Standing Committee on Banking and Commerce May 9, 1939 p.394

"Will you tell me why the government with power to create money should give that power away to a private monopoly and then borrow that which parliament can create itself back at interest to the point of national bankruptcy"... "Why should a government borrow that money at interest?" Mr Towers, "Now, if parliament wants to change the form of operating the banking system, then certainly that is within the power of parliament."..."why cannot the people get the benefit of their own gilt-edged credit"?

– MINUTES – CANADA – Bank of Canada

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Not personal identification.


Pursuant to the last email 'Governing legislation/authority' we have arrived at establishing in law that a BC is not 'personal identification'.

Is not evidence of the identify on the one presenting it.

I would guess to say that the success in the 2 landlord tenant cases hinged on the fact that there is no authority in law to say you are so and so, thus, cannot as per those 2 cases be the tenant.

Not that it matters now but information about those cases has been shared and may be found somewhere at the web site.

I love you!

Governing legislation/authority


Consider this information is crucial.

There has been much talk regarding liability for the name. Perhaps we can demonstrate here how that is established.

First off the Vital Statistics Act, or legislation that requires that the government register births is the legislation that governs the registration of births, the issue of birth certificates (BC) and the information found on the face of BC's including the name.

Keys words are 'governing legislation' or 'legislation that governs'. In short, if not for legislation such as the Vital Statistics Act, there would be no birth certificates and no legal names such as the one appearing on a BC. The legal name to which liabilities may be attached would not exist.

So in that sense and in fact, the said Act or similar in other provinces is the governing authority regarding the reg. of births, the issue of BC's and the information found thereon.

Now we have said we do not consent to be recognized by or as the name but what we have not done is ask, where do you get the authority to recognize or identify me by or as that name? Where do you get the authority absent my consent to say I am so and so [legal name as appears on or is derived of a BC].

We have entered the statement of birth (SOB) and BC as evidence and referenced or provided section 46 of the Vital Stats Act in Ontario which is the authority indicating such documents are admissible in court as proof.

The question is, from where do the agents, others, get the authority to recognize or id you, your body, as the name appearing on or derived of a BC and or where do they get the authority, e.g. in court, to say you are so and so?

Truth is there is no authority except our consent, but to close the door on that I recommend that you print off a copy of the Vital Statistics legislation for the province that issued the BC you have as that legislation is the governing authority meaning; if it does not say in that Act that you are so and so or you shall id yourself as so and so or that says others can say you are so and so or recognize or id you as so and so, then the authority to say you are so and so or to recognize or id you as so and so does not exist.

But you have to show the entire Act and ask, show me in this governing legislation where it says you have the authority to say I am so and so or that authorizes you to recognize me or id me as so and so?

Show me where it says you have the authority to govern me via the name?

Like the judge said to George Gordon, it is not Read the rest of this entry

Gateway to Commercial activity


"They' say that income tax is voluntary and I believe it is. It is also the gateway to commercial activity. Selling our souls for the money/debt/death.

So as much as one may volunteer to subject himself to the income tax act, one may unvolunteer. In unvolunteering one frees himself of subjection to the income tax act.

That is what pay it forward does, but again it is not the reason for the pay it forward project; love is. The gift/offer of 100% of your energy, credit, and proceeds, whether or not it is accepted, is a voluntary act to get out from under the income tax act and for the right reasons; to better mankind and the nation.

To refuse that offer is to say you Read the rest of this entry

Changes re Nov. 21st……..Workshop

*David wrote:*

*Below are the revisions for the Workshop this Sunday on November 21.*
*Yes, please bring your own chairs. Extra chair or two will be Read the rest of this entry

Closing the door to a new door.

Hi lovers.

Aside from the fact that one doing true love can have nothing stuck to him in the way of liability (taxes/debt/etc) or negative energies, there is another aspect regarding authority I will be discussing on Sunday during the seminar.

In other words, there are now two aspects that close the door on you being targeted as a debtor/taxpayer, legal owner, beneficiary, or as if the or a name.

So with the combination of one giving of himself freely and unconditionally and the aspect of the authority, or lack thereof, to recognize you as or as if the legal name we have check mate, or GAME OVER.

But as has been made clear, the basis of all this, pay it forward, is Read the rest of this entry

Who the real owner is?


Who the real owner is.

Many of us say the God owns everything but then in the next moment claim that the government holds the rights in a name, has the liability. What a cop out folks. Take responsibility. How is claiming the government owns the name glorifying Father God? How does that jive with God owns everything?

The government has said consistently that it does not own the name and perhaps we should listen to what we say "God owns everything" and stop trying to make another an owner of something, like the name. Glorify the Father.

I have said before and say again, I believe God holds the title to the name because I believe God owns everything, therefore; the name exists to account for our choices and nothing more.

The choices we have as i know it come down to two; love consciousness or not love consciousness = commercial mind.

