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Hi Lovers

So you think you can figure out what the bleep is going on.........


Hi Lovers

Here's one for ya.

The telephone found Alexander Bell.

And what it is that you seek? for so long as ye seek, ye cannot receive what it is you seek that will find you if you but allow it. Or, perhaps there is no thing to seek but patience.

With more really good vibes........I LOVE


Taking a spiritual stand

Hi loving souls of the one great one

The force is with you for it is in you, it is, who you are. But this force is not about forcefulness. Quite the contrary. It is of such force that no force is required because no force can force it.

Weakness is, or stems from, as does fear and the actions it generates, ignorance of that force of nature for which there is, no excuse.

Hallow, 2011

With good vibes

We are One

Hi Lovers

I received this link from Dena. Thank you Dena, truly inspirational.

I watched the movie Soul Surfer last night. Wow.

True story about the surfer girl who lost an arm to a shark. It is how she handles the situation and the lives she affects that renders the big things in our lives so small and meaningless.....Another inspirer.

I love you one and all


Hi Lovers

As you are made in the image of God, yourself, you are presenting, re presenting God, but, by your actions it can and has been construed you represent in my case VRB.

That could be construed as acting trustee but the point is, you can present yourself/represent God, in which case you can not also be identified as a trustee or performing a function of government as some say.

All power is ordained of God and it gets no better than to be made in the image of that higher and greatest of power/authority.

As extensions of source energy, let there be no doubt we have the power but much or most of that power is the impulse behind the ego. Clean out ego and it is like opening the flood gates.

Although I make up my own mind I agree with batman in this regard. The idea should be to settle peacefully and honourably.

As I see it to take that thought one step further and in terms of the bigger picture, one may be best to make peace with it all and loose the ego combatant approach.

With love



Hi Lovers

Two things occur with a birth, the registration of the incarnation of a divine soul (Genesis 2:7) and the manifestation and domicile of in my case VRB.

Divine beings are not subject to laws of man unless they subject themselves which is evidence of unconsciousness. To do that we must identify with form, e.g. a name and other material things.

"All acts of the legislature apparently contrary to natural right and justice are, in our law and must be in the nature of things, considered as void. The laws of nature are the laws of God, whose authority can be superseded by no power on earth. A legislature must not obstruct our obedience to him from whose punishments they cannot protect us. All human constitutions which contradict his (God's) laws, we are in conscience bound to disobey. 1772, Robin v. Hardaway, 1 Jefferson 109."


There are some powerful statements in that quote.It is saying as has been said here before, offending the laws of nature are far more consequential than to offend the laws of man yet, most of us concern ourselves with the law and alleged authority of man. All power and authority is ordained by God.

But remember, this is not about slaying the law but fulfilling it.

That is to say, obedience to God should not be an excuse for licentiousness, or a justification of practices inconsistent with the peace and safety of the People or other interests. It is, your window of opportunity to break free of the restraints but, the way is indeed very narrow and absolutely straight.

Further, all things belong to God and if one is one with God, whose account should be charged, but, make this not about whose account should be charged but knowing thyself and being thyself? Is your focus to serve or be served? Are you seeking something and if so, is that a service minded soul?

So, the SOB, if you believe, evidences the incarnation of a divine soul and the manifestation and domicile of a name, its existence caused by an act of the legislature, the question is, are you led by the spirit of God or spirit of Ego?

Clearly we have been delusional (unconscious) to think, believe, act, as though we of the divine are a name. Clearly only we can clean up what we did and the best way to do that as far as I can tell, is by acceptance and humbling thyself. If you have grief in your life, legal or otherwise, you created it, you drew it to you and you can either accept your creation or take actions that push it away but pushing it way only means it will come back but bigger. Like the lady who accepted the brain tumor, her creation, she welcomed it, loved it, and it went away.

Can you not see the value of acceptance?

The objective then becomes simple, have it understood that you is but is not the name. The instant that occurs you are no longer the subject but the giver/source/life/God on the account.

With love

Thank you John for that case that contains the quote above.


Hi Lovers

In Hinduism, an avatar, Hindi: [ˈəvət̪ɑːr], English: /ˈæv.ə.tɑːr/, (avatāra: Devanagari अवतार, Sanskrit for "descent" [viz., from heaven to earth]) is a deliberate descent of a deity from heaven to earth, or a descent of the Supreme Being (i.e., Vishnu for Vaishnavites) and is mostly translated into English as "incarnation", but more accurately as "appearance" or "manifestation".[1][2]

Incarnation literally means embodied in flesh or taking on flesh. It refers to the conception and birth of a sentient creature (generally a human) who is the material manifestation of an entity, god or force whose original nature is immaterial.[1]

In its religious context the word is used to mean the descent of a god, or divine being in human form on Earth.

