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Cost of Being a Canadian Citizen


Federal Financial Administration Act

Charges for rights and privileges

19.1 The Governor in Council may, on the recommendation of the Treasury Board, (a) by regulation prescribe the fees or charges to be paid for a right or privilege conferred by or on behalf of Her Majesty in right of Canada, by means of a licence, permit or other authorization, by the persons or classes of persons on whom the right or privilege is conferred; or (b) authorize the appropriate Minister to prescribe by order those fees or charges, subject to such terms and conditions as may be specified by the Governor in Council. 1991, c. 24, s. 6.

If it was not made clear when this citizenship thing and renunciation of was posted here in January, Re: Tolstoy; it should be now what it means to be a Citizen or Subject. Basically, you have no rights and or they are regulated and you pay for them. Section 91 and 92 of the Constitution apply to subject/persons.

I recommend you all go here:

Thank you Tim for sending me that link.

I love all


Heads Up


It shames me to think it necessary to say this but based on a recent email it may be prudent.

If you are in Canada, I would stick to information that is from Canada, that is to say, rely on court cases, case law, etc. that is from Canada. Same if an issue is provincial, e.g. The Legislation Act, 2006 is Ontario and if one is not in Ontario then to quote or rely on Ontario Legislation would be dumb.

I learned long ago that what can be found in one province or country can for the most part be found in another. Since my ass is here I read only legislation and court cases etc based here. I have never promoted making use of stuff from the U.S. for example. I don't think I make mention of foreign information. If I receive information that is based say in the U.S. and the info seems good, I seek it where, fiction aside, my ass is, ONT/CANADA.

I have read almost every piece of province of Ontario legislation over the years and it has been a blessing because by having done so, when I receive information I know which Act to go to. Had I not read them I'd be lost and likely relying on someone else to do for me what I can do for me and that to is dumb.

I have read many many pieces of legislation of Canada and for the same reasons. I have links to all courts and posted judgements so I can search and find clarity or know better how courts and judges interpret.

If you want to know how the matrix thinks you have to get into it.

I love you





Legislation Act, 2006

Lovers of life

Legislation Act, 2006 S.O. 2006, chapter 21
Schedule F



Application to Acts and regulations

  1. 46.    Every provision of this Part applies to every Act and regulation.  2006, c. 21, Sched. F, s. 46.

Definitions (under Part VI)

  1. 87.    In every Act and regulation,

“individual” means a natural person; (“particulier”)

“person” includes a corporation; (“personne”)

Therefore, unless legislation specifically and expressly uses the word ‘individual, said legislation does not apply to a natural person and by deduction must then apply to and only to a corporation which I am not. Furthermore, no lawyer or judge is a legislator and thus is bound by these definitions. The best they can do is attempt to steer you off the path and for me I'd be looking at a man or woman impersonating a legislator.

Just ask them to show you in an Act or regulation where the word individual is used and if it is not there said legislation does not apply to you.

Attention lawyers, unless you are the legislature, you have not the authority to make determinations the legislature has already made. R V. McIntosh, the legislature says what it means.

Highway Traffic Act

Driver’s licence

32.  (1)  No person shall drive a motor vehicle on a highway unless the motor vehicle is within a class of motor vehicles in respect of which the person holds a driver’s licence issued to him or her under this Act. R.S.O. 1990, c. H.8, s. 32 (1).

Have fun and be nice.........

New Rendition of a Great Speech



Click on I above. I had to remove a pic from the doc otherwise it would not upload.

With love

Accuracy is paramount

Your Majesty's

In the past we have said that because the government holds the SOB and issued the BC that it is or should be recognized in law and held liable as the owner of property. I think that incorrect because it is the legal name of the BC that is shown on documents concerning ownership, thus debt.

The question in my view with that in mind is; who then has the liability for that name? As stated previously, do you see your signature on the BC or any document associated with the event of your birth? In any case, I think it more accurate to indicate the legal name is recognized in law as the owner of the property and build from that standpoint.