I mean, people talk that the courts are commercial. Ya, so are we in our minds when our consideration is anything but love. Is it possible people are in Read the rest of this entry

The highest of offices


Love is not regulated. Where there is love there is no contract there is no law because there is no consideration/condition attached.

Clearly the way to be free of regulation and limitation etc is to do love. It seems most are not ready to accept that the way out of the box could be so simple.

It was a lack of love that we volunteered into the box and it is by doing love that we get out.

There is really nothing more to say about paying it forward than that. Truth, love, does not require a long drawn out explanation.

However, if it helps, our energy does constitute the basis of government/all credit and we were not asked if we mind being the collateral debtor for Her Majesty, the principal = fraud.

But rather than jump on the fraud bandwagon, which love will never do, one just does love not only knowing it will be accepted because if not, then fraud is proved, but because we can. We only need choose love to be free of the box.

Free of taxes, CRA, interest, legal mumbo jumbo, and free of the need for money and regulation and limitations.

There is no need for a long explanation how those who do love, pay it forward, will get food on the table or bills paid. Fear asks such questions for love knows the answer so need not ask it or be concerned. Where there is love there are no bills or debts so no need to discuss such things.

Love knows the reason we do not receive our needs freely, or at a cost, is because we do not give freely. Do the math people, it does not lie.

It is so right in our faces that Read the rest of this entry



I received this from a lover in New York. It has been sanitized.

Subject: Love

Hey Vic, this is B from New York (NYC) -

Just want to let you know that I Thank God for brothers like you - I'm lonely over here right now -

I wish we were in tighter communications - I follow up on the info that you're sharing with us from the Father religiously - I don't go a day without listening to the Inheritance Remedy Audios, I'm so fixed! lol! So motivated -

I've made the connection at banking according to the Spiritual Economics Seminar last weekend too - No resistance from the banker either

Government officials from Dept of Treasury, the IRS, on down to the Federal and State Attorney Generals and cops are giving me Read the rest of this entry

How Everyone In Canada Is Going To Find Out

Share this blog with everyone in your email address book!

Something like this:

Subject: Important! I need your help

Body: Please join me in sharing the information in a blog called: Freedom From Debt Crucial Getting Started Now Information For All Canadians


Your Name

Thy will be done in earth as IT IS in Heaven


The kingdom of Heaven is within you. What you are in spirit, heaven, is what you experience outside of you, earth, the physical.

In other words, what you are in conscience (heaven) is the basis of your perceived outer reality (earth).

In other words, if you are other than true divine love, that is what you experience in earth or physical senses.

Thus if you have conditions or considerations attached to your thoughts, your heaven, that is the spirit of you from which the outer world is formed.

In other words, if you are not expressing the divine then the outer world does not either. That would likely be why God is not allowed in schools because we have not God in our heart that the love God is shines through us.

Or, what you are is what you receive.

So if your thoughts contain considerations such as "what is in it for me", conditions, that is the basis of who you are and your outer reality (earth) involves contracts, contracting, and law. One cannot have the spirit of conditions within (heaven) and not have those same conditions apply to his earthly reality.

If one excludes the true divine spirit, no conditions, unconditional love/giving, then the outer reality will be that.

As it is in Heaven, within you, so it is on earth. This is why it is so important to know thyself and be honest with thyself. Who am I? Do I have conditions attached to my thoughts.

Once again we see that your remedy lies within you and no where else. All outwardly seeking for freedom cannot be found for freedom comes from within. To seek it through legal forms, knowledge, UCC/BOE, and procedures etc is missing the mark 180 degrees.

The mark of the beast is the works of the ego.

Cannot serve God and Mammon is to say, cannot serve/be human consciousness and serve/be divine consciousness.

Once again we see it is us that must be the world we choose in order to have that world. Trying to change the world, the perceived outer reality, is of no force and effect because what is outer is an expression of inner.

Thy will be done in earth as it is in Heaven is to say, what you are inside is what is outside. If you are unwilling to go within to change who you are, your will, your will is that nothing will change for the better.

Thy will be done in earth, outside of you, as it is in heaven, who you are inside, spiritually or the lack thereof.

As it is in Heaven, within you, so it is on earth.

If you feel like a victim or act like a victim guess what, you will be victimized and the victimizer is self. Stuck in a loop going round and round like Neo in the train station.

As it is in Heaven, within you, so it is on earth.

To be free of a reality that includes contracts of whatever type, one must loose himself of the attachment of conditions to his thoughts. Your thoughts are your tools for creation, guard them wisely.

'Tis foolhardy to try and free oneself of Read the rest of this entry

Every now and again I receive methodologies how to break free of the system. How to break free of contract, commercial redemption, Office of Executor, and all that BS.

Every one of them is a deception, delaying the inevitable and a waste of time and energy.