Alrighty then, I guess we can say that a SOB (certification of birth document) is proof of the incarnation of God. (see Genesis)

But, later in life "I", ego, becomes god.

So to say one is an incarnation of a divine being does not make it so in a spiritual sense. Ask, what would love, divine being, do now?

Would it file papers, give notices, resist, go on the offensive, petition a court, charge, fear, doubt, defend, offer excuse, seek refunding, consider such things, or would it confess its sins (accepting of responsibility), clean up the slate, and begin anew?

I see it happening. I see letters sent in anger, I see the reaping, I hear them say I am God, that this legal situation was given for me, but they do not seem to get that as God they is the sender, and so they resist what they sent, created for themselves.

So they push back and reap of that and push harder and push back and reap more and more and push harder and round and round it goes same old same old way going no where = insanity.

Sure you may have a legal victory but what that has to do with who you are?

Yes, I am incarnate here from the non-physical plane to collect my earthly estate. (unobtainium) hahahahahahahahaha!

Oh ya, I and the estate are one. haha!

Will you let my people go?

Those who choose..............................Choose, the operative word. Does not imply to me to mean fight, or that demands or notices will bring the choice about. Make the choice and inform.

Like quitting a game before it is over. You can walk away which would be disrespectful of the others or you can inform them of your choice to quit and take it from there, clean up what should be cleaned up etc., and knowing that no one can stop you.

Anyhow, I guess you can say your body is an Avatar. It is interesting how it was shown in the movie Avatar the consciousness of man and the consciousness of the Avatar. The consciousness of man was obvious, DESTRUCTIVE, non caring, PLAYING GOD.

The Avatar with the consciousness of man in the beginning ran amok, was destructive, non loving non appreciative. But we see near the end of the movie how that changes (love took hold) which to me shows metaphorically the divine conscious awakening in the body. His love grew and grew and he could no longer partake in the destruction.

Although he was already an Avatar in appearance, it was not until his consciousness shifted that he became a true Avatar, incarnation of God, and at the closing of the movie, is being adopted as a true Avatar, adopted into the family as a Son of God.

So we see we can appear as God but are we in fact led by the spirit of God and dare we say we are when by demonstration we are not? We who do such things mock the rest.

So I would say all men are God incarnate but the question is which spirit is the impulse that drives the body?  The human mind or the divine mind?If the prior then man is a person and God is no respecter of persons, the body. (see attachment 'Hi Lovers" in "Inherent' post below )

With love






Dead or Alive

Hi Lovers

I shall make this short.

There is no such thing as death or dead, there is only life, therefore, dead means unconscious.

So yes, the unconscious are lost at sea and dead.

The only death therefore is spiritual, not knowing and being who we are. (trying to see new things through old eyes. Habit dies hard!)

With love

Who am I

Thank you Dan

The Game of Life and How to Play It

Hi Lovers

I read this book  a few years back and it helped me be better.

Some may refer to Florence's information as they have Eckhart Tolle as a new religion. Let it be known neither of these authors refer to the information or what they do as offering new religion.

Both authors are aware of the Laws of the Universe and these laws are not new but generally unknown or not considered as effecting our perceived reality and existence every moment.  As far as I can tell, these and other authors put in simple terms how these laws effect us and that going within is the way to bring about change.

With love



End of War

Hi Lovers

Peace is the end of the ego is the end of the war.It is the ego that has you fighting battles and thinking there is something to fight or fix. It is the ego that created the thing you think you need to fix or battle. Law of Attraction, like for like, and matching vibration. So, if you send a letter backed by anger and you maintain that vibration you will in due course receive back the fruits of the anger manifest in some form.

I AM is a consciousness but use of the words does not mean one is conscious, in fact, the I AM could be the ego I AM speaking.

I mean, we have always been I AM but not walked the walk of divine I AM consciousness or we’d not be where we are and so how can the adding of the words I AM to correspondences mean the one using those words is now conscious. I mean, charging thy brother and fee schedules, defensive actions, in my view is war like or non-divine activity.

In other words, if ones attitude (vibration) or ways of approaching things and methods and actions is the same the day of adopting the words I AM as before adopting said words, the best one has done is mock himself.

If you save your life you shall loose it but if you give it, make peace with it all, you shall save it.

The ego has us all fighting a battle that exists within but appears to be on the outside. What we see outside is a reflection of what is inside.