In Ontario the permit for a car it is clear what will be recognized in law as the owner, in my case BVR, and below that is the place for the owner to sign. Should you sign you are saying I am the owner but in reality all you are doing is taking on the liability of ownership and as a side effect, causing others to see you as the legal name.

Same for land deeds, bank account, blah blah.

If batman was to cause damage it would be batman held liable in law because batman did it. The question then would be, since batman is no more real than the legal name/title, who or what has the liability for damages caused by batman? The author (creator of the title batman) or the actor?

Furthermore and I touched on this back in February, citizens have rights and duties ascribed by laws of Canada making the citizen governed by laws of man, and subjects of Her Majesty, et al, must be subjects over-ruled by a earthly authority. Maybe then, you wish to reconsider your allegiance, e.g. declaring it to be to your creator or the God of nature and renounce all other allegiances for certainty. It is your right to choose.

I think one can set a clear path out of dodge by indicating that it is the legal name, not the government, that is recognized in law as the owner of property. This it seems is why the lawyers and others work so hard to stick the legal name to you as if you are that name/character/batman.

Once the legal name is acknowledged by you as the owner of property, all that remains to focus on is having it that you are not that legal name.

Be prepared to deal with the things you did in the past such as, the placing of your hand as evidenced by your signature down where the owner signs. I shared that back in 2006 I signed for BVR and a conviction was not registered and no attempt made to collect on a fine. I mentioned to a lawyer what i had done and he said by signing For I was not accepting liability, therefore, it was not me charged or convicted and I cannot be BVR, for if I am BVR there is no escape from liability.


I love you


Amazing man and inspiration for all

Hi Lovers

Gospel of Thomas

Hi lovers and peace loving exuding people

Click on The Gospel of Thomas below. Notice who will not make it into the Kingdom and take note of the corpse and when one sees it he knows the world and can be free of it. Corpse is the dead everyone gives life to........

The Gospel of Thomas

With love



Peace and Lovely

My fellow children of Nature

If it is not obvious it should be; violence begats violence. Live by the sword die by the sword.

These freeman guys and battle mentality are giving everyone a bad name. Threatening to lay criminal charges and civil suits against agents, good luck to ya.

If you want peace, then be at peace inside you.

Love is the way...........Peace and love peace and love peace and love.

NAD, court - ASK    (<<<< Click on that)

This information does not cost $250.00, it is FREE and your support for the peace and love approach (non combatant) is appreciated.

With love

Continuation of Ask and Ye Shall Receive 2012

Your Majesty's

Further to the post Ask and ye shall Receive 2012

We can also ask that our inherent unalienable right to travel free of license is recognized, be it local or international travel.

Request the proper documents. When you accept there is this military power it would be as a man in Nazi Germany trying to pass through check points without proper documentation by doing as some have creating their own license and license plates and passports, and/or attempting to overrule the rules these soldiers must follow.

Such homemade documents are not recognized and trying to get a soldier to recognize it is plain dumb.

The problem that is the basis of why people feel enslaved is the choices they made. You applied for a driver license but did not mention your inherent unalienable right to travel. In the stead you accepted the state granted permission. To put it simply for distinction purposes, you may apply for license as a person or request documentation that acknowledge your un-alienable inherent rights as a child of the earth.

We applied as persons.

We apply to banks for credit as persons, for passports as persons in the stead of requesting documentation that recognizes our unalienable right to travel and move about free of license. The reason for this documentation is the fact we need officially recognized documents that the soldiers recognize our status. We come from anger and desire for control and telling the administrators what is what, that they cannot do this or that, express it in our letters and then wonder why we get no cooperation.

The simple fact is those who have resisted meet resistance and those who are pleasant and humble are treated differently.It would help to see that which is of the light and that what is of the dark and work with that which is of the light.

Now the guy who asked for and did receive land not having paid a penny was extraordinarily humble. I say extraordinarily because I have not yet seen a letter drafted so humbly and peaceful. I say this is how one sets the tone of a peaceful inhabitant.

Aside from occupying the land now, it is established, agreed, that the BC name is his estate. There was no forcing this upon the government. There is not the word tenant on the Transfer Deed, only mention of the security mentioned in the previous post and to whom the exchange value of the note was paid, being the transferor, and the estate as the transferee.