In law consideration is what binds, therefore, where consideration is not, neither is contract neither is law.

Where there is love there is no contract there is no law because of a lack of consideration.

Consideration = contract and contract is the law.

The only way to be free of the concept of consideration and contract and law is to Read the rest of this entry

We are Free

Hi all

So there is no confusion resulting, the court case we were involved in last Wednesday had nothing to do with the Paying it Forward process.

The basis of the process is this;

WE ARE FREE to contribute to the betterment of the nation and mankind, serve the public rather than private interests, obtain necessities and enjoyment of life, help free others and the nation from debt, and express their true nature and purpose by the giving freely and unconditionally of themselves out of love for God and all and do so;

Free of debt, free of the absurdity of the existing debt based money system, free of the private-control of the money supply, free of the regulation, and free of the restrictions, limitations, and burdens presently imposed on us and the nation as a result of the aforementioned partnership (government and banks), existing banking system, taxation, and the greed, selfish, and other sinful behavior of us.

It is our divine right to do those and greater things and no law can stand in our way. We just have to choose it and declare it.

I wish to address something else. Words are the worst form of communication. They do not transfer the picture that is in the mind of the author. A picture is worth a thousand words. So when i send messages you all see the words and then react to them and your interpretation of them. You do not see the picture I see.

For example, I have written of promissory notes and Read the rest of this entry

Love Office

Hi all

This is the flow of currency/credit as it is now.

Option 1. Debt money/credit - People (men and women) >>> Government >>> Gov issues interest bearing bonds >>> $ >>>  Income taxes to pay interest on gov issued bonds >>> regulated purchasing power of the people >>> circulation.

The people are unaware they are the collateral debtor; carrying the load. Maxim: He that bears the burdens gets the advantage. The obligation of the people to pay taxes stems from the people allegedly receiving a benefit, use of the interest bearing money, but it is the bondholder that receives the benefit via the interest payment on the bonds.Bait and switch.

This is how it looks once people start waking up.

Option 2. Free of debt money/credit - People >>> $ >>> an unlimited purchasing power of people >>> >>> circulation.

In the latter situation one need not draw/earn an income and in that sense what he is entitled to in the form of payment for employment is paid forward because he can whip up credit into circulation whenever the need arises. And if the name is the estate then by not drawing an income the trustee has the means to pay the obligations of the estate, otherwise, you do.

We took the bait and assumed the role of trustee the day we earned money.

Even if the money you think you earn is actually property belonging to the estate, the money must be paid out of the estate to pay for the obligations of the estate, and you have the responsibility whether or not there is enough money to cover the obligations.

Whereas, if you pay forward your energy/credit, funding your way (Option 2), you fund the way for the estate, and you, like the queen, goes for what may appear to be a free ride, and is, except it starts with you giving freely 100% of you.

The primary difference is, Option 1 you are loaded down and Option 2 there are no limitations on your potential.

So if it be that we assumed the role of trustee, paying our energy/credit forward is how we hand it back along with any and all other legal duties and responsibilities of being trustee, legal owner.

There is but one Office, Love Office.  🙂

I love you

Paying it Foward

Hi all

For those who have forgot, by paying forward 100% of your energy/credit you are not subject to the income tax act because there is clearly no intent to draw/earning an income.

That is but one aspect of the pay it forward process. The other of course is funding our way (purpose, life, pay off existing obligations, debt) with our credit which flows into and funds the economy, business/public etc, and the government/public.

All free of debt or the requirement to pay back = no debts at all.

Free of debt, free of the absurdity of the existing debt based money system, free of the private-control of the money supply, free of the regulation, and free of the restrictions, limitations, and burdens presently imposed on us and the nation as a result of the aforementioned partnership (government and banks), existing banking system, taxation, and the greed, selfish, and other sinful behavior of us.

As the source of credit we can control the money supply by issuing our credit as we need to.

Anyone having questions about the pay it forward process is invited to phone me anytime. If you do not have the number, ask.

I love you

But all isn’t lost

Hi All

I addition to this from the email titled 'Ultimately, the Bank is owned by the people of Canada';

A special type of Crown corporation

The Bank was founded in 1934 as a privately owned corporation. In 1938, it became a Crown corporation belonging to the federal government.

Since that time, the Minister of Finance has held the entire share capital issued by the Bank. Ultimately, the Bank is owned by the people of Canada.

From Bill Abram, a Vancourverite.........

For nearly 40 years, Canada - the people of Canada - had control of their own currency! Imagine! They founded their own bank and issued their own currency with no debt obligations to banks. Taxes were low and debt was too. They got themselves out of the depression that had been induced by the international banking cartel in 1929. By 1934, through the driving force of one man -- Gerald Grattan McGeer, Mayor of Vancouver, B.C. -- Canada founded the Bank of Canada and they were on their way to debt-free recovery. Problem was, the Canadians, busy building their own country, didn't think about, weren't taught about, didn't fully know about what they had -- and they lost it to the banking cartel in 1974. A Bilderberg-banker plan to take it away from them and mire them back in deep debt, forcing them to sell off and privatize everything they'd accomplished in those healthy four decades.

