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Hi Lovers


Hi Lovers

The attachment uploaded here is something I drafted about 2 years ago. It is as relevant now as it was then.



I will say that the SOB is proof you are of God, thus an heir of God, but heirs of God cannot also serve mammon, contract, and pay a price.

Some say "they will not give you allodial title". Of course they will not; allodial title is not something that can be given any more than one can be given the right to life. It is an inherent right we each has as is the right to contract and work for money and pay for property.

I read and I agree that unless a man has allodial title to land he cannot claim successfully that he is sovereign. Sovereigns like Kings do not pay taxes. A man without sovereign land is like a King without a kingdom.

The Statement of Birth is evidence of your allodial title to the name of child on it, thus allodial title to property acquired in or to be acquired in that name may be requested. Ask and ye shall receive. What blocks us from our dominion over the earth, dominion over a homestead, is us contracting to pay for or renting property. To do such is to recognize the payee as the king is to be a tax payer.

In this day and age who holds the best title is the king over the thing and although we do not have actual possession of the SOB, evidence of allodial title to the name on it, we have constructive possession. I mean, to whom did your folks intend the name of child be given and just because the government has possession of the evidence (SOB) for safekeeping does not diminish your title one iota.

Therefore, you can be the Lord over your name if you so choose to be and subsequently property in that name because to get to the property they have to go through the name that you not THEY are Lord over.

The benefit or beneficiary aspect is that we are heirs of God but one must act like such an Heir and not like a servant of man or government. Jesus was tempted by the serpent, offered him a kingdom, but Jesus knew the serpents offer was bogus. Today people are tempted by marketing. Convincing us what we want and that to have it we must buy it or give something for it. Since when does an heir pay for his inheritance?

Free energy is a giving and receiving without stint.

With Love

The King and Legal/allodial title

Hi Lovers

I was shared some information yesterday that I do not know the accuracy of but nevertheless got me thinking. In this situation a guy asked for allodial title to a VIN # of a car.

He received the title in the mail and went to pick up the car. The car was already paid for. Say what? Let me get this right, the guy asked for allodial title to the car, got the title, but he did not pay for the car but the dealer was paid for the car. It is said the police got involved because the dealer refused to give the guy his car.  His car because he held the title to the car, not a permit like we all get. The police saw the guy had the title and told the dealer to give him his car

The guy asked the cops, so you do not have a problem if i drive this car with no license or insurance and the cops said, this is yours to do as you please with that title.

What I gleaned from this, again I do not know the truth, is that by holding the actual title the guy held priority claim to the car. In other words, with that title no other, not even the system or cops can touch that car, nor does the user need a license or insurance. We know that when we pay for a car the state gets the legal title so what we are seeing here is that whoever gets the legal title does not pay and has control.

The point here is that the holder of the legal title is the king over the thing represented by the title, paper. See, when we pay the car is registered with the state and we get a permit because the state got the legal title. Further, if we act as the purchaser we must produce government id some of which may make the king look like a debtor. So we work from our title (SOB) to make requests or via that what acknowledges the existence of our title and where the evidence is held, which the BC does since it is not personal id but is an extract of THE foundation document/SOB.

This is why they say you need a license and insurance because you are not holding the legal title, whereas, what this guy did he ended up with the title and the state paid for the car. This is backward to what we have been thinking. We are thinking the legal title holder has the liability but what I see is not so, the legal title holder does not pay because the legal title holder is the king over the thing.

The exception is that the title is held by another for another. In that case, the holder of the evidence of title has the liability because the title is not his title, he is the holder of title belonging to another.

The holder of legal title is the sovereign and does the state not claim itself to be sovereign. Perhaps the reason is because it gets the titles. Perhaps the reason we are not sovereign is because we do not get the title. This guy asked for the title and got it and the government paid for the car. So says the information i received.

Now, there was a bit of information lacking in the information I received, in particular, the guy said he wanted the title in "this name", but it did not indicate which name. This got me wondering which name he meant and after thought I think the name is the one on the SOB. Why, because that document is evidence of our title, not the governments title. Further, we keep paying which one, has us serving mammon and two, the legal title holder is not the liable party because the legal title holder is the king and no one can tell the king what to do.

If you are reading between the lines here we see why nothing we do works because we are not dealing with the legal title aspect.

Years ago my cousin made a boat trailer by hand and had it registered. There was no document of title but they registered it as 'Homemade' and said, this trailer cannot be seized and I think the reason is that because he made it by hand, there was no document of title, thus no transfer of rights; my cousin holds the legal title to the trailer.

So it seems to me it is better to be the legal title holder rather than the equitable title holder. Legal title holder has right of possession.

