the directions exactly (for your email provider) at This Whitelist Link also found at the Internal Links tab at the right side of this page.

Feel free to use the Contact page to send any message to us if you are having problems (as some of you have done already and have had their problem resolved).

All the best and Welcome to the Freedom From Debt blog!

Admin - Freedom From Debt

P.S. Admin may have to ask a security related question like what is the username you entered or what is your telephone number to verify etc. in case spambots find a way around the registration process automatically - so please do not be offended, we are endeavoring to protect the integrity of the registered users of this blog and reserve it to those who are real people and not to spammers!

Communication up-date

Hi all

I sent an email the other day regarding how we are going change how we share information and that soon i will cease sending said information to you directly via our database of email addresses.

This is an update to that email

E-mails that i send will be posted at: under FREE Member Pages

To access them you must register which is no cost. The emails will now be forwarded through the site to you (if you registered before October 31, 2010) but there will be a varying time delay when you will receive them by email. After October 31, 2010, you must join a separate list when registering. If you want to get the emails from each "post" in the FREE Member Pages category AFTER registering, while logged in, just look at the right side of each page for the "Subscribing To Posts - Options" box just below the "Posts Calendar" (you must be logged in to see this option). If you don't wish to receive the posts in the FREE Member Pages category to be emailed, DON'T opt-in to the list - you can always view them as they appear in the FREE Member Pages category online (and it will save bandwidth on this blog). You can opt-out of this feature at any time as well... just press the link "profile" at the same location as described above and you can UNSUBSCRIBE by un-checking the box under the "Subscribed Categories" called: "FREE Member Pages".

I love you

Follow-up of Oct 21st call – add on

This is sent to those of you who have either entered into trust Agreement or may. You may have received this twice and I apologize for that. Also, we have a new blog site set up you may wish to visit from time to time and or join. All information I share will be posted at that site and so it is there to keep you informed.

I love you

P.S. The link Admin has currently been granted access to for the recorded conference call, is from Dena Keal who received it from Gerry Lewko and it is at THIS LINK

The direct link is now at This Page Thanks Jim!

Admin - Freedom From Debt

Thank You For Your Support

Thank you! Your gift has been processed and accepted. I will keep this blog up as long as possible to keep getting the word out.

The Administrator

Share This Info

How is this information going to reach every Canadian? By sharing this blog and the mirror blog at with all of your friends in your email address book.

Here's what to do... say the first email you are sending to John:

SUBJECT:  IMPORTANT! I need your help, John

Dear John,

I have some important information to share with you about how to change things for the better for our families. Please review the info at the following blog(s) then contact me to have a quick conversation about what we can do. I will just want to know whether you will help get the word out as well, that's all. I'm just looking for five people who will make the commitment with me to change things for the better. Let me know "if you are in".

The Blog is called Freedom From Debt at:

Thank you!
Talk to you soon.

Your friend

My Telephone Number is: 999-999-9999

The men with a names called Vic and Wally have told about 60 people (Sept 26, 2010) in Ajax Ontario about this information.

Let's do the math:

Based on sharing this with JUST ONE man or woman a day (with two days off - Saturday and Sunday) 5 people per week for just one week... look what can happen:

Week one
Those 60 just tell 5 each = 300
Week two
Those 300 just tell 5 each = 1,500
Week three
Those 1,500 just tell 5 each = 7,500
Week four
Those 7,500 just tell 5 each = 37,500
Week five
Those 37,500 just tell 5 each = 187,500
Week six
Those 187,500 just tell 5 each = 937,500
Week seven
Those 937,500 just tell 5 each = 4,687,500
Week eight
Those 4,687,500 just tell 5 each = 23,437,500
Total people reached with this information = 29,296,800
is: 34,108,800

29,296,800 divided by 34,108,800  x 100 = 85.9% now have had this information shared with them by November 30, 2010!

The Internet connected population of people have been informed and then can never say "well I didn't know there was a better way to have an economy that isn't based on debt"

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