Peace and Lovely

My fellow children of Nature

If it is not obvious it should be; violence begats violence. Live by the sword die by the sword.

These freeman guys and battle mentality are giving everyone a bad name. Threatening to lay criminal charges and civil suits against agents, good luck to ya.

If you want peace, then be at peace inside you.

Love is the way...........Peace and love peace and love peace and love.

NAD, court - ASK    (<<<< Click on that)

This information does not cost $250.00, it is FREE and your support for the peace and love approach (non combatant) is appreciated.

With love

Love for the Creator of Life

Dear Fellow Creations of Nature

Tis to the Creator of life we should have our allegiance. Allegiance with any other creator or creation is the death of life end of story. All so called commercial and legal remedies and or any remedy having nothing to do with nature is NOT A REMEDY. We are killing ourselves going down any road but what serves nature and beleive it or not, us, as we are organs of nature.

Death and destruction of people and resources for conversion to what; paper called money which is down to a keystroke entry in a computer. These gurus charging big fees to wake you up are not waking you up. They are aiding and abetting in the death of life. They are perpetuating a lie because anything not of nature is a lie, false god, false profit (gain), whatever you want to call it, if it did not grow out of the ground, it is not of nature yet we are organs of nature, the Creator of life.

I highly recommend you watch this video and pay attention at around the 102 minute point. Read the text that is displayed, all of them from that point on. The solution, the answer, part of the remedy, the other part waking up from the fairy tale dream, is right there is those text posts in that video. I highly recommend watching all of their current up to date videos as together they do a great job in my view of hitting the nail on the head. They are sharing a viewpoint of how one sees the world through the eyes of nature. Nature knows not fiction, or characters or roles or uniforms or titles or authority, or rule, or governance, or vengeance, or retribution, or battles, or wars, or commercial activity, or balancing acts, or stations, or laws rules or regulations, and for sure knows nothing about creations of the mind except maybe one, they are the death of life.

Go to scroll down to and watch 'The Dream for Life - Part B - System Science.....

I think you all who are waiting for some external life form to save us are in a state of consciousness that is foreign of what you really are. People throughout history keep speaking of and repeat this savior mentality. How the heck can any outside influence save those who will not save themselves is perpetual no growth. Grow up people. Did nature spit out these so called higher evolved beings? Have you met one? At this point then they are creations of the mind. Oh but they speak through others. Yes, and come out of the mind of a man. Did nature pick those people to speak for nature? What remedy do they offer if any and by that I mean, that is good for nature.

We, us here and now are the ones that can when we so choose turn things around here and now and we need no help from some external entities. The longer we wait is disrespecting our responsibility right here right now to the Creator of life of which we are. You want money you worship the creator of the money as the Egyptians worshiped the sun rather than its creator. You want court rights and time you worship the dead, creations of the mind, someone elses intellectual property. To do so you cannot be you, you must take on a role that nature knows not what it is because it did not, the role you must play, come out of the womb of a woman anymore than judges or lawyers. You must follow rules that are creations of the mind thereby worshiping the intellectual property right holders which is not us or not meant to be us because nature has no use and gives no thought to such hogwash.

Right, title, interest, trust, executor, all things other than of the state of nature are all creations of the mind and our participation in such requires the death of life of which we are. What excuse have you now?

Many want freedom yet do that what is totally contrary to the freedom they have if they'd but be who they are and serve the Creator of life. It is that creator that you are, that you breathe, have blue skies and rain and sun and wind and snow, and fun and each other, and trees and fields of grass green as green can be, and there is no greater beauty.

Our attention is being drawn away from nature and who we are and our part in and for it to a reality that is nothing more that intellectual property, creations of the mind, a fairy tale. A dead world as thoughts lack the sense and senses that is life. We see man attempting to improve on nature. No doubt creations of the mind and where has that got us?

The peace and happiness we seek is right here right now in nature. As we have allowed our attention through mind control to turn our attention from nature, we are in fact supporting the very entities some think outside forces are coming to get rid of. Even if this is true, what good will it do given the changes required for everlasting change and peace must come from within. I cannot say but will say that when the earth was created it was perfect. Everything has a purpose and all things in balance. And then along came man with ideas to improve this. The best foreign entities can do is clean up our mess but unless we elevate in consciousness, which if we do we'd not need outside assistance, we will no doubt be with our old ways of thinking and perceiving. How will we ever elevate if some outside entities keep cleaning up our mess? What lessons will we learn if we can sit back and fuck things up saying, oh they will come back and help save us and the planet from these men we keep empowering to lord over us and it will all be ok. And even if they did clean the place up, we'd all be lost at sea because the clean up to be the true remedy, would be to return earth to her former perfect state of health which will not include all the so called comforts we rely on. They would not exist, are you ready for that? Anything less is not a remedy and is no stepping stone. We have to change and the outer world will reflect it. It reflects us now.