Legal title: Ownership of property that is cognizable or enforceable in a court of law, or one that is complete and perfect in terms of the apparent right of ownership and possession, but that, unlike equitable title, carries no beneficial interest in the property.

When the government holds legal title it has the apparent right of ownership and possession, hence can dictate to the user of property the terms of use. For example, you must license and insure this car, or, pay the taxes or you will loose the property.

But, we have the right to request the title to property because the government is holding the evidence of our title, being the SOB. In other words, if you deal specifically with the SOB, being evidence of your title, and request the title to say a car be in that name on the SOB, you have the right to request and receive the title to the car. You have the apparent right of ownership and possession but no beneficial interest. The reason for that is because the government is holder the evidence of your title, the SOB.

What i see now is we have been thinking about this incorrectly. Since the government holds the evidence of our title to the name given us, the SOB, we can do business in that name/title, but, and this seems to be the crux of the matter, we should not be paying the price and then claiming the car is our car because it is not, we do not hold the legal title in that case. The government got it when the dealer registered the car. What we can do so the car is our car, so we hold the title, is ask for the title.

We do not want equitable title we want legal title. We keep saying we are heirs of God and all is given and i believe it is, but our problem has been how we go about obtaining property. To obtain what God has given us first off we cannot pay for it for that is to recognize another as superior or the lord. Further, one has to partake in serving mammon.

The fact the government is holding evidence of our title to the name property may be acquired in, all we have to do is ask. Put it this way, if you had possession of the SOB would you not have full control over the name on it and derived of it? Of course you would but we do not hold it the government does, but it is our title or evidence of it and that is why the government has to pay.

No one can tell the holder of legal title what to do, end of story. This is why the government does not respond to you. They are holding the evidence of our legal title to the name but we have not claimed it or acknowledged it as the evidence of our title they are holding. Until we do they are filling the role of king, the sovereign. By acknowledging the title is your title, legal title, title in allodium, you go from child under control of government to child of God with control over the legal name/account and dominion.

I will say this again because it is a bit of a mind bender. The one entitled to legal title to something does not pay for it. That one is the king or lord. This is how we go from tenant to landlord. As each and everyone of us has a document held by the government that is evidence of OUR title, not the governments, we can when we so choose take control. As holder of our legal title the government recognizes we are the kings, lords, but, we have not recognized ourselves as such let alone stepped up to the plate.

I was told of a guy who came into court screaming, what are you fucks doing to my name. He screamed and yelled and had them all flustered, finally the judge said what do you want and he said, this case dismissed and bang, down came the gavel, case dismissed. This guy knew the government is holding the evidence of title to his name and acted on it taking no guff.

Now, back to our guy who allegedly got the title to the car. By obtaining that car in the manner he did he did not have to purchase insurance and was not required to hold a driver license. Such applies not to the legal title holder but the equitable title holder, in this case the government or public. This may explain why if you have a car that was registered by the dealer the government will not pay for the insurnace and will seize the car if uninsured etc. The government in that case holds the legal title you did not ask for but gave up when the dealer registered the title.

In that case the government has the legal title to the car so it may be to be free of the need for license or insurance one must obtain a car by asking for the title. That way the car if registered has the requester as the legal title holder, the king over the car and no or cop one can touch that car.

From what I am seeing now there are two ways we can interface with the system. The way we have and we pay, or ask for the title and the government pays. Hard to fathom I know but based on what this guy did to get the car, true or not, the fact is he who holds legal title is in control and is it not said, own nothing but control everything?

So, the government holds the evidence of our title to the name property can be obtained in. That is our title not the governments therefore although we do not hold the SOB, we are the legal title holder or owner of the name property can be obtained in. That puts one in control of the holder of the SOB. If we held the SOB  we would have to pay but we would also have absolute ownership of the property and no other could take it. But as the title to our name is our title we have full right to request the title to this and that, house, car, etc. Since the government holds the SOB the public, Ontario, Canada, would be the beneficiary.

Big thing as I see it is we must claim the SOB as evidence of our title which would make us as the legal title holder and no one can tell the legal title holder what to do. They can tell the legal title holder what to do but the legal title holder does not have to listen. We must request title to property and that it be in the name on the SOB, the evidence of our title.

Now some of us made the claim to our title but all we did was tell them how it is, we never gave them the servants something to do like the guy who requested title to the VIN #. In other words, it is one thing to indicate to the government that you know it is holding the evidence of your title but if you not give them something to do there is no point to the communication is what I am saying.

