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Attention those in Pay it Forward

Hi Lovers

This message is for those in Pay it Forward.

The meeting scheduled for yesterday was cancelled due to the Minister being called to duty.

We are waiting for news regarding rescheduling.

The good news is that another Minister of the same church who was not well informed about these meeting is now informed and is in full support.

I will keep you informed.

I love you

May help

Hi Lovers

For those of you struggling with this we are the source of credit thing, maybe this will help.

First off you have to accept it is the people that power the system. Without people there is no Canada, no system, no credit, no banks, no money.

God created the heaven and earth and man. Man created Canada so man, you, is a God over Canada.

Now one thing God does which we know is love and for purposes of this that means God is our source of energy, life.

Now as creators of Canada, let us call it a sub-earth, we and only we are its source of power. In that sense, we are God over the system and God does not withhold energy, it is given without stint.

At no time would God expect his creation to serve him because as source energy what can his creation give that he cannot create himself? I know God is not a him or her so work with me.  So for this posting God is source of energy and source of energy knows and does one thing, provides energy end of story. To expect more one is then a conditional god.

With Love


Nice read

Hi Lovers

Great read.  Nothing new but very much related to the most recent information share here.

The banker admits the note you give it does fund the loan and does have a cash value equal to that on the face of a note.

It can be deduced very easily that in this case the borrower is the one funding the loan cheque. You can deduce then who the source of credit is and that if your note can fund a loan it can fund your bank account debt free.


You have the liability

From Terry: Mmm I would have thought the 'Mistake' was claiming the 'Name' as one's own not realizing that you cannot 'own' anything anyway so no money was actually borrowed or contracted by the Man/Woman.  I would argue that the contract of borrowing would actually be valid with full disclosure which obviously didn't occur.  Not only by the fact that you never actually owned what you thought you owned (you cannot own anything anyway) and the contract being void entirely by non-disclosure.  That of course is if we believe we have actually contracted in the first place.

Therefore one is merely pointing out the 'Mistake' of claiming the name as ones own in the first place and seeking forgiveness for doing so.  This is in fact what Wendy recently did as well.  This must then subsequently affect any spurious contracts that may have been unwittingly entered into under false information.

Well these are my thoughts at the moment anyway 🙂

Hallow: There is a lot of focus on claiming the name or not. That is not the issue, we are source/origin of all credit. As much as that credit can be used to create money for a mortgage, it can be created to make purchases. The mistake then is us not knowing we are the source of credit. If we did, we would not ask for loans and thus would not be subject to breach of contract. We would have no debts and lack would be foreign to us.

So long as I am recognized as a source of credit upon presentment of a BC, does it matter if I am recognized by or as the name BVR or as its owner? No. The fact is, as source of credit the name is your name in that your credit is accessed through that name. The question is, have you given it freely or are you withholding and if the latter; THAT IS WHY PEOPLE ARE SUBJECT TO ATTACK BY THE SYSTEM.

The name forms part of the system so your credit can flow to the system so it can serve you. It cannot serve you if you do not serve it or will serve you to the extent you serve it but the system like all systems, is designed to operate on no less than 100% of the required energy; in this case in the system that equates to credit.

If you have given your credit freely to the system you would not be subject to attack because the system would already have from you what it wants; your most value fresh air debt free credit. As the sole source of credit, if we do not let it flow freely into the system via 'your name' like you do with 'your body', then the system will send agents (sp's) to get it from you e.g. by way of laying charges.

We must fund our way with our credit to be free of the usurer. Unless you fund your own account there is no other source of funding but via the usurer and that holds the bonds and is due the interest payment portion. In other words, all income money presently used to fund bank accounts is borrowed and burdens birthed; whereas if you fund 'your account' with 'your credit' in 'your name', you are the source and there is no repayment obligation. No debt, no interest not income tax.

Claiming the name, no it is not the issue, not allowing your credit to flow freely is. You can be in the debt or credit circuit, you decide.

Some here seem to believe the government owns the name. It does not. Birth certificates are issued as proof of the birth of a life events is what they mean by not personal id, and life events are the sole source of all credit.

Have you noticed that the system does not work against those who serve it? Who bring it value? Who bring it fresh air, revenue?