The change would be gradual given we have a lot of programming to clean out before we can have a teenie tiny semblance of what it is to see the world through the eyes of nature, therefore, we must be an integral part of that change.

As all are of the one Creator of life all have access to the same power and if we keep relying on outside help are we not denying our potential and how can we ever elevate in consciousness with this they will save us consciousness?

It is a crock to keep your mind where it is, weak, helpless, slave, master - servant ,viewpoint. There is but one system we need and there is but one system that is real and that one system and the basis of it is perfect. That is the system we should function through and no other; it is right here right now for you and it is perfect.  It is called, the natural system, the one man destroys installing his systems all of which draw on nature to power them at the cost of life. We must serve that what gives and maintains our life.

Anyhow, I strongly recommend you view the video at the link provided herein and that you view parts A, C, and D, and the Ben Lowery interview and the video, The Name is the Mark of the Beast..........They all have a common theme and are certainly helping me de-program the mind. The Matrix is real, the men controlling life are real, and the only reason either exist is because we keep playing in the game they created.

If it did not grow out of the ground, rest assured, it is not real or life sustaining. You slave to pay a lawyer legal fees. You are life, a lawyer is not, so there must be a transfer of life energy from the nature side to the dead side. That is but one example how we help kill life. How we are terrible executors (organs) of the state of nature.  Notice there was no mention of the executor of an estate; not in the legal sense anyhow. Estates are creations of the mind, fiction, bull shit.

I am by no means suggesting we do not receive guidance or inspiration from the Creator of life, but that if the Creator of life speaks to me it can speak to you and the message for me is for me and the one for you is for you. In other words, the Creator of life does not speak to all through any one of us.

500-700 years of Jesus is going to come back and save us has instilled such belief in our consciousness of needing to be saved we are being set up by the authors of that book to be saved alright but it will not be a divine or Creator of life saving remedy. As a result of this and other ongoing programing, creating beLIEf systems, and our continued support, we will welcome this savior with open arms.

Nature needs no saving. As organs of nature we need only be good organs and serve the body of nature so it can serve us. The better we serve nature the better nature serves us.

This savior is coming stuff is a cop out, a way out for us rather than taking responsibility as co-creators here and now. It is masonic stuff. Nature knows not future so saying 'is coming' to save us is a clear indication the ones saying that are out of contact with nature. Out of contact with who they are. Out of contact with here and now, yet, here and now is all there is.

So, are you as an organ of the Creator of nature going to serve that what gives and maintains your life or are you going to serve that what is destroying life? Hmmmm, that poor apple tree. Out there in the cold,  no roof over its head. Burning in the sun and tattered by the wind, terrible. We should fix that and improve life for that apple tree. Ya right.

No no, there are some galactic beings or Messiah on the way who will fix all this up for us. After all, they do what they do so we do not have to deal with the mess of our irresponsibility. Folks, we will forever remain useless canon fodder if we hold that viewpoint.

I say again, nature is a perfectly created system. It is the one system that has and will outlive all others as it is the only one that is real. We may kill each other off by our selfish evil ways (e.g supporting fiction) but nature will live on. Or, we can turn our attention back to nature, that what is real, that what creates and maintains life so we can be maintained in the stead of life, us, maintaining the tempters, the offerors of lies and deception and no truth, and worse yet, the acceptors of these lies and un-truth.

The first step for your remedy is to wake up from the fairy tale dream. Then speak man to man in the stead of fiction to fiction as we have been. Dear man, also known as John, also known as Minister of creation of the mind known as justice.

I love us.

Consider this. Pick any title you want, such as lawyer, doctor, technician, judge, secretary, clerk, driver, tenant, and ask yourself. From where did they originate? Man. Okay, so now another man comes along and fills that office. Question and i know the answer so this is for you;by filling that office does the man or woman filling it, playing that role, become more powerful than being a man or woman? In other words, does a man playing lawyer have more power or authority than a man who is man? Of course not. How can a title created by man give the creator of the title or anyone playing that role more power than the creator had at the time of making the thing created?

So, it seems to me that the highest authority is man who is man and that ,man who is man can direct that what is created by man. But, one would have to be awake, free of the dream to even consider such. You see, in the dream the titles have various levels of power. To be free of that one must exit the dream, the fairy tale, the beLIEf systems. From there he can see the joke of it all. He sees fancy nice costumes those in the dream wear and may even comment on that whilst making clear he is not part of the show or is a director. Man cannot tell man what to do is assault if it affects his purposes, but, man can tell fictions (lawyer, doctor, clerk, etc) what to do because those roles are not man. For a fiction to say man is not the greatest power is to take away all power of the role the man plays and levels the playing field either way because if man lacks power so to does the title created by man. The big difference being, the created cannot control the creator.  Lawyer (title created of the mind) cannot control man but lawyer can control VBR if the character has life. The only way VRB has life is if I appear as that character.