I see now why requests for allodial title were not processed.

If you are as you say a child of God or of Nature or of the earth then act like it.

I love you


Not in Our Name

Hi Lovers

Interesting what is going on in the world. Seems the truth as was said would be is being revealed.

A Declaration of Concerned Protestant and Catholic Clergy and Laity, with a Ten Point Program to Bring the Church to Justice and Protect the Innocent - you are being asked for your support

Not In Our Name

With Love!


Ask and ye shall Receive 2012

Your Majesty's

All things spring from the ground, the earth, the land. For one to be considered sovereign he must have his feet solid on sovereign ground. That means there can be no charges on the land. No mortgage or tax charge.

The tenant is the taxed and the tenant is a foreigner. One who has purchased rather than asked. As I said back in January, the act of buying something is denying all is given to the children of the earth. The action of buying makes one a tenant on the land that belongs to the children of the earth; the one buying. hahaha!

Do you see how the banks offered we worship them through its tempting offers that have steered us away from who we are and our inherent rights/Custom.

The question is how does one obtain sovereign land to be the sovereign on it, to have a foothold on Mother earth as a child of the earth. Grounded. I will say, paying for it will not get you there.

I said back in January that Kings and Queens do not enter into contracts, they have paid servants to do that, their bidding, buying and selling. Kings and Queens ask.

I have proof now that shows the other way the price can be paid and there is no burden on you regarding that price. There is no loan or contract, no debt, the money created is interest/debt free and it is the way to get such money into circulation. As you are Kings and Queens, it is not by way of notes (security) signed by or made by or issued by you. Such notes create debt.

We are not the higher power in law we are the power in Nature. We are not executors in law but of the state of Nature. In the state of Nature you have the right to land and that it be given. Land given is sovereign land and as the executor of it your feet are planted firmly on solid ground. Only on solid ground can you build a solid future under your command. Only then may you have some sort of sovereignty. No free land no free man on it and no free man off of it.

Freedom then stems from children of the earth being connected firmly with sovereign/free land. No encumbrances. Then one may say, I am a freeman on the land here and there in Alice in Wonderland.

Based on the information I have that validates the above, all we ever had to do is ask. The land was given to all children of the earth but we have it so ingrained in us other than, that we cannot fathom it may be that easy. We think, ego thinks, dictates, we must fight. We say our land has been stolen is false dogma and the basis of the fight but yet, did you ask for land? We have not been ejected or been booted from our land or rights, we have abandon them for the time being.

How did we abandon them, we never asked. If it is your land then ask. It would help to know why you may ask. I shared last fall that proof of birth here is right to land and other entitlements. Those entitlements include your inherent rights.

Consider this. There is this big power that has seized the land and everything on it. It is seized in the sense that it is secure to Canada because everything that is in Canada no matter where it is in Canada is seized. Now say you own Canada. That means you own everything in on and of Canada. Now, what good would it do you to make it that the people must pay for the land or anything that is in your Canada, and as the people are in Canada, you already hold them as chattel. In other words, it is all already yours.

It would be like taking food from one part of a fish tank and putting to another place in the same tank and claiming victory.

When the servant is called upon to perform for the King, the servant drafts and issues the note as a security. The only thing the King does is ask. Since the note is issued on the Kings behalf, you, the top dog, it is exchanged with the Kings bank for that what circulates as money, legal tender, dollar for dollar. Exchange not a loan and thus no one to pay back (this is the proper cause of the creation of money).

The purpose of such notes as a security is that the note is the first charge on the property to the extent and force and effect that, proceeds from the sale of the property in the sum that the security was issued for are paid to the Kings account from which the note was issued to balance and close that transaction. It could be decades or thousands of years before the account is properly settled as there is the eternal.

In other words, if a $100,000.00 note is issued on behalf of the King, you, by his/your servants, to acquire property for the Kings pleasure/inherent right, upon the sale of that property the first 100 g's goes toward that note and yes that may be very long into the future as such notes have no fixed date of maturity but are legit in that the fixed date of maturity in the very least is that this world as it is will end and all accounts will be settled then if not before.