Bottom line is everything stems from the SOB, the evidence of our title to the name. If we not act like that title is our title, and we have not, then the government uses that title to acquire control over us and our silence or ignorance is allowing it to continue. Like the guy in the court story above, obviously he came to know they were messing with his name he has legal title to and he said enough is enough and took charge.

This is a reason i say, time to start acting like a king because a king who knows he is a king, your majesty, does not take orders from servants.

A king does not require a bank account he has servants that take care of that stuff. He does not go out and purchase a car, he tells his servants he wants one and which one. A king does not sign anything binding on his, he has servants to take care of business. The king does not receive bills and then send them to government and the king does not enter into contracts unless he consents.

The BC is evidence that the government holds the evidence of your title, nothing more. SOB is the foundation document of the BC. Who owns or has the rights in the a basement (foundation document) controls whatever is built on it.

So, we each is a king/queen, your majesty, and the government our servants. Servants because they hold the evidence of our title making us the legal title holder and king.

So we are on the similar page here, we can obtain property and necessities by buying them or by asking for them. Ask and it is given. Ask and you shall receive as it seems our friend did who asked for title to a VIN#. Again, I do not know the truth of that story but neither here no there. What matters is, who has legal title is the one in charge, in control. The SOB is evidence of such title but our title not the governments. The government is holding it is all and so long as it does, it has the responsibility to pay because the public not you is the beneficiary. The government is entrusted with the evidence of your title it does not own it. As it is evidence of your title, you are or can be in charge whenever you wish to grow up and take charge of your life.

So we are clear, being in charge does not mean the king goes out and contracts for a car or hydro and then asks his servants to pay for it. He goes to his servants to do that and this is what we have failed to do and why in my view, actions we have taken to date failed.

So what makes you the king, highest authority over your name and names derived of the title, is the fact the government is holding the evidence of your title to the name given you. Therefore, you are with full authority to be in control. Not own, control. Legal title holder has control but you have to exercise that control. No need to tell the gov you have control unless you are going to give them something to do. If they fail to do as you ask then you may determine that by holding the SOB the government is NOT holding evidence of your title because if they do not do as you request, they are saying we do not have to, and only the legal title holder of his own title can do that.

Do you get what I am saying. If you instruct the government as holder of the evidence of your title to do something and they do not then that evidence cannot be evidence of your title but the governments title because the legal title holder is subject to no one, or as some would say, is the soveriegn.

Again, if in fact the SOB is evidence of your title to the title, then when asked to do something the government must do it because it is holding your evidence. But if it not do as you ask then it must be because the SOB is not evidence of your title to the title/name. If such was to go that way, at that point you may wish to give back all government documentation and if not, you do so knowing you will be its subject/child til death.

I love you

Keep yourself out of the equation

Hi Lovers

Hopefully you have read and understand the content and intent and purpose of the 'doc' attached with the previous post.

You notice I said I do not know for whose benefit the name was secured by registration. There is a reason for that. All names recognized in law, on and of the BC, are founded on the SOB. The SOB is the foundational document of the BC and the BC the foundation document of all names recognized in law, the public. The government does not register people but events and a SOB is evidence of title to the names recognized in law, not you.

Now, since it is the name recognized in law not you, and the government holds title to the names, if you claim to be the beneficiary are you not then making yourself as the name or recognizable in law when in fact they only see the name, titles?

I mean, how can you be recognized as the beneficiary unless it be via the name recognized in law that the government holds title to and that you say is not your name? In other words, in my case BVR is the beneficiary on paper and the government holds the evidence of title to that name and so long as I do not claim to be a or the beneficiary then it cannot be said i benefit or that i own anything. You see, there is much talk of beneficiary, but of what?

Beneficiary can imply of a trust in which case you have to produce the trust document that shows you are a beneficiary which no one has shown me to exist, or it can imply beneficiary of a contract or law. Since there is no trust document the application of the meaning of the word beneficiary then can only mean of a contract or government benefits etc. To be such a beneficiary means, who receives the benefit ought also bear the burden.

Further, as Gods/creators, does it make sense to cry - "I am a beneficiary".

So it may be that the SOB is proof of the intent of your folks to give you that name but what proof have you it was given to you when you do not have possession of the SOB? This is why I said in that letter to the County, I honesty do not know who the donee is of that name because to say I am i would have to have the SOB but I do  not. Therefore the donee is whoever holds the SOB. No one can point to the name on the SOB and prove that name was given to me is ridiculous.

I also said, I do not know for whose benefit the name was secured by registration. If it was secured for my benefit I would have documentation in my possession to prove it but I do not. So based on calling it as i see it, the government is the donee of the name and secured the name not for my benefit but it does not excuse the holder of title from liability.

How can it be for my benefit when I have no documentation whatsoever that proves that I am the donee of the name or that full legal title was transferred or assigned to me?