Wikipedia, 'character: A character is the representation of a person in a narrative work of art (such as a novel, play, or film).[1] Derived from the ancient Greek word kharaktêr, it dates from the Restoration,[2] although it became widely used after its appearance in Tom Jones in 1749.[3][4] From this, the sense of "a part played by an actor" developed.[4] Character, particularly when enacted by an actor in the theatre or cinema, involves "the illusion of being a human person."



Two choices, paths – Love or business

Hi Lovers

People and only people have two choices, serve God, give nothing less than the whole of themselves for mutual benefit, volunteer time and services 24/7 or partake in commerce, business. Service to self or service to other self.

Corporations cannot give of themselves and cannot serve God. Corpse have only one choice. If you believe you have only one choice you are no more than a dead corpse.

A distinguishing feature indeed. Come out of Her oh ye divine beings who are not the body and need not suffer or fear lack.

Note that the only way it can be said that a corporation can give of itself, is if the people who come together in the corporate name give freely of themselves.

I think we may find soon enough that this has nothing to do with the BC or SOB or name but rather the choices we make and there are essentially two, love or business. I think one can step out of commerce anytime and it has nothing to do with legality but who you are; people.

I think that until one expresses his intent to give of himself for mutual benefit, whatever the words are, his lack of such expression means he stays where he is, in business.

Business will not fix this world but people can. I think when one is serious about serving for mutual benefit doors will open. Right to life will kick in and no one can say to one who gives of his time and services 24/7 as a volunteer that he is getting something for nothing. In fact, if the volunteer makes the first move it is all really good.

We are recognized by the name now as in business. Each soul has the power and the right, freedom, to change his mind. We cannot be made to serve for money. We cannot be forced to be in business. God owns everything.

Men interpret what it means God gave man dominion over the earth. I think he interprets that from a man perspective rather than a divine soul perspective, and so the interpretations are out of whack. I do not think dominion over the earth is a me thing but a do good for earth and her inhabitants thing. That does not mean directing your energy at bad, but doing good with it.

If you accept the law of cause and effect, as the cause - what effects do you desire?

Tis better to give than to receive to me means; tis better to make the first gift move from the heart and the law of cause and effect will make return in kind.

With lottsa love..........


I think you will love this true…….Got it!

Hi Lovers

Alrighty then. Just as we have suspected, the truth is in our face, the face of the birth certificate.

It says right on it what it is and the related legislation says the same, and that is, a BC is CERTIFIED EXTRACT FROM BIRTH REGISTRATION.

That means this, the BC points to the original registration, foundation document, patent, SOB which is not personal identification either BUT, a historical fact and nothing more. The BC points to the SOB because the BC is an extract of that historical fact just like you'd end up with if you got a certified extract of a record on file at a land registry office. That extract points to the land registry office in which the particular parcel of land is located but the land is not located in that office but outside of it.

Now relate that to the SOB. It being the original foundation document it is a like a patent, proof of the existence of something new and when. The difference between where that record is held and land records are held is that there is no out there. VRB IS domiciled where the record, SOB, is held.

There is an exception to that and that is, you do something that attracts the information back to you, such as, write letters with a name with the sender name similar enough to the one on the SOB, where the BC, the extract in your hand points.

Rather than do that you must quickly point out, this BC is an extract from a birth registration not personal id. I see now why it is criminal to treat it as personal id, certainly after you say that and draw there attention what it says right under the registrars seal on BC's issued in Ontario.

In short, the BC does not and is not pointing at you but where the record is held but we keep doing things that attract the attention back to us, e.g. I am VB or VB 123 Main St. the stead of immediately pointing out, this is a CERTIFIED EXTRACT admissible in court as proof of the facts certified 53 fucking years ago which has nothing to do with now hence, BC nor SOB, are evidence of the identity of the one telling you, this is a CERTIFIED EXTRACT FROM BIRTH REGISTRATION (held or under control of office of ORG) and if you proceed on the basis I am VRB you will be apologizing.

Are you getting this?

The BC is an extract of a record not personal id means whoever sees the BC must look to the office that holds the record for further instruction and that office knows full well neither the SOB or BC are personal id. Oh yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

This, is the return to source. Everything is already certified and the signatures are not to be questions and both documents are admissible in court as prooooooooooooooooooof, so there is no need to acknowledge this or that as a deed, you already have it in the form of a subscription but you cannot do anything whatsoever that may draw the attention back to you is fatal.