So, if the King functions as a King through his estate then the money created by notes issued ON THE KINGS BEHALF are non-interest or debt bearing, whereas, if the King not function as a King, his notes by his hand for loan proceeds create debt death and destruction. It is what funds it for if the King's administrators performed these actions there would be no b.s. going on. The public administrators would have control and not the private administrators; banks and their private warriors.

When the King takes on the function of the administrator he is conceivably treated and held to be an administrator. Not a job I want. Nature is my employer.

In essence here is the bottom line of what I see now based on some information I received, that unless the documents are fake, our government is our administrator and we as children of the earth, the light, the Kings and Queens. So we can call upon our administrators or go to the bank and trust me, with what I see, the outcomes are totally different. We could say, those who not be the King he is, the Father of his kingdom/estate, will be and are being raped for a lack of knowledge.

The game if there is one is to get us on the hook by signature. To get us to bank and apply for credit rather than ask for what we need when based on the said information, all we ever have to do is ask. This rings true with the Universe.

As we are under military and political control of sorts, we must accept the military aspect and see it. When we see it and comprehend its purpose, that it is the highest power, Generals, we can make friends with it which can be done by not trying to over come it. That won't happen until we get back to one and matters not, what does is to humble oneself in face of the facts.

Resist not Evil.

As I see it without doubt asking is the remedy. Now how one asks is another story for another day. Not that anyone needs my suggestions how to ask.

Lastly, it is when one has obtained sovereign land that he has evidence of the estate. From there he moves forward. A man with no place to call home (must be sovereign land to be HIS home/Estate (no tenant), he cannot possibly claim sovereignty and where and in what venue may his estate be found, for all things spring of the earth; thus, man must have his feet firmly planted on sovereign land to be one of and with the land and all land is sovereign except that legal encumbrances (charges) are placed upon it and we are the ones doing it by asking for a loan rather than the land. That places the occupant in status of tenant on the land and tenants pay rent, property taxes. That causes the creation of debt money and turns the power over to the banks and their legal warriors. If not for the military, it may very well be that the said warriors conquer earth.

The laws are for the governed and the King is his own governor. We truly are in the Garden but we cannot see it because we not believe. We have been trained that life is a struggle and accepted that as evidenced by our conduct. Earning a living rather than making a life.

I should add that the King does not ask his administrators to issued notes, he asks for what he needs and they take care of it as part of their job.

I love you

The Power of Awareness

My fellow creations of nature,

Enjoy this fine read.

Neville G Power of Awareness

With love


Love for the Creator of Life

Dear Fellow Creations of Nature

Tis to the Creator of life we should have our allegiance. Allegiance with any other creator or creation is the death of life end of story. All so called commercial and legal remedies and or any remedy having nothing to do with nature is NOT A REMEDY. We are killing ourselves going down any road but what serves nature and beleive it or not, us, as we are organs of nature.

Death and destruction of people and resources for conversion to what; paper called money which is down to a keystroke entry in a computer. These gurus charging big fees to wake you up are not waking you up. They are aiding and abetting in the death of life. They are perpetuating a lie because anything not of nature is a lie, false god, false profit (gain), whatever you want to call it, if it did not grow out of the ground, it is not of nature yet we are organs of nature, the Creator of life.

I highly recommend you watch this video and pay attention at around the 102 minute point. Read the text that is displayed, all of them from that point on. The solution, the answer, part of the remedy, the other part waking up from the fairy tale dream, is right there is those text posts in that video. I highly recommend watching all of their current up to date videos as together they do a great job in my view of hitting the nail on the head. They are sharing a viewpoint of how one sees the world through the eyes of nature. Nature knows not fiction, or characters or roles or uniforms or titles or authority, or rule, or governance, or vengeance, or retribution, or battles, or wars, or commercial activity, or balancing acts, or stations, or laws rules or regulations, and for sure knows nothing about creations of the mind except maybe one, they are the death of life.

Go to scroll down to and watch 'The Dream for Life - Part B - System Science.....

