Hi all,

I thank all who came to September 26th gathering for coming. It is always nice to come together in like mind, heart and soul.

The article in the Toronto Sun of September 20, 2010 (read it here at the source : Department of Finance Canada), is something that came to Wally and I as we were in the midst of drafting a letter to the government.

That was the major topic of yesterdays meeting. The recording of that gathering of loving souls can be viewed here or  Debt-Free, Interest-Free, Currency Seminar – Ajax Ontario blog post.

On that note, soon you will all receive an email that has a letter offering a suggestion to the government as per its request for suggestions. We will be asking for your participation.

It comes down to these quotes from the House of Commons Committee on Banking and Commerce found in the Parliamentary Library;

“It is absurd to say that our country can issue $30,000,000 in bonds and not $30,000,000 in currency. Both are promises to pay; but one promise fattens the usurer and the other helps the people”, and;

“It is the people who constitute the basis of government credit. Why then cannot the people have the benefit of their own gilt-edged credit by receiving non-interest bearing currency, instead of the bankers receiving the benefit of the people’s credit in interest bearing bonds?”

As I am sure you will agree; why do not the people have the benefit of our gilt-edged credit? Gilt-edged means ‘the best’ or ‘golden’.

How do you feel about the banker/bondholder/usurer reaping the benefits of your/our credit when we the people can be the beneficiaries of our own credit? Would you allow me to receive the benefit of your credit but you pay?

If you wish to be a beneficiary of your own credit then we ask that you take this matter seriously and that you get involved. It goes without saying that we must or should take action but with peace and love in thine heart. In other words, what is done is done and the past is the past; this is about a solution, hence, the suggestion.

It is not often that the government seeks suggestions from the public and we see it as an opportunity. Accept the offer for suggestions. Suggestions of the solution kind and not the bitchin and complaining type for that type is not solution oriented, thus is not a suggestion or solution.

I am pondering for the moment that it may be best that I do not send out the particulars of the suggestion blah blah until the video of yesterdays meeting is posted and you’ve had an opportunity to view it. A link will be provided where you can watch the video. You can send your friends to that link as well which is our hope you will do.

We broke yesterday down to 2 parts. The first part we talked about the government asking for suggestions and our suggestion. That is what will be posted at the special link.

The full recording of the day will be posted on a different site but we ask that you focus on what we are setting out to do with regard to ‘we the people’ receive the benefit of our own credit rather than the third party banker/usurer/bondholder receive the benefit of our credit.

It sounds absurd doesn’t it that a third party receives the benefit of our credit? Well that is because it is absurd and so we have this opportunity handed to us to make the changes that we receive the benefit of our credit in the form of interest free debt free currency.

That means that you get the money you need when you need it and there is nothing to pay back. There is more detail in the video recording about this.

So this is not about your specific wants or needs but all of us, now and the future. If all of us come together here and partake, we can be the cause of the change that we receive the benefit of our credit in the form of interest free debt free currency.

You have a choice with regard to money/credit and banking; to allow things to carry on as they are or to get involved to cause change.

I add this comment from the Standing Committee March 24, 1939 at page 394, which shows the parliament, has the power that we the people receive the benefit of our credit.

“Will you tell me why the government with power to create money should give that power away to a private monopoly and then borrow that which parliament can create itself back at interest to the point of national bankruptcy, because, if we cannot finance the things that are necessary it means that this nation cannot meet its current obligations”. “Why should a government with the power to create money borrow that money at interest?”

Mr Towers, “Now, if parliament wants to change the form of operating the banking system, then certainly that is within the power of parliament”.

When you receive the email asking for your participation everything is laid out for you that all you need do is follow the instructions.

You will receive two emails; One email is to be forwarded to the email address that the government is taking suggestions at, we call that the ‘Suggestion Box’ (finlegis(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)fin.gc.ca), and the other to the federal members of parliament of Canada, bureaucrats (deputy ministers), mayor, members of provincial parliament, bank of Canada, the news and editorial department of media outlets such as TV, radio, newspaper etc. Leave no stone unturned.

The man whose name is named Wally put in a lot of effort to get a full email list of every member of parliament so all you need to do is copy and paste to the ‘send to’ box and send them. They are broken down into lots of 25 because some email provider services have spam blocker that limits to how many email addresses you can send mail at any one time.

They can also be fax or mailed through Canada post.

We are also asking that you pass this on to your friends, doctor, lawyer, club, group, anyone and everyone, and have them do the same. The more of us that do is a greater voice of the people. It is our butts/credit on the line here people and we must speak up or our silence will mean nothing changes. In fact, if we remain silent, especially after having seen the Toronto Sun article attached, we are saying we do not care. By our silence we are saying, keep on allowing the banker/usurer/bondholder to receive the benefit of our credit at our expense.

Wally and I are dedicating ourselves to this cause and aside from asking for your participation we are asking for financial assistance. We will be attempting to get a high profile lawyer onside and we may need funds for that, certainly if the matter goes to court. That aside, we are seeking the assistance of lawyers.

We cannot do this effectively on nickels and dimes and so we are asking that you dig into your pocket and ask your friends to do the same.

Financial assistance can be sent to: Hallow (contact by email for details)

Anyone having questions or suggestions should send them to either me, man whose name is named bb(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)trytel.net">bb(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)trytel.net, or the man whose name is named wdove(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)interlinks.net">wdove(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)interlinks.net.

We are also available for speaking engagements to help those that are not aware of or do not comprehend the money, banking, financial system, and how it is our credit that funds the entire system and that it is our credit that is lent to us at interest.

If you wish to be added as a participant or to receive updates, please provide a name, email address, and other contact particulars to freedomfromdebt3(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)gmail.com">freedomfromdebt3(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)gmail.com

More and more people are speaking up that they feel like slaves.

Well, this is the reason because once it is re-established that we are the source of credit and have the right to benefit from it, many things will change. Crime will drop, health will improve (less stress/dis, no, ease), and we, not the corporations will be the Kings and Queens and we will no longer be treated as debtors or tax payers or viewed as targets.

Every man woman and child is effected by this.

Feel free to pass this email to your friends asking them to pass it to their friends. We are shooting to have at least a million of us get on board with this. Make it your life purpose to educate, to share, to assist.

We the people are our solution. We can cause the changes we want to have but we have to get involved. If we do nothing the ship will sink in debt taking us all with her.

As for the content of the video mentioned above, I purposely did not get into the name game because it is not relevant to us having the benefit of our credit. As Kings and Queens no one can use any name against you.

Go forth with tremendous love in your heart for all people regardless of their status or office. WE ARE ONE.

This time we go forth in peace to show the world that peace and love, not war, is the way. Peace and love, not complaining, is the way. Peace and love, not bickering, is the way. Let us unite as one for a cause that is good for all.

I love you all from all my heart and hope this message rings in your heart and causes you into action.

Together we flourish; divided we suffer.

The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.

-Albert Einstein

Links to the Standing Committee on Banking and Commerce:




Pay close attention to inquires and comments made by Mr Jacques in the May 9, 1939 proceedings.

You’ll know the cause why private and public debt, the cost of living, and taxes, are ever on the rise, and your purchasing power ever on the decline, so long as we the people do not receive the benefit of our gilt-edged credit in the form of debt free interest free currency.

To prove that, take note of the national/public debt as of today and compare it with what it was May 1939.


Take note of the cost of living today and compare it with what it was in 1939, 1949, 1959, 1969, 1979, 1989, 1999, 2009.

Mr Towers, a banker, was dead wrong.