When that connection is made and your not in the loop CANADA is the beneficiary and you the holder of the promise.

This makes perfect sense now why it was G's request that the registrar of a court settle a debt did. All she did was issue simple instructions on a post it note and stuck it to the SOB. No return address, no phone number, nothing to draw attention back to her but the flaw for others has been or inconsistency has been because we never said see it says right here - CERTIFIED EXTRACT FROM BIRTH REGISTRATION and just so you know folks in case you need to know, anyone who proceeds on the basis you are, in my case VRB, is subject to criminal charges and more and has no defense.

This EXTRACT is signed sealed and delivered and the signatures are not to be questioned and ignorance of the law is no excuse........

I think you all can carry on with this now that you see right on the face of the BC what it is and how F%$^&^* blind have we been? haha!

Make the connection to the SOB by the BC (extract of it) as the connector and the office that holds that record is the office that told me, knows, a BC is not personal id so I suggest once you've made the obvious connection for them, one way or another sooner or later, depending on your circumstance, the truth will prevail and you shall be set free.

But, I say again, making the connection for them is the objective and do not say or do or write anything by word or mouth that may cause them to look to you as so and so. If they say you are trying to commit fraud you say no you are. If they say I know you as VRB I say, that may be but I assure you you cannot prove I am that VRB or that any information anywhere in any system in the name VRB has anything whatsoever to do with this guy right here mam. It says right here, certified extract and if you do not know what that is under the registrars seal, you'd best get legal advice and quickly.

If I sound harsh it is to empower that there is nothing to fear here. The truth is the truth in this case proof and it is on the face of the BC. I may be VRB but I assure you as does this BC, I am not that VRB. hahahahahahaha!

Ta daa

I love you

The Power of Love

Hi Lovers

Remember to meditate and call upon divine consciousness to take over your human consciousness.

"The butterfly effect occurs under two conditions:
1. The system is nonlinear.
2. Each state of the system is determined by the previous state. In other words, the output at each moment is repeatedly entered back into the system for another cycle through the mathematical functions that determine the system.

The result of the butterfly effect is unpredictability. Small differences in initial input can have dramatically different results after several cycles through the system". [renewing of the mind, my emphasis]

Creation begins with thought. Renewing of the mind begins with changing the output which requires a change of thought or interpretation of the output which would alter the output or what we perceive is our reality, the input.

The mathematical function that determines the system is how you process the input which is then output. You are in your own loop and your thoughts of your loop create your loop. In other words, your thoughts create the ride you are on.

Maybe now you'll have great love and respect for those you meet on your loop for they are of you and are what you are. Everything in your loop is what you are. By giving less than one hundred percent of self, one is withholding from self and other self. The name, the name on your loop your on.

For there to be dramatic change of input one would have to and can create a new output, a new operating system. New way of thinking. This would alter, determine, how information, input, is processed thus alter his reality, input.

If you believe the government owns the name and or has the liability for it, don't tell them that, tell them (the other you on your loop) something from your heart like, I serve of love and have no money. Come and get what possessions I have.

I love you

Choose Love

Hi lovers

This speaks for itself.

Love and Peace

Hi lover

This from another lover.............yee haw

Greatest man in history, named Jesus, had no servants, yet they called him Master. Had no degree, yet they called him Teacher. Had no medicines, yet they called him Healer. He had no army, yet kings feared Him. He won no military battles, yet he conquered the world. He committed no crime, yet they crucified Him. He was buried in a tomb [3 days closing of escrow, my words], yet He lives today.

Les "When The Power Of Love Overcomes The Love Of Power, The World Will Know Peace." -Sri Chinmoy Ghose

With love

Hi lovers

That word lover does carry far more weight then perhaps many believe.

I have been quiet the last week or so but for good reason. To close out as much interference as possible.

First off we must come from a 'all are one' and 'we are indebted to the divine' for giving us life and it is to the divine 'we owe our allegiance.' Sons of God cannot be executed against but, and I say again, to be that one must serve in the legal name.

I must forsake/renounce any and all claim to property in the name as mine own and serve in the name.

At this moment there is a shared interest in the name which is good but the problem is there are two having a claim/interest in property in the same name; the government and you. You are the one doing the work in the name and for that you have a right of claim or interest, but, that is what is holding things up.

But, if we forgo claim to the name and property in the name and serve in the name, then legally speaking there is only one claimant/beneficiary, the government.

In other words, you do the work in the name but the government, the other party holding the interest by way of holding the SOB, receives the full benefit of the work.