As I see it this all comes down to who has the liability for the name. If you say or do anything that requires the attachment of a name/title to you in order to recognize you as what you say you are e.g. executor or beneficiary or owner, or tenant, it will be by the very name you are trying to free yourself of liability from. They recognize the name of the SOB in law not a name of your head.

As much as I cannot prove I hold title to any name recognized in law nor can any of them prove I do. I know there is no evidence in existence that proves I hold title to a name recognized in law and is why I told the debt collector for the County of Hastings back in 2009; if anything he does affects me one iota criminal charges will be filed.

There is no way he or anyone can prove that I am the source of origin of the name recognized in law or that I hold title to it. It does not exist, therefore, best keep myself out of the equation.

I love you


Hi Lovers

The attachment is shared as a gift.  The registration (paper trail) mentioned is of a birth and the document the SOB/COLB.


PIF #1

I do not include a copy of the SOB/COLB or BC. I said what I said and steered the County to seek the truth. I know they cannot trace the name to me, but even if they did, for whose benefit was it secured by registration? If mine, they know they will have to pay me what they expect to gain from me, or, if not secured for my benefit, to stick the liability to me is fraud.

The debts are based on court ordered fines and by going to the CAO of the corporation I am going to the source. Dealing with debt collectors is easy but they just pass the account to another collector. This method goes to the source, the actual claimant.

If you choose to use the letter you do so at your own risk.

I love you!


Happy New Life

Hi Lovers

This is to let you know that I was away for a few days. I am back now and thank very much those of you who made donations so we can keep posting here and stay in communication. Thank you very much. I really appreciate your help. I also thank those who would have helped but are not in a position to do so.

Thank you much

I love you.............


Hi Lovers

I hope Santa was good to you all and that you are good to one another.

Here is the Queen's Christmas speech.

Shame on ye who sees evil of it.

I love you

It is time

Hi Lovers

Folks, the time has arrived as happened to me in 1986 to $%$t or get off the pot. It is time for those seeking true spiritual freedom to come together under one roof. To be filled in why we are in a box and the way out. No more need we play this monopoly game as we have.

The last hurdle is before us and we only need JUMP.

I mean this with all seriousness.

I have received some knowledge this past week that opened vistas and have struggled internally what to do. I mean, I can take the action, in fact I have, but it is no good if you all are not with me, us, as one. United we stand strong.

So I am sending this message out as an invitation to all seekers of truth who are guided by moral and spiritual values to find a way that you/we, as many as possible, can come together under one roof so as to bring finality to our objective and help bring in the era of love and peace NOW and share it with others of like mind and heart.

No more secrets, no more withholding. If there is anyone out there who can accommodate or make arrangements to accommodate a lot of people under one roof, preferable in a natural nature environment away from cities, I want to hear from you asap.

We have a golden opportunity before us I must share but I cannot do it on my own. I have asked for some help with funding and if i did not say, it is very temporary to keep me fed and the communication lines open.

Many of you have stepped up to the plate to help in that regard and I thank you very much.

This short term funding has nothing to do with buying our way out of the box for such would be an oxymoron. We have before us the opportunity to serve God, each other, have roves over our heads, food in the cupboards, joy in our lives again, and without the need to serve or concern ourselves with mammon.

We are the one they are waiting for.

With love!


Hi Lovers

To clarify. The reason I will not be able to post after the end of this month is there is no funding here to cover phone and internet and allow me to eat or do anything else. As of right now, I have 300 bucks.

I am not at all concerned for the long term as the new information that I mentioned was received this week will in time solve that, but, until such time as that is realized I have to deal with reality one of which is the holiday period.

If you are able to help and wish to, e mail me directly at bb(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

I'd even consider a loan but be fore-warned, I have no collateral or credit rating or income. hahahaha! I can give my time and services in exchange.

Thank you

With love

Go within or go without

Hi Lovers

From the Bill of Rights

Men and institutions remain free so long as freedom is founded on MORAL and SPIRITUAL values.

I highly doubt seeking or claiming an estate or that we are owed something is a spiritual or moral value.

I highly doubt blame or blaming is a moral or spiritual value.

I highly doubt claiming anything is the moral and spiritual value.

We spoke many times of paying it forward (PIF), seeing self as a source from which good can flow from outwardly with no concern for, what will I get out of this, what is in it for ME.

Some joined PIF as an expression of their intent to serve, give freely, do love. Some jumped ship when offered an opportunity to make or get money back is not in my view, being honest with oneself or expression of moral or spiritual values. Clearly those that joined PIF then jumped ship, joined for the wrong reasons. As time has passed those have been filtered out. It is the want for money and stuff and serve me that got us in the BOX and will keep those holding such thoughts in the BOX.