I think you all who are waiting for some external life form to save us are in a state of consciousness that is foreign of what you really are. People throughout history keep speaking of and repeat this savior mentality. How the heck can any outside influence save those who will not save themselves is perpetual no growth. Grow up people. Did nature spit out these so called higher evolved beings? Have you met one? At this point then they are creations of the mind. Oh but they speak through others. Yes, and come out of the mind of a man. Did nature pick those people to speak for nature? What remedy do they offer if any and by that I mean, that is good for nature.

We, us here and now are the ones that can when we so choose turn things around here and now and we need no help from some external entities. The longer we wait is disrespecting our responsibility right here right now to the Creator of life of which we are. You want money you worship the creator of the money as the Egyptians worshiped the sun rather than its creator. You want court rights and time you worship the dead, creations of the mind, someone elses intellectual property. To do so you cannot be you, you must take on a role that nature knows not what it is because it did not, the role you must play, come out of the womb of a woman anymore than judges or lawyers. You must follow rules that are creations of the mind thereby worshiping the intellectual property right holders which is not us or not meant to be us because nature has no use and gives no thought to such hogwash.

Right, title, interest, trust, executor, all things other than of the state of nature are all creations of the mind and our participation in such requires the death of life of which we are. What excuse have you now?

Many want freedom yet do that what is totally contrary to the freedom they have if they'd but be who they are and serve the Creator of life. It is that creator that you are, that you breathe, have blue skies and rain and sun and wind and snow, and fun and each other, and trees and fields of grass green as green can be, and there is no greater beauty.

Our attention is being drawn away from nature and who we are and our part in and for it to a reality that is nothing more that intellectual property, creations of the mind, a fairy tale. A dead world as thoughts lack the sense and senses that is life. We see man attempting to improve on nature. No doubt creations of the mind and where has that got us?

The peace and happiness we seek is right here right now in nature. As we have allowed our attention through mind control to turn our attention from nature, we are in fact supporting the very entities some think outside forces are coming to get rid of. Even if this is true, what good will it do given the changes required for everlasting change and peace must come from within. I cannot say but will say that when the earth was created it was perfect. Everything has a purpose and all things in balance. And then along came man with ideas to improve this. The best foreign entities can do is clean up our mess but unless we elevate in consciousness, which if we do we'd not need outside assistance, we will no doubt be with our old ways of thinking and perceiving. How will we ever elevate if some outside entities keep cleaning up our mess? What lessons will we learn if we can sit back and fuck things up saying, oh they will come back and help save us and the planet from these men we keep empowering to lord over us and it will all be ok. And even if they did clean the place up, we'd all be lost at sea because the clean up to be the true remedy, would be to return earth to her former perfect state of health which will not include all the so called comforts we rely on. They would not exist, are you ready for that? Anything less is not a remedy and is no stepping stone. We have to change and the outer world will reflect it. It reflects us now.

The change would be gradual given we have a lot of programming to clean out before we can have a teenie tiny semblance of what it is to see the world through the eyes of nature, therefore, we must be an integral part of that change.

As all are of the one Creator of life all have access to the same power and if we keep relying on outside help are we not denying our potential and how can we ever elevate in consciousness with this they will save us consciousness?

It is a crock to keep your mind where it is, weak, helpless, slave, master - servant ,viewpoint. There is but one system we need and there is but one system that is real and that one system and the basis of it is perfect. That is the system we should function through and no other; it is right here right now for you and it is perfect.  It is called, the natural system, the one man destroys installing his systems all of which draw on nature to power them at the cost of life. We must serve that what gives and maintains our life.

Anyhow, I strongly recommend you view the video at the link provided herein and that you view parts A, C, and D, and the Ben Lowery interview and the video, The Name is the Mark of the Beast..........They all have a common theme and are certainly helping me de-program the mind. The Matrix is real, the men controlling life are real, and the only reason either exist is because we keep playing in the game they created.