You may recall I shared a friends daughter works for Sears and was issued a credit card by Sears with her name on it. The card was issued that it be used for purposes that benefit Sears, not her private interests. If she uses the card like we use the BC and name for our own benefit, then she has the liability, but if she uses it as intended, to serve the interests of Sears, Sears receives the benefit and Sears is with the liability.

You see here that although her name is on the credit card, she does not have the liability. Clearly then this comes down to who you serve in the name.

Now there are a lot of masters and servants out there but for you and I, there should be one Master, the Master of Masters; that what gave you life. To whom do you answer, who is your principal, who do you serve, how firm do you stand with your principal and do you have principles?

This is all I am saying, The BC, not being issued that it is personal identification, it is not intended we serve self or advance our private interests in the name.

Where the funds come from that liabilities associated with name are taken care of is not our concern, what is, who and how we serve.

I would say there are various levels of freedom dependent upon the type of freedom sought but that the ultimate freedom stems from serving in the name.

So we see Sears retains legal title in the credit card, account, but not the name on it. The only thing she did was provide the labour that was of benefit to Sears and in return Sears pays.

We know the government retains legal title in the BC so the only thing to do is make it clear we serve in the name and renounce claim to property in the name as mine own.

With love

Where there is love


With BC in hand which we know is not evidence of the identity of the one presenting it.

I am the man Her Majesty serves in this name and I am the man who serves in that name.

For those who are still stuck on, how will my bills get paid, first off when you say it like that is why the bills are you bills. Where there is love, there is no thought of or concern for money or RRSP's or tax refunds, as all that is where mammon mind is focused.

This is for those with the faith. We are sons and heirs of God with dominion over the earth . Everything is given freely or as some say, pre-paid. The reason we have not realized on that yet is because we have not stepped up to serve, give nothing less than the whole of ourselves in the name.

It is the foreigner who pays the tax (price/burden) and the foreigners are those serving mammon in the stead of giving nothing less than the whole of self.

How can one receive his God given inheritance if he not give nothing less than the whole of himself. God does not know, recognize those serving mammon = foreigner. God is love. So, love does not recognize and cannot serve those who serve mammon.

The legal name is an extension of God. We can be served and serve self/mammon in that name or; give nothing less than the whole of ourselves in that name. By so doing one is, on paper, legally, and spiritually, serving God and is then, a son and heir of God ready to receive his inheritance; free of contract and free of law. Free of paying taxes and debts and the price.

It is then, by your actions, that one is no longer a foreigner and is one with God, love. For heirs everything is free. So long as one holds the thought 'where will this or that come from' or 'who will take care of this and that, that one is in denial all his needs are already given. When one has faith he cannot also have those concerns for such concerns are an expression of ones lack of faith.

By buying into mammon we said no to our inheritance is basically the bottom line here. Lead us not into TEMPTATION. Well, we were tempted with riches and power and glory and we took the bait hook line and sinker, leading ourselves into evil, debasing influence, mammon. The answer is not outside of you or to concern yourself with the past or future, or to blame others or seek refunds.

God is not a thing or place but a state of being; LOVE. In that sense we, when giving nothing less than the whole of ourselves, are God.

All this talk of God and religion is not the point, who or what and how you serve is.

I love you

Where there is love……


Where there is love there is no contract there is no law.

Just what may 'there is no contract there is no law' mean?

If there is no contract there is no legal relationship, or, if there is no legal relationship there is no contract.

So, where there is love, there is no legal relationship there is no law (contract) is what I suggest 'there is no contract there is no law' means' .

If there is no contract one is free.

So then, at the end of the day it is the legal relationships and not the true love relationships that are binding.

That be the case there seems there is only one way to be free of legal relationships, other than hiding in the woods, TRUE DIVINE LOVE; hence, where there is love, there is no legal relationship, there are no promises/contract.

One giving freely and unconditionally of himself cannot be bound by contract. E.G. He cannot be fired from a job or recognized to pay.

A couple who truly love have no need of a marriage license, promise, contract; legal relationship.

What I am suggesting here is this. There are two paths, or two types of fundamental relationships that form the basis of one life's experiences.

The legal relationship path or the love relationship path. Or, is one living a life of legal relationships (contract) or true divine love relationships (unconditional giving).

If the latter then that one cannot be involved in any legal relationship no way no how.

So it may be then that to severe all legal relationships or presumptions of such, one must turn (repent) and do/be true love.

The purpose of people entering into a contract is for some personal type benefit. A new, my, car.

Cannot serve God and mammon, two masters.  The masters may be broken down to two; contract or love.

We can spend time to identify the various types of legal relationships and severe each one at a time, or, keep it simple and be do love.