Yet, so many people are focused on changing what they perceive is outside rather than going within and changing their inner vibration. If you wish to receive peace you must be, give, excude, peace. You must have it within or go without.

The enemy is within and it is the ego. It is the mask masking who you really are. The ego has you convicned you are a slave and has you taking actions to free yourself but there can be no victory because the battle is within and unless inner peace be sought and acheived there can be no outer peace. It makes no sense but, the ego makes sense of it all and have you noticed of all the information shared by some many people for so many years has got us no where.

Can you not see it is the ego keeping you focused on the outer world and not your inner being?

The ego has us saying things like, the Queen is a fake because she sits on a fake stone. The fake is us. Faking to be what we are not thinking it is what we are.  All EGO, all human consciousness, the cause of all the crime in the world.

So ya, the end of the war, what is perceived to be a battle with an outside world is actually going on within and when you are at peace within you will have peace abound in your reality. You, divine being/God, are the creator/projector of your reality and you reap, receive, are given, what you sow.

In other words, whatever comes you way is of your making.

I highly recommend people listen to, I mean really listen to or read A NEW EARTH by Eckhart Tolle.

The enemy is within.

The ego drafted the Leiber Code and the U.C.C. the criminal code, Income tax Act, and all the rules and regulations and and and no solution for divine souls exists in what the ego creates.

You are battling with yourself and it is an exercise in futility. Why do you think after all these years no soul-ution has been found in law or commerce?


With love and concern for all.



To be or not to be, a man

Hi Lovers

This is for ponderance. I am not concerned whether or not anyone agrees.

This is based on that we are God

With Love

Know thyself



Hi Lovers

Hi Lovers

I love you

Finding thyself

Hi Lovers

I am told this link to Eckhart Tolle will get you the audio's for the book 'A New Earth'........

Very good information that in my view will help everyone find their way.

1. 27-Apr-2007 19:21 24M

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12. 02-Feb-2008 06:54 30M

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I love you


Hi Lovers.

Nothing of major significance to share but I did here some where recently the comments of someone regarding others claiming to be heir of God.

I think he was asking such claimants when did God die. I do not think that when people say they are heir of God that it is fully comprehended by some what is being said. It has nothing to do with whether or not God, the testator, is dead, a negative interpretation, but has everything to do with in which Kingdom one stands.

Also,  and I am not claiming this is accurate but it is also suggested that Jesus was crucified in the end because he remained silent. That may be so but what we know as death is actually life or coming to full consciousness. In that souls case (jesus) it entered the consciousness of I AM (I and the Father are one and the power and glory of that zone) prior to the crucifixion of the body. It is said in the new testament, although I cannot recall the context, do it while you are alive.

I see it that Jesus accepted the charge, the liability for the earthly title/name, and was free of the lower consciousness, debt/death. He did say I and the Father are one. It was not Jesus (he came as a son of man) that was charged and sentenced, it was Jesus of Nazareth or king of the jews. When Pilate asked Jesus if he is kings of the Jews, sayeth you he answered, but it was that title that Pilate posted to the cross/account. So it appears Jesus (divine spirit) accepted the charge, liability, for Jesus king of the jews and was freed of the lower consciousness, debt/death, life everlasting.

Sure he could have defended himself and saved his life, stayed in debt/death, God forbid, but then there would not have been closure.

As a father you have two methods to cover for a son/name. You can give him/it money or accept his/its liabilities. Which method you choose will disclose much about you.

Now as Neville Goddard suggests and I agree, the bible may be best read that it is about  a consciousness, non-physical, rather than physical events. I mean, if one desires to rid him of earthly concepts and bindings (consciousness), surely one must turn his attention from them.

Makes me wonder what benefit can be derived by we souls not of this world from basing ones process on trust and estate law, both of which (authorities) are of this world yet our authority derives from an authority beyond this world. Be not justified by the law (of this world) for ye be under the law.

Let me put it this way and in fewest words, the Bible as we know it was not written by God, one infinite creator. That is not to say there is not guidance in that book, specially if read that it is about a consciousness and that the choices seem to be two, earthly or divine.

The only laws we are inescapably bound to, our authority, are those of the Universe. Which law do you maintain and uphold? Which laws, authorities, do you recognize? To which is your obedience?

Regardless of what is written above, it is the authors toilet paper.........haha!

I love you. I am sorry if I have tainted your viewpoint. Please forgive me. Thank you.......hahaha

With love..............


Hi Lovers

I received this today from Mary C. Thanx M.