The motto of the Queen's family is -  we serve.  A good leader is a good servant and Christ showed us the way as one of those excellent leaders. He also said I am not your crutch. I have shown you the way to the door. If ye but walk in my footsteps they will lead you to the door, the threshold of which he cannot carry us across. One must have the moral and spiritual values in place to walk through that door to the Kingdom that awaits.

But, and i say this respectfully, we want or are not thinking of serving but that I should be served. I highly doubt that is the moral and spiritual values meant. In other words, as I have been expressing these last couple of days, perhaps harshly, we are here to serve, not be served. We are not owed anything. All is given.

Again respectfully,  a lot of what I have read in the comments of the last few days and receive direct via email, is self centering egotistical non moral or spiritual values. This is not who you are. I really love you and would love to say, do this and you are out of the box, but it is not the paper it is the INTENT and only you can express your intent and if your heart is not in moral and spiritual values, I do not think any amount of words will set you free of the box. The truth is not out there it is in you.

If everyone lived to serve the Kingdom of God would be realized right here right now, and so I am suggesting people need to seek the truth of themselves like the note says that is stuck to my computer to remind me, it is in me, the way out. The words I put to paper express my intent and this is not about determining who has the liability, totally non spiritual thinking,  but service. Giving of thyself.

There is nothing to claim - all is given.

I am sorry if you feel insulted as that is not my intent and perhaps if you do feel insulted, it is the ego speaking.

Do you not see the wild animals. When they are hungry they eat. When tired they sleep. Do you think they have banks accounts or money or go around saying this is mine you owe me, I have an estate entitlement or treasury account full of money or something like that?

Freedom is found when one expresses moral and spiritual values and this opportunity is and has been there for us since before we were emerged in this world but our egos blind us. Heck, we don't know when ego is the one doing the speaking or not.

Consider being selfless and living to give and serve, it may open your eyes to see. I am sure many of you do that in your private lives but this here is not about that it is about your connection with the public and we all volunteered into it and one may volunteer out. But as i say, it is not the words but the intent, and if the intent lacks moral and spiritual values, can one truly be who he really is or free?

This world is built of moral and spiritual values but the world most see is the legal one, or the economic and financial one. That exists as a result of lack of moral and spiritual values. We created it and or we are perpetuating it.

I see now that even if there was to be a complete and total financial meltdown, it has no effect whatsoever in the Kingdom of God where ALL IS GIVEN.

You think you are owed, or have something to claim; then you are denying yourself as a moral and spiritual being. No one or entity is doing anything to you you did not ask for by de-fault.

I see no sense in me posting any further documentation as it seems to limit the scope of thinking to that what is written on the paper.


Some take offense when i say ye are Gods. Sorry you feel that way but what that means to me in part; we are of one source and equal.

We live in a dualistic reality, not because it is, but because we believe it is. Yes there is a fiction or persona or person or corporate side, and yes we are all in it, but it was never meant to be that way, that is very evident now, as is, how to express an intention of unity.

So what if the government holds legal title to the name given you. Can you not see the goodness why? Why do ye think it means they owe me, they have to perform for, serve, me? That mindset is not in my view based on moral or spiritual values where the freedom I think you seek is.

Take this post as you may matters not to me. Oh ya, I would love if we all come together in love and serve one another, to see the end of suffering, but i see the way is the desire to serve....>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Like the battery in a flashlight does. Energy in reserve waiting to be used. It exists to serve, to be used. It does not question or hesitate. It was created and lives to serve as are you created to serve.

The battery stepped up to the plate to serve long before it was purchased.

Surely, we can be that and greater.

I share my thoughts here in the hope it may cause some to re-evalute their position on things.

I love you





Heads up

Hi Lovers

This is to give you a heads up that due a lack of funding, zero, I will not be posting here after the end of this month.

Be well.


Hi lovers

With respect to the most previous post, DO YOU HAVE EYES THAT SEE; everyone who has commented thus far has commented on the obvious but that is not the reason I uploaded that file ENTITLEMENT DOCUMENT.

Folks, your not getting it. Hahahahahahaha!

That document is very revealing but the commenter's thus far obviously believe they are CANADIANS, thus that you are in Canada. There is no Canada.....................Hahahahahahah! It exists in your mind and that has you blind.........Canada is an abstract, nothing concrete...........

There is a huge tip to getting out of the box in that doc but have you the eyes to see it.