Canada's Great Experiment was over. But all isn't lost. The structure is still there and so is the Bank of Canada.

So I say again, that Bank was created for the people, but, since the people went with private interests so to did Read the rest of this entry


Hi all

I am aware of the Executor Letter shared from our friends in the U.S. As I read the information about the Letter the similarities between its purpose and the pay it forward process were obvious.

These are my comments

Part of the purpose of the executor notices (letter) is to assist one on a case by case basis. To go from the bottom of the heap to the top. Basically to be free of ownership and regulation.

I say that when one has given all he has to give (himself freely and unconditionally/love) as is the intent of the pay it forward process, one is free of all ownership and regulation (except by the laws of nature) in one effort. Further, the process helps take us to the new paradigm, the era of peace and love.

Have you noticed how every-time a new idea comes across the table, 1099 process, or join the DTC, trusts, the Executor Letter, my stuff, a bunch of people flock to it and then onto something else a month or so later?

Love is love and requires no further thought but to do it. Everything is made of love.

There is no new version of love next month; it is what it is and will always be that; never changing. We may have a greater understanding of love next month or the next via the shedding of that what we are not, getting closer and closer to who and what we are.

If one truly believes that love, no-resistance, unconditional giving, is the way, then it makes sense to focus on Read the rest of this entry

I see this can be used for many situations.
t w wrote:

For those of you who like the concept of making demands of Members of Parliament via the actual law, this is for you.  It is the work of two people who have worked on the sidelines for some time... until Bill C-36.

Let me know what you think...



10th day of November in the year Two Thousand Ten

<name of MP / civil servant>

<address of civil servant>

<address of civil servant>

RE:  Bill C-36

Dear Civil Servant:


Let me kindly remind you of your status of a Civil Servant.  If you have any doubt that you are Civil Servant, I bring to your attention the following Supreme Court of Canada ruling:

Reference re Secession of Quebec, [1998] 2 S.C.R. 217

67 The consent of the governed is a value that is basic to our understanding of a free and democratic society.  Yet democracy in any real sense of the word cannot exist without the rule of law.  It is the law that creates the framework within which the  "sovereign will"  is to be ascertained and implemented.  To be accorded legitimacy, democratic institutions must rest, ultimately, on a legal foundation.   That is, they must allow for the participation of, and accountability to, the people, through public institutions created under the Constitution.   Equally, however, a system of government cannot survive through adherence to the law alone.  A political system must also possess legitimacy, and in our political culture, that requires an interaction between the rule of law and the democratic principle.   The system must be capable of reflecting the aspirations of the people .  But there is more.  Our law's claim to legitimacy also rests on an appeal to  moral values , many of which are embedded in our  constitutional structure .  It would be a grave mistake to equate legitimacy with the "sovereign will" or majority rule alone, to the exclusion of other constitutional values. [underlining added to highlight key points]

What are the moral values embedded in our constitution?  Moral values are embedded in the Read the rest of this entry

Era of Love and Peace

Hi all

It seems that creators intention is moving right along and love, divine peace and love is in the air/heir.

For those partaking in the pay it forward process or considering doing so this is a reminder that the basis of the motivation of the pay it forward process is not to get out of a situation but into giving of oneself freely and unconditionally. That is not to say that whatever situation you may be in is not rectified but that love, giving freely and unconditionally of oneself, is the motivating factor, the reason, the consideration.

This consciousness is not something new it has always been here for us. It is not something I invented or came up with it has always been here for us to be.

Fear is what holds us back. To help you let go of fear you may wish to Read the rest of this entry

Nov 21st Seminar reminder.

Hi all

This is a reminder that we are holding a seminar in London Ontario Nov 21st 2010. Contact David at  dvdyeo(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)  to book a seat as seating is limited. NOTE: The meeting location has been changed, please be sure to (re)contact David for confirmation and directions...

I love you

Re: beautiful vision

Susanna wrote:

Here is a beautiful vision I received in a newsletter , confirming what we're doing with the love/ pay it forward. Be blessed !


by Suzy Star

Dear Ones,

In the Fifth Dimension or the New World, there will be a new drive and a motivation. This will be a driving force of an entirely new economic system from what the earth has seen.

In the New World there will be a new economic system that will be just the opposite of all the principles of good economics as the world sees economics today. This new system will be motivated not by greed or the love of money, but will flourish by being open, honest, sharing, loving others and friendship. No longer will there be power struggles of any kind.

With the elimination of greed and hostility, there will no longer be any need for Read the rest of this entry

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