We see by this short video clip we are not alone in our quest. In fact, can you feel it inside the shift that is taking place. We must come together for we have the power. As much as we have our individual issues we must see all are one and come together

as one.

With love you all




Hi lovers

There was a time a person would point to the BC and ask me if that is me and I would answer yes. If ask are you VRB I would answer yes.

Clearly I was incompetent.

Incompetent means not legally qualified.

Incompetence is grounds to have old information corrected, amended, removed, or privatized.

I love you




Overcome Victim Mentality

Hi Lovers

I received this from one of us. Thanx Bill

In this and the following newsletter, I will go over some common stumbling blocks that many people experience when working with the power of the mind.

Most people who have read books on self-hypnosis and the power of the mind and who have been working with the power of the mind for some time are well aware of the fact that "your consciousness creates your experience of reality".

At any moment in time, you are experiencing nothing more or less than the contents of your consciousness reflected back to you in some way.

One of the challenges that most people have is that they have no control over what goes on in their minds. Many are not even aware of the thoughts they habitually entertain.

Often when people work with the power of the mind, they briefly contemplate what they would like to experience in their lives, either by working with self-hypnosis recordings, or by listening to recordings that contain subliminal suggestions or affirmations, or they engage in meditation - but then when the recordings or the meditations are over and they return to their normal daily activities, they begin to kill the seeds they have just planted in their minds, by entertaining thoughts of everything that is the opposite of what they'd like to experience.

Sometimes people "pray" and while they are praying - instead of getting into a state of mind where they are imagining and feeling already having what they desire and expressing gratitude for what they desire as if it were already theirs, they get into a state where they are wholeheartedly immersed in feeling the lack of what they desire to experience and in this way, they are ensuring that they'll enjoy more lack. Then they say "it didn't work". Of course it worked. They programmed their minds with more lack, by indulging in the feelings of lack, and that's exactly what they manifested more of in their lives.

Working with subconscious mind is very simple. All you need to do is imagine what you desire to experience and feel what it would feel like if you already had it. It is that feeling of already having your desire realized that sets the forces in motion to manifest what you desire in your outer world. Feeling of lack manifests lack. Feeling of abundance, manifests abundance.

Some people will then ask "How can I feel a feeling of abundance, when I have no money in my pocket?" By practicing feeling what you would feel if your problem was solved; by realizing that what you are experiencing right now in your outer world is the effect of your past mental programming; and by realizing that right now, by choosing your thoughts and feelings, you are planting the seed of what you are going to experience in times to come.

You can predict your own future by paying attention to the thoughts and emotions you are feeding yourself moment to moment every day of your life.

Many years ago, a cousin of mine who lived in Paris told me a story about her friend. The friend feared to go anywhere by public transportation because she was convinced that she'd get mugged and assaulted in different ways. Any time she thought of going anywhere by pubilc transportation, she imagined and felt herself being mugged and assaulted. She always took a cab to go from one place to another in Paris.

One day, she decided to take a metro instead. And sure enough, she got mugged. She got to my cousin's place rather distressed and before leaving my cousin asked the woman if she's feeling good enough to go home by herself and the woman said she'll manage. Just as she got home, another mugger was waiting for her there and as she told him that she was just robbed and didn't have anything, this one beat her up.

I've told the above story because many people contemplate all kinds of disasters on daily basis. Some of those mental images may be fed to their minds by watching news, reading newspapers, watching movies, and some deliberately go looking for information of disasters that might have happened and those that have not even happened, like is the world going to end in december 2012. Most of dismal situations that people keep on conteplating and imagining how would they feel if they happened to them, have never even happened to them, but by contemplating what they'd rather not experience, sooner or later they may just manifest similar circumstances in their experience, because life is a stream of consciousness.

When you experience something that you prefer you didn't, look for a cause of it somewhere in your mind. The clues to your experiences are not in who did what in the outer world, but in what kind of thoughts, desires and fears did you contemplate about yourself, about other people, about your life. Maybe you were curious how would something feel like way back when and now it manifested in your life. Maybe you were upset at someone or you thought you know what's best for someone, and now you found yourself in the situation of that someone.

Maybe like Stephen King you contemplated or wrote scary stories and found yourself experiencing first-hand one of those stories. Years ago I read an article in which a news reporter was surprised that Stephen King had an accident that played out almost exactly like a scene from one of his horror movies.

You can contemplate or write stories about your life that turn out exactly the way you'd like your life to be. You don't have to be the victim of circumstances. You can choose to take control of your mind and of experiences in your life. Taking control of the thoughts that go through your mind may seem challenging at first, but with a little bit of practice, you can develop a new habit. The first step is to be aware of what you are thinking throughout the day.