Do you recall recently I posted here about a movie. In it the crazy guy was going around holding his hand between his face and the others face, saying look at me and tell me how many fingers you see? Everyone said 4 and the crazy guy was pissed. Finally someone comes along and the crazy guy says, look at me, look at me look at me. Finally someone listened to the crazy guy and LOOKED through the fingers at the crazy guy and said, I see 8 fingers. The crazy guy said, finally someone that can see.

So far, those commenting on that uploaded doc see 4 fingers because you are seeing the obvious, the hand. Do you think I am asking, do you have eyes that see, in regard of the obvious?

This is evidence we are in robotic mode. Free you mind.

With love!



Do you have eyes that see?

Hi Lovers

I shared this a month or two ago.

Entitlement Documents


I love you


Notice of mistake

Hi Lovers

As I have been the recipient of some new information that is not yet complete, I suggest no one send any more letters based on information posted here. The information posted here is not correct.

Further, as the information I received was received in confidence, I am not at liberty to say any more.

I love you




COURT CHALLENGE–Bank of Canada and…..

Hi Lovers

You may wish to share this far and wide. Get it to your municipalities as they stand to benefit and are at the grass roots where we are, the community. Try to get them to support this action. Send it to your local newspapers and other media. Get involved.

A press conference will be held on Wednesday, December 21st, 2011 at 10:00 a.m. to answer any questions the media may have of the Plaintiffs at: 637 College Street, Suite 203, Toronto, Ontario.

With love


Mind of a Child correction

Hi Lovers

Another error I think is this.

Once the claim is made we become lord, the government remains as title holder/trustee and in my case BVR (title) is the beneficiary, not me; not the holder of the BC. The holder of the BC is not the beneficiary but as holder of the BC, enjoys the benefit to BVR.

The reason I see BVR is the beneficiary (me in the sense that I hold the BC with that name) is because the gov has a duty to protect the evidence of title bearing the name/title BVR that my folks intended for me. They are protecting the name (beneficiary) but the claim is the title.

This is from the government.......The SOB is considered definitive legal proof of the intent of your folks to give you the name, title on it. Remember, the government does not register people so it only sees titles, not people, and the government holds the evidence of the title (right) intended for us.

We see the ramifications of appearing as in my case BVR or saying I am BVR. I am saying I am the beneficiary and now the government can see me. We see then that it is not us that owns anything on paper except the right.

The purpose of registration is public notice to all of who has a right/interest in something, not to transfer rights. So the registration of the birth was by way of foundation document (SOB) bearing a name, the subject. The right, title, interest, was intended for you by your folks but the government took and holds that document that is the evidence of your right, title, interest. In the case of the registration of the evidence of title, right, the government did it absent our consent thus is with the obligation as titleholder to protect that right, title, and interest.

See,  one may register a copyright by his own consent, the registration of which secures his interest but he is the one that caused the registration, thus is the one with the obligation to enforce and protect his interest. He would have to launch a law suit if a cease and desist order is not effective.

In other words, in the case of a copyright infringement, it is up to the one that caused the registration of the copyright (the titleholder) to deal with trespassers, whereas the government is regarding trespass against our interest that the government was the cause of the registration of and is the titleholder. We were not a party to that ex parte proceeding. The registrant is the cause. See BUT 4 Test.

When a copyright holder has knowledge of an infringement it is up to him to contact the trespasser whereas in our case regarding registration of births and documentation, evidence of title intended for us that we could have been the titleholder, we would contact the government (titleholder) about trespassers, but, we must make the claim to the title first because until we do, we are not secure and so there is no trespass.

I love you


Mind of a Child, addendum addendum

Hi Lovers

The paper is not the title/right, it is evidence of the title/right. Paper evidences a right. Registration of it secures the right. Remember, if it is not on paper in law it did not happen.

See, unlike most registrations of title where the paper is registered that identifies something out there in the world, the SOB is evidence of your title in the name recognized in law, not something tangible out there.

SOB (paper) is evidence of a right/title and the BC (paper) is your right/title to claim it. The paper is the proof, not the property, thing. BC is an extract of title, your title, your property.

So when we are speaking of claiming the title, we are not talking about claiming the paper or name, but the sum total of all rights.

Think about it. There is a tv in the middle of the road and three people arguing over who it belongs to. Each staking his claim. Just as they are about to come to fistacuffs along comes this 12 year old who presents a piece of paper that contains enough information that sufficiently satisfy the other claimants that his title (right to the tv) is the best. That is what I see the BC (paper) as in relation to the SOB (paper).

The BC is proof of claim to the SOB, your property.

By claiming the rights you claim the legal title/SOB. The BC is the equitable title side -  right to claim the legal title. Now you have both, legal and equitable title secured to you once you've made the claim. Is that perfect title or what? Now we have reached this point the government still has possession so far of the legal title but you are lord over the title holder. Lord - servant - beneficiary.

