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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why am I not receiving emails from Dana and / or from the email(s) freedomfromdebt3(at) and danamichaels1(at) anymore?

2. What is the Pay It Forward process all about?

3. Question: How do I get started with the Pay It Forward process? Answer: The Basis of The Process

4. Question: Are givers automatically included in the Pay It Forward process? Answer: No, not automatically. Once givers have a) Completed the information requested [by email from bb(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)] then b) Have received their unique completed "Trust Agreement" back by email, c) Have signed it and had this witnessed - d) Then you will be given further details [privately] on what is being sent to whom on your behalf, for your consent and agreement.

5. Question: Why doesn't the link work called: "You may view the latest post at" (at the bottom of emails I receive from posts)? Answer: All you have to do is make sure your are logged in to the blog with your default browser and you will be able to see the page that is referenced in the email.

6. Question: Can I share my Username and password for this blog with other people saving them the trouble of registering and giving them access to the FREE Member Pages? Answer: There are restrictions set up, limiting the number of I.P. addresses any one member can log into the blog with (30 per month) If this is exceeded, an error will be presented when trying to login which says: "503: Service Temporarily Unavailable Too many IP addresses accessing one secure area! Please contact Support if you require assistance." which means you may have shared your Username and password with other people using other IP addresses. If you choose to do this, you will get this error temporarily. The best thing to do is just let everyone that you have shared your information with know, that they need to register individually, change your password and this will not happen to you anymore. If for any reason, you believe the 30 I.P.'s should be increased, let Admin know and it will be considered. If you think it should be more, please comment at the end of this F.A.Q. page.