Hi Everyone,

As mentioned previously we are changing how we communicate with you.

Starting Thursday November 11, 2010 you will no longer receive information directly from Dana at freedomfromdebt3 (at) gmail.com unless it necessary for us to do so.  After November 11, all such information will flow to you from what is posted at: FREE Member Pages through the blog site:
but you must register to read the full information on the site.

There is no cost to register.

Access the freedomfromdebt.gettingstartednow.info link above (you may need to press CTRL + left mouse Click to access this link if it’s in an MS Word document) then scroll down to the Login box just below the “Posts Calendar” (on the right hand side) and then click Register.

For those of us who are new to this modern way of communication, the CAPTCHA Code is the box with special code letters that will need to be entered in the space provided above the code when registering.

After your password is emailed to you, Login using the password that was assigned, then change the password to something you will remember.  Once logged in, read the first few paragraphs of: “Welcome To the Membership Area” page very carefully and Modify your “Profile” right away after you’ve registered! (After you’ve entered your new password in the 2 spaces provided, be sure to press “Save Changes” at the bottom of the “Profile” page, then you can left click your mouse on the link at top left to go directly to the blog.

When you have completed registering, you will then be able to access the “Welcome To The Membership Area” when you are “logged in”.

When you registered, if you didn’t check the box marked: “Check here to Subscribe to email notifications for new posts” you can always change your preferences (when logged in) by going to the: “Subscribing To Posts – Options” box at the right side of any page (just below the “Posts Calendar”) to make your selection.

You WON’T get any emails which come from the posts on the FREE Member Pages UNLESS and UNTIL you update the “Subscribing To Posts – Options” to receive them. This assures us that you really want these emails. You can always view the latest information that is posted by going directly to the FREE Member Pages once logged in.

This is a wonderful site which contains all the information and links anyone would need to start their research and to decide if they wish to be in receipt of further information.  For that, everyone must register, login, change password, then subscribe for direct emailing.  Once again, there is no cost to do this.

I recommend that anyone that has or intends to partake in the “Pay it Forward  Process”, register at the blog.

Please direct your questions or comments to the blog site via the “Contact” tab in the menu bar at the top of the page.  Once the page opens, select from “Department To Contact” the drop down called: “Admin At Freedom From Debt Blog”.

For questions or comments relating only to emails and posts in the FREE Member Pages category, select: “A man Vic At Freedom From Debt Blog”.

Please take the time to make friends with the whole site.  Everything you need for the “Pay It Forward Process” and your journey to Freedom From Debt is all there.

Thank you

Much love to all