Is God not the perfect maker?

I cannot say the best way to say this what I am suggesting is transpiring here but we shall try. Let us say someone is holding the SOB (valuable property) intended for you and it is worth 100 dollars but the holder does not know who he is holding the SOB for. Obviously that is your first move.

Now keep in mind in this case you did not ask the gov to hold the SOB intended for you and this is based on, you are happy to let them continue holding it. If they offer it to you you can say no. Know this. To transfer perfect title from gov to you, you would have to accept and acknowledge the offer.

I am not telling you what to do but will say, if one takes possession of that doc or accepts and acknowledges full transfer of rights, meaning the government has no interest or claim, one would be free of the system but have no easy way to interface. You'd have to give up the BC and the SOB won't get you jack. You'd have no name recognized in law. For some that may be a good thing.

So now it is established you have the right to the 100 bucks and the title holder is going to continue holding the 100 bucks, but, you are in control and the beneficiary. As I said, if they do not want the liability give us the SOB.

Everything here is fiction. Do not believe any of it.

With love


Mind of a Child addendum

Hi Lovers

I took this from Comments as I feel it important. I also added a bit to it.

Hi Vic,

So, as I see it, the letter I sent to the Provincial Finance Minister asking to redeem the BC was a mistake. I should have asked for return of the title? Today is the final day for a reply, which honestly, I do not expect.

Yes to your first point and No no no to the other……….Just establish that they hold it (your title) and claim it. You are claiming your rights. All of them.

I think a letter can be drafted that would incite them to contact you. No need to threaten, just lay out the facts. They are waiting to hear from you. They are tired of looking after your car without direction from you or knowing what you want to do……hahaha

First move though is to layout and prove your claim. Just show them what they did that they hold title (RIGHTS) intended for you AND SECURED BY REGISTRATION for you by the government and claim it. This is how you become land lord in the stead of a tenant. That is what the attornment is, from tenant to land lord or lord over the land. As the gov retains your title it is as trustee, you the lord (God on the title) and beneficial user. Property is private but public but sort of not really til you die or transfer title to assets.

Mine is in the mail …….who hoo

I think seriously that a big problem for us is we think in terms of duality. There is only the one and we are of that one for there ain’t no place else to originate from. So if my toe claims to be god or my hand claims to be god, are they wrong given they are members of the one body. Which member of the body is god? Together the members are god, separate members fall to the ground and die!

Subject: Re: [Freedom From Debt] Mind of a child

Mind of a child

Hi Lovers

I am satisfied now that the information and perspectives being tossed around are B.S.

First off, we used the BC incorrectly and that caused the mess we are in.

Now forget the past and be in the now. Put all that fiction stuff aside for the moment. Do not draw on memories. Have the mind of a child, open, inquisitive.

I used the analogy of the name being a car in a parking lot the other day here. To carry on with that thinking here we go;

If you compel it that you take possession of legal title to property intended for me, who has the liability?

If I have never claimed the title, to whom is the liability owed?

Ahhg we give up, who? And there is the question the car lot guy cannot answer because the claimant, owner, has not shown up.

What if I claim the title but the holder will not give it to me, who has the liability?

To whom the liability is owed?

Now we can answer the question, the claimant.

We see here that the holder of the title intended for you has the liability before you claim title and after you claim it. The differences are, in the first case he has no clue to whom he is liable, whereas in the second case he does. As claimant you can take the money or keep reading. Claimant is how the title holder sees you. People I am sure see me as an ass but I do not care.

Let us say you have claimed the title but the holder of it will not give it to you. What to do?. I guess I will either complain or do nothing or sue the bastard.

But wait, why the heck would I do that. If the holder of the title intended for me, not him, won't give it to me, I guess I can send him the liabilities.

Hmmm, but what if he complains, then he can give me my title (property) and free himself of the liability.

Ya, that route seems the shortest quickest route.

No listen up people. Imagine you are 12 years old sitting on the couch looking at the birth certificate. You are a smart boy and know all about titles and you notice on the BC, CERTIFIED EXTRACT FROM BIRTH REGISTRATION.

What may you have done? Read on.

Wholly cow, this is not what my folks intended for me, this is proof someone else is holding what my folks intended for me. Gee, if I do not do something and use this BC to get a SIN card, shit may happen, I may be recognized as a citizen or performing a function of government as an owner as a trustee, that I ABANDON TITLE, fuck - THEY MIGHT THINK I HAVE AGREED TO ATTORN myself over to another lord and that I like being cared for by that lord. I better make an inquiry into this and fast.