If it did not grow out of the ground, rest assured, it is not real or life sustaining. You slave to pay a lawyer legal fees. You are life, a lawyer is not, so there must be a transfer of life energy from the nature side to the dead side. That is but one example how we help kill life. How we are terrible executors (organs) of the state of nature.  Notice there was no mention of the executor of an estate; not in the legal sense anyhow. Estates are creations of the mind, fiction, bull shit.

I am by no means suggesting we do not receive guidance or inspiration from the Creator of life, but that if the Creator of life speaks to me it can speak to you and the message for me is for me and the one for you is for you. In other words, the Creator of life does not speak to all through any one of us.

500-700 years of Jesus is going to come back and save us has instilled such belief in our consciousness of needing to be saved we are being set up by the authors of that book to be saved alright but it will not be a divine or Creator of life saving remedy. As a result of this and other ongoing programing, creating beLIEf systems, and our continued support, we will welcome this savior with open arms.

Nature needs no saving. As organs of nature we need only be good organs and serve the body of nature so it can serve us. The better we serve nature the better nature serves us.

This savior is coming stuff is a cop out, a way out for us rather than taking responsibility as co-creators here and now. It is masonic stuff. Nature knows not future so saying 'is coming' to save us is a clear indication the ones saying that are out of contact with nature. Out of contact with who they are. Out of contact with here and now, yet, here and now is all there is.

So, are you as an organ of the Creator of nature going to serve that what gives and maintains your life or are you going to serve that what is destroying life? Hmmmm, that poor apple tree. Out there in the cold,  no roof over its head. Burning in the sun and tattered by the wind, terrible. We should fix that and improve life for that apple tree. Ya right.

No no, there are some galactic beings or Messiah on the way who will fix all this up for us. After all, they do what they do so we do not have to deal with the mess of our irresponsibility. Folks, we will forever remain useless canon fodder if we hold that viewpoint.

I say again, nature is a perfectly created system. It is the one system that has and will outlive all others as it is the only one that is real. We may kill each other off by our selfish evil ways (e.g supporting fiction) but nature will live on. Or, we can turn our attention back to nature, that what is real, that what creates and maintains life so we can be maintained in the stead of life, us, maintaining the tempters, the offerors of lies and deception and no truth, and worse yet, the acceptors of these lies and un-truth.

The first step for your remedy is to wake up from the fairy tale dream. Then speak man to man in the stead of fiction to fiction as we have been. Dear man, also known as John, also known as Minister of creation of the mind known as justice.

I love us.

Consider this. Pick any title you want, such as lawyer, doctor, technician, judge, secretary, clerk, driver, tenant, and ask yourself. From where did they originate? Man. Okay, so now another man comes along and fills that office. Question and i know the answer so this is for you;by filling that office does the man or woman filling it, playing that role, become more powerful than being a man or woman? In other words, does a man playing lawyer have more power or authority than a man who is man? Of course not. How can a title created by man give the creator of the title or anyone playing that role more power than the creator had at the time of making the thing created?

So, it seems to me that the highest authority is man who is man and that ,man who is man can direct that what is created by man. But, one would have to be awake, free of the dream to even consider such. You see, in the dream the titles have various levels of power. To be free of that one must exit the dream, the fairy tale, the beLIEf systems. From there he can see the joke of it all. He sees fancy nice costumes those in the dream wear and may even comment on that whilst making clear he is not part of the show or is a director. Man cannot tell man what to do is assault if it affects his purposes, but, man can tell fictions (lawyer, doctor, clerk, etc) what to do because those roles are not man. For a fiction to say man is not the greatest power is to take away all power of the role the man plays and levels the playing field either way because if man lacks power so to does the title created by man. The big difference being, the created cannot control the creator.  Lawyer (title created of the mind) cannot control man but lawyer can control VBR if the character has life. The only way VRB has life is if I appear as that character.

Wikipedia, 'character: A character is the representation of a person in a narrative work of art (such as a novel, play, or film).[1] Derived from the ancient Greek word kharaktêr, it dates from the Restoration,[2] although it became widely used after its appearance in Tom Jones in 1749.[3][4] From this, the sense of "a part played by an actor" developed.[4] Character, particularly when enacted by an actor in the theatre or cinema, involves "the illusion of being a human person."



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