True divine love (unconditional giving) , not the, I love ice-cream human type.

So repenting then may be known as, I no longer serve legal relationships, which as we know are subject to third party adjudication, public courts, orders, borders, remands, demands, control, regulation, degradation, warrants, taxation etc.

I love you

We are loved


Now more than ever is to consider a change of Heart.

The interviewer in this TV show was going to invite me back but after this broadcast he did not respond to one single solitary effort by me to contact him. Must have hit a nerve with the comment, 'we have to work for free'. We are screwing ourselves and mother earth by not so doing.

No amount of money ever has or ever will fix anything. I sense we have an opportunity now that if enough of us come together in love and say no to money (serve God/love each other and not money), the healing can begin worldwide in earnest. We are killing our home and each other and for what; MONEY?

I am appealing to your heart.

I love you



I made a request to the Queens printer regarding the information on the face of a birth certificate. Here is the response.

Thank you for your inquiry.
We did not receive your original e-mail.

The Queen's Printer for Ontario holds copyright over all works prepared by or for the Crown, including the birth certificate.  While copyright does not apply to individual facts (data), it does apply to the design of the form and compilations of information such as the birth certificate, both with and without information entered.   Additionally, logos or other symbols are protected by copyright and/or trademark laws.

Copyright falls under federal law.  The web site of the Canadian Intellectual Property Office ( contains extensive information relating to copyright and trademarks.

Yours truly

Carolyn Gray

Senior Copyright Adviser,
ServiceOntario Publications

On another note, this is Notice that the Pay it Forward program as we know it MAY end as of Sunday February 13 2011 as I will not be here after that day to receive mail prior to the 16th. Any agreements received after that date MAY be returned. How the pay it forward program will function after the meeting I cannot say. I did say previously that no one is being shut out and it may be that anyone interested would have to contact the lawyer directly. I know not the future. I will say that my function will likely change. What the divine has planned for me I cannot say but I feel my energy will be focused more on helping myself and others come to a greater awareness of and be at peace. I do not see a way out of the box except by peace. Hence I accepted the offer to help build and era of love and peace. If not us, who? How does claiming titles to things, agent bashing, system bashing, pope bashing, bank bashing, help in that regard?

I sense that the only or main reason we face grief is because we attract it, or, that it is we do not see the good/divine in everything we face that we receive other than good or
negativity. All are one. In other words, when I have peace inside I have peace outside, the me in the mirror. As far as I can tell that is what this whole thing comes down to. Once one has that inner peace one then knows what he has to do to make peace with the system. Treat others as you would like to be treated never meant so much for me as it does now, for that other is me. In making peace I am making peace with myself since all are one. If I am negative then other me is negative and I have myself stuck fighting not what is outside of me (the system, bank, cop, court, government) but me. How can I ever win that battle with myself except to come to know that is what I am doing and make peace; love myself?

I feel this is what is happening to everyone; we are not fighting the system, judge, court, law, cop, agent, but self. ALL IS ONE. As per the movie Revolver, the last place we will look is at self as the solution. So many continue to focus on that what is outside of them, in the mirror, as the cause of their situation.

Are you going to brow beat an agent? Do you know he is you? All are one. Are you going to make accusations? Do you know you'd be accusing yourself? Are you going to withhold energy? Do you know you'd be withholding from yourself? This i believe is the loop we are in.

I have offered the Pay it Forward program to almost everyone who partook in the Giver program of 2007. I am stunned that so few accepted even though for them the fee is waived. If there are any Givers I have not contacted who may be interested let me know and I will confirm you are a Giver and send you the information to join pay it forward if you so choose.

So we are clear, the pay it forward program will not be as it is now after the 16th. If the lawyer requires funding to do what must needs be done, everyone not already in the program will be given an opportunity to pitch in.

On another note, I rec'd word from Wendy that a bailiff came to evict, but, and without getting into more detail, she is still in the home. It seems, and I have yet to confirm this, that she made peace with the system and has been accepted as a peaceful inhabitant. So far anyway. What I can say is she did not make any claims and that two ladies spoke with her prior to the bailiff coming who were from the Office of the Public Guardian. Something about 'vulnerable persons'. The bailiff appeared on a previous occasions and
suggested a mental evaluation, which, Wendy did not resist or say, I am not crazy, I do not need such an evaluation, fuck you; she accepted; hence the ladies showed up. I shared her audio recordings and they are posted on the blog site.