I am gonna take this BC and exchange it for the title my folks intended for me.

Knock knock. ya I am here to get my property and here is the claim ticket.

What have you, oh yes, we have this instrument. We registered and recorded it. However my boy, you are not yet of legal age to make this claim. You are still under the care and tutorship of your mommy and daddy. But when you are a big boy, a man, you can come back and we will talk. In the meantime, I will note in the file you came here and made your claim to your property. Hope fully you come back boy. (yes, mommy and daddy can make the claim but work with me here).

6 years later, 18 and a man now.

Knock knock. Hi man, long time no see. Yes it has been 6 years and I am grown up now and do not need mommy and daddy or some stranger lord to look after me anymore so if you don't mind, I am here to get the title my folks intended for me. I am here for my property, the title we spoke of 6 years ago.

Yes, I remember my boy. Do you recall I said we will talk.


Good. You see boy, we cannot give you what you ask for because it is a permanent record, but, that does not excuse us as holder of the title so there are two suggestions I can make. One is you sue us for failing to deliver your property and you'll settle for a sum, or, you use that BC there and go about your business in the name on it and we will pick up the tab. How does that sound boy. Well gee that sounds great mister and it makes perfect sense. I accept plan B.

You guys hold the title to the name intended for me not the government. I do business in this name on here which means I own nothing on paper but, since the title you hold is mine, and we have come to this agreement, I get use. Yes boy, that is my promise to you. That is what this birth certificate is boy. You see, the moment you accepted to be one with the one, the BC being a subscription, the promise kicks in.

In essence, as holder of title, my title, the holder of my the title gets the asset value,  the liabilities and I am free to be me and enjoy use of property.

That's right my boy. Don't tell anyone son but some people believe government is in control and they are right. Not because we are but because they believe it.

Fact is boy, God set this all up for the benefit of all and all are one, but some people, well, we will leave the one alone, except to say, a belief in other than perfect oneness and support thereof, is the cause of all war and crime.

But my boy, as you are fully accepting to be one with the one, he is your key to the Kingdom. The END..........

Truth or fiction folks?

See, if they will won't give up the title, they must accept the liability and if they do not want the liability THEN GIVE US THE TITLE.

How easy is that?

We are more or less forcing a confession by the facts of their acts and disclosure and lack thereof.

So we are clear, if you accept that your folks did intend that you receive the title (SOB) and the extract as proof the gov holds that title intended for you, then what are you going to do about it?

Is it because we have not properly made claim to the title, our property (rights), our inheritance, it is presumed we voluntarily attorned ourselves to another lord or considered abandonment of title?  Get rid of the lord so you are lord on the account and over your life.

Think about it. Until you are 18 your folks are liable for you and the government by law has a responsibility to children and those who cannot protect them selves. There must have been some sort of attornment for that to happen and it can be evidenced only by the SOB.

The day you turned 18 you are free to claim the title (rights) what your folks intended for you as evidence by the foundation document and was registered/recorded by the government.

The idea of making the claim is to establish one and we all have a valid claim. If the gov does not want the liability, give us the title intended for us, simple as that.

Time to grow up.

One can see bad or see the goodness. I leave that to each. I think it safe to say that what is meant by the BC is not personal id, it is intended to be used to prove your claim.

With love


Hi Lovers

This is in addition to and support of the most recent posts and related comments and should be read and considered in conjunction with them.

Here is another consideration when claiming the names your folks intend are gifted to you. The ones on the SOB. When making your claim, claim those names under your jurisdiction. This is the sovereign stepping up to the plate.

Sample: I hereby acknowledge my acceptance of the said names as my names under my jurisdiction.

Of course you want to qualify things in some context but the point here is 'my jurisdiction'. Those names are your names and yours to claim under your authority = jurisdiction, as they were gifted to you for your use when you come of age. We have government letters saying, the SOB is considered definitive legal proof of the intent of your parents to give you that name.  Great, I accept but I never received it.

This I believe is how you get to be THE sovereign on the account in control of your name and subsequently the trustee and your life. In other words, until you claim your name in your jurisdiction, you are not a sovereign let alone the sovereign on the account. The gov is by your silence or lack of action.You are not claiming actual possession of your name but basically constructive without saying so because the government will not give up possession of the foundation document.

Got to start at the bottom, the foundation, right?

Remember, The name on the BC and any and all names derived of the BC, all of them, are derived of the SOB. When you claim your names gifted you as found on the respective foundation document, you do the same with all others, connecting all of them to the trust/trustee, Ontario, Canada, common wealth; mutual benefit, oneness, as God I am sure would have it.

With Love

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