If you knew that you are constantly planting seeds of your future experiences with the thoughts you think and with the feelings you feel, what would you be thinking and feeling throughout the day?

How would you feel if all your heart-felt desires were realized now? Hold onto that feeling.

Ego nomics

Hi Lovers

The audio version is better in my view because it is not but comes across as a comedy show but this site will not accept the file size to post the key ones here. Pages 52 to 79 are about the ego and identity and each and everyone of us I beleive will see just how much we are made of ego meaning just how much it is in control, is your fiction reality.

In my view this ego stuff Eckhart does proves once ego is overcome there is only I Am or isness. In other words, anything beyond isness is ego, is the fiction, and take note how much your thoughts are fiction.

You may conclude that to say you are this or that, or identify yourself or anything as anything, is ego and the ego is the creator of the fiction land you will never escape so long as you follow, beLIEve the ego.


I love you

For consideration

Hi Lovers

We know that a BC is proof of your existence but is not personal identification, but I betchya the information used against us is information already in the system.

We were extracted from the womb of a woman and someone filled out a form certifying the birth and someone else registered that information. Then we end up with a BC. At this point we were not party to anything, but, then we used the BC to apply for a SIN # and driver license.

I suggest it is what we did, the connections we made from us to the system, what is known as information collected under the Privacy Act, your personal information, that has us bound to the system. Until we used the BC to make these various connections with the system, the game, there was no information in the system that could be used against us. Everything you say can and will be used against you but up to the point of us receiving a BC, we were not involved and it is back to that point I suggest we must return.

Up until we used the BC to connect us with the system, the game, we just is with BC in hand. Think about it, if you never applied for a BC could CRA be knocking on your door?

So in part what I am saying is that a BC is not personal id but the information in the system as it exists at this moment is your personal information is what is used against you.

So saying the BC is not personal id means nothing unless it has not been used to make connections from you to the game. For us it has and so I am suggesting we need to deal with the information currently in the system in a manner that gets us back to where we just is with BC in hand.

For example, if your private information already held in information banks was removed or flagged, then it could not be used against you. It could though be used for you or not at all.

I am setting the foundation here and not building on top of that for this post because the point of this post is; could it be that it is the information already in the system that got there as a result of our actions that is used against us? That is considered your personal information, hence protection of information Acts, but such also is used to identify you.

The fact that information from you exists in the system may be an indication to the system you do not know who you are.

Bottom line what I am saying is we have to address the information already in the system so it is not used to identify us or be used against us in a way that lessens our natural capacity as I AM.

I was browsing through the provincial government web site and search every form they have in the repository. It appears some of these forms are used to access or confirm or deny information about who the requester believes is you.

Are you seeing my point? So what that a BC is not personal id if the information that is used to identify or against us is the information already in the system. It has to be because as i say, if you never applied for a SIN number could CRA knock on your door? That is but one example how we can see that what happened after stage one, we is and with BC in hand (had not used it to apply for anything yet), that has us bound to the system because they keep tracking us via that information.

I am not suggesting the method which one may use to address the information already in the system as I see many options, but if you were to legally sever a connection then you are effectively disconnected from that part of the game as far as being the target. Because at that point I AM is and has BC in hand and BC with name does not id I AM.

By using the BC as we did is when we became recognized as having the liability. Something we did or did not do has caused the system to recognize us as other than just is. In other words, up until we used the BC to make connections from us to the system on a personal information basis as we have, we did not have the liability for the name on the BC. That is not to say we do not accept liability for the name as I AM (divine being).

In fact Lee shared today a TV series called True Blood. He says in the first years episodes the game, the players and rules are revealled. The corporate entities, the dead, are represented by the vampires who have a secret to keep from the people and that is, they need us yet they have us beleiving we need them. haha! We see it by our actions it is true. In their with the vampires is a lady who is human (alive) and who accepts liability.

Because of that the vampires (the dead corporate entities) leave her alone. If you have not noticed, once you are connected with a corporate entity it does everything it can to suck out of you whatever it can.

Again, the point of this post is I am suggesting that it is the information already in the system that is used to identify you or target you and that it is that that must be addressed so we get back to the beginning. That being, the moment just prior to using the BC to connect with the system; when the BC proves your existence as I AM but not as the name on the BC. At that point you cannot be seen as having the liability for the name but by accepting liability for it, you are the unidentifiable source on that account.

Ekharte Tolle does a great bit on 'identity'. How we identify ourselves is how we are identified.

I love you









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