We are all vulnerable in the sense that the system is a big machine and has an advantage over us and we are vulnerable to attack as if believed to be the name/claimants /owners. I am not saying you should contact the Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee. Wendy did not do that it was offered. I think when we express a sincere desire to be at peace with the system, make no claims, clear up a mistake, that protection for those will kick in. Peaceful inhabitants are of no concern to the military forces or public. It is
the belligerents (resistance) they are concerned with. Remember, the military forces exist because we people are not at peace. If you want to make claims or demands by parol or on paper you are considered belligerent, or, not working for the greater good of the family, the one. All are one and that one is the family I am talking about here. Even hidden-hand said the duty is to the family. You may have thought some special family and you are correct, but that family is the one, the all. The head, the one infinite creator.

And I did share what happened when a man did claim and reserve all rights in the name while making a first appearance in court. They put on a show for the public but the matter was dismissed. Most likely because they did not want to respond, it is not your name to claim. That would have revealed that the name is not who you are. Sometimes it is in the public interest to let go and give the man what he wants. I also shared what happened to a man who went the opposite direction. Someone else has paid the rent since. For me it is simple. I am not, as supported by legislation, VB, therefore; no one can point to my body and say; he is liable. In that sense I am indemnified as possessor of the corresponding BC.

If you want to claim the name as your name I do not see how that benefits or helps the family, the one. To me anyone doing that is saying, I am on my own. You want to own you are on your own. To give you an example. Let us say you are able to claim full title to a car. Do you think the state is going to allow you to use that car on the roads. Who is going to be liable for any damage to the public? If you say the state has that obligation after claiming all titles to what you think is yours, then it has it via our use of the BC. I think the state would be more inclined to support/indemnify those that support/love it through the name, having come to peace, rather than those who wish to be on their own. Time will tell I suppose.

I accept the BC is a form of indemnification as i have been privy to a few instances where that can be the only conclusion. In that sense, the divine has provided us the tool via
government that we may use it one of two ways; to serve self or other self. Claiming title to the name or property is saying, I serve self is what i get out of that thinking. How it is we will come to unity if we all claim this that and the other thing is MINE? Imagine 7 billion people all claiming as mine. We'd have arm-and-gettem. Or, image everyone in your home adopted the mine attitude, claiming title to this that and the other thing; all would be fighting each other for what, STUFF.
No peaceful inhabitants here.

It is my understanding that it is the mine attitude that got us in this mess going back long ago. Read Babylonia Woe. And if that be the consciousness or teaching what will change? Acts 4:32 to 5:4. We either share in common or own individually and if the latter, the stage is set for war. War amongst ourselves because now the coveting comes into play, therefore, we must know and be peace first and foremost as the focus. But to place claiming things/titles as mine as the top priority and nothing in my estimation will change for that is where we are now.

There may be Canon laws but there are also laws of the Universe. This simplest of which is, love thy neighbor as thyself. All are one thus nothing to claim but the letting go of

A Latin slogan in the court here in Cobourg says, shame on he that thinks evil of it.

That says it all in my view. All are one so who put those words on that plaque. Man or the one infinite creator?

We have the choice to react negatively or to accept and ponder and see the real purpose behind events. To learn and grow, to cease being the judge; to be at peace.

I do not claim to be a wise man for it surely means I do not know.

Nuff said

I love you

Love thyne enemy


I have no clue as to the truth or not but if in fact the Great Harvest is near, now more than ever then is the time to make some serious decisions.

To follow the negative, service to self path or the positive, service to others path. The latter what I call the Love path.

Yes all are one and either path serves one but to my present understanding there is an energy blockage for being on the negative path. There will have to be a form of recompense for negative pathers.

Take note how you react to situations and you will get a pretty good idea which path you are on now.

Amidst the talk of doom and gloom is the possibility for divine peace and love to take over. We simply need get on board. The more that do the greater the possibility/probability.

Interesting it is that giving freely and unconditionally of oneself is a release of energy; the dam breaking that the energy can flow freely. The battery always on stand-by ready to serve.

Ra explains it well which I shant attempt to interpret but it is something like this. When we refuse or do not receive and accept a catalyst is good we miss an opportunity which rolls around inside and if not spent, manifests into what we call disease. Disease then is but a dense collection of energy with no where to go; purpose denied. Seeing good in everything we perceive is acceptance of a catalyst, its purpose recognizable, and the energy flows on through.

We toss the word love around quite a bit but it is far more than unconditional giving. It is also accepting; accepting responsibility as a creator. To deny responsibility is to deny oneself is a creator; yet we are creators.

As I get a better grasp of that it reminds me of long ago when I started my first business enterprise. Like most new enterprises there is a time span before a profit is generated and unfortunately in my case the Read the rest of this entry

Name; lack of love


This from a Supreme Court case; make of it what you will:

Mezzo v. The Queen, [1986] 1 S.C.R. 802

On 30th June, Constable Legge and the complainant seated themselves in the courtroom in the first row, but this time on the right‑hand side. They were 30 to 35 feet away from the prisoner. Although Constable Legge said he had asked the Crown attorney to arrange not to call Mr. Mezzo's name, the name was called. By coincidence, Mr. Mezzo was again the fifth person to come out of the one door into the courtroom. The complainant positively identified Read the rest of this entry



Much has been shared the last few weeks and I feel the need to re-focus.

We each has an opportunity to help build an era of love and peace, and that, in my estimation, should be our focus and that only. I offered other information to maybe help build confidence but it seems to have been taken out of context and doing love has fallen by the way-side. I accept full responsibility for that since I sent the information.

Unconditional love, giving, and doing it is the objective of the "Pay it Forward' program and as far as I can tell, is what every good spiritual teachers reminds us of that we are here to do.

Do you know the souls true purpose and desire? Seek and ye shall know.

I tell you this, it has nothing to do with trusts, or names, or courts, or offices, or lawful authority, or laws, other than of the universe.

Where there is love, there is no contract there is no law.

I love you 🙂



I received this from a lover in New York. It has been sanitized.

Subject: Love

Hey Vic, this is B from New York (NYC) -

Just want to let you know that I Thank God for brothers like you - I'm lonely over here right now -

I wish we were in tighter communications - I follow up on the info that you're sharing with us from the Father religiously - I don't go a day without listening to the Inheritance Remedy Audios, I'm so fixed! lol! So motivated -

I've made the connection at banking according to the Spiritual Economics Seminar last weekend too - No resistance from the banker either

Government officials from Dept of Treasury, the IRS, on down to the Federal and State Attorney Generals and cops are giving me Read the rest of this entry

Every now and again I receive methodologies how to break free of the system. How to break free of contract, commercial redemption, Office of Executor, and all that BS.

Every one of them is a deception, delaying the inevitable and a waste of time and energy.

In law consideration is what binds, therefore, where consideration is not, neither is contract neither is law.

Where there is love there is no contract there is no law because of a lack of consideration.

Consideration = contract and contract is the law.

The only way to be free of the concept of consideration and contract and law is to Read the rest of this entry

Love Office

Hi all

This is the flow of currency/credit as it is now.

Option 1. Debt money/credit - People (men and women) >>> Government >>> Gov issues interest bearing bonds >>> $ >>>  Income taxes to pay interest on gov issued bonds >>> regulated purchasing power of the people >>> circulation.

The people are unaware they are the collateral debtor; carrying the load. Maxim: He that bears the burdens gets the advantage. The obligation of the people to pay taxes stems from the people allegedly receiving a benefit, use of the interest bearing money, but it is the bondholder that receives the benefit via the interest payment on the bonds.Bait and switch.

This is how it looks once people start waking up.

Option 2. Free of debt money/credit - People >>> $ >>> an unlimited purchasing power of people >>> >>> circulation.

In the latter situation one need not draw/earn an income and in that sense what he is entitled to in the form of payment for employment is paid forward because he can whip up credit into circulation whenever the need arises. And if the name is the estate then by not drawing an income the trustee has the means to pay the obligations of the estate, otherwise, you do.

We took the bait and assumed the role of trustee the day we earned money.

Even if the money you think you earn is actually property belonging to the estate, the money must be paid out of the estate to pay for the obligations of the estate, and you have the responsibility whether or not there is enough money to cover the obligations.

Whereas, if you pay forward your energy/credit, funding your way (Option 2), you fund the way for the estate, and you, like the queen, goes for what may appear to be a free ride, and is, except it starts with you giving freely 100% of you.

The primary difference is, Option 1 you are loaded down and Option 2 there are no limitations on your potential.

So if it be that we assumed the role of trustee, paying our energy/credit forward is how we hand it back along with any and all other legal duties and responsibilities of being trustee, legal owner.

There is but one Office, Love Office.  🙂

I love you

Era of Love and Peace

Hi all

It seems that creators intention is moving right along and love, divine peace and love is in the air/heir.

For those partaking in the pay it forward process or considering doing so this is a reminder that the basis of the motivation of the pay it forward process is not to get out of a situation but into giving of oneself freely and unconditionally. That is not to say that whatever situation you may be in is not rectified but that love, giving freely and unconditionally of oneself, is the motivating factor, the reason, the consideration.

This consciousness is not something new it has always been here for us. It is not something I invented or came up with it has always been here for us to be.

Fear is what holds us back. To help you let go of fear you may wish to Read the rest of this entry

Love sets us free

Hi all

Aside from all the mumbo jumbo contained in the trust agreement and letter from the trustee, it is our desire to Read the rest of this entry

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