I shared this in the post 'Source of all Credit'; your credit is not meant to be used for your benefit. It would be like the divine using its energy for itself and if it did we would surely suffer or things would not be as they is. You are not registered the name is so the system must recognize the name. If you feed your gilt-edged credit to that name for the benefit of the name, give your credit freely, the system will see the name is funding the system with debt free money, what I call fresh air. The system would then protect and serve the name and thus you would not be subject to attack or jurisdiction. Why would it once it knows you know you are source of credit. Heck, you may be asked to provide funding for projects that are good for us all once you are recognized as a source of free money.

If you are in a closed room and the air is stale and you found a wee hole where fresh air is blowing in, would you not turn your attention away from all else and pay it to that hole and breathe that fresh air? Our debt free credit flowing into the system would have the same effect. In this analogy the stale air is debt currency and the fresh air debt free currency.

So you can play the name game all you want but all you are doing as far as I can tell is avoiding the truth or real remedy. YOU ARE A SOURCE OF GILT-EDGED CREDIT. There is no other SOURCE/ORIGIN/FOUNDATION.

Now when you fund the name with your credit the name can make purchases and you get use and the currency is debt free which sends fresh air throughout the system. To say someone else owns the name is to say someone else has claim to your credit. To ask who has the liability for the name means you do not know you do or that you can cover the liabilities with your own gilt-edged credit, meaning you do not have to work to get the money.

You can be the source or someone else or thing can be. If you draw an income someone else is the source and to that source a return must be made; hence income taxes.

So there are three ways money goes into circulation. Through wages funded by your credit, through loans funded by your credit,  or directly from 'your' bank account funded with your credit. One way you work for money the other you serve (love) with your unlimited credit and since you are not asking for a loan, there is no risk there is no need for a credit report.

So issues revolving around the name as missing the mark. The government has no gold or credit to have monetized which is why it put us up as the gold, gilt edged credit. The government has not the ability to pay, it gets it from us. It has no credit it has no gold, we are it.

So, to ask who has the liability for the name or to expect the government to cover it or you doing anything but stepping up to the plate and issuing your debt free credit in satisfaction, is like asking the dead to provide life and since the dead cannot provide life, they, the legal entities, will go to you for it; Vicous cycle.

Take responsibility for your choices knowing you are the means to satisfy any obligation for any amount and the end result is, your credit flows freely into the system, giving it life, a breath of fresh air, love, relieves the burdens on others and you get use of property in your legal name. Your does not mean you own it but it is your name to use.

As it is, it appears the name is used against you. What I see is that is happening because the system spits out the BC's (BC is proof of birth of life event) it knows we are source of credit,  but because we are not giving it freely it will extract it one way or another by charging the name. But if the system knows you are giving your credit freely which is converted to debt free currency, it does not need to extract it anymore and as I  say, you may be asked to provide for some free money (love) to be used to do some good. The infrastructure is falling apart. Many are focused on doomsday rather than a solution that such a thing need not occur.

Injecting debt free money, fresh air into the system is the way. Nothing else need be done.

Wake up to who you are.

End of the Line.

With love

Source of all Credit


In some of the previous posts I used words like source energy. Although when speaking man to man that choice of words is okay, they will not likely compute in the system. What will is source of credit.

I mention this so where ever you read source energy substitute source of credit.

It is in the evidence taken by the Standing Committee on Banking and Commerce that the people are acknowledged as the source of gilt-edged credit. All other credit is sub-credit and it is sub-credit that circulates as money. Gilt-edged means golden so your energy in the system is golden credit or the substitute for gold since we went off the gold standard.

In other words, it is our golden credit that is the source of all other credit; hence, sub-credit. It is our golden credit that there is a financial system and it is the financial system that it the most protected of all.

There is still an mcp and sp's.

So when we say we are source energy we are correct in that we are the source of the 120 volts A.C. to start up the system, but the system operates on about 5 volts D.C.  Therefore there must be a step down transformer and convertor.

That is as far as I can tell, banks. Banks are the hardware of the system powered by a program (Bank Act) to monetize (convert) promises to pay and for any promise to pay to be good there must first be a source of credit. So it starts with credit within the system that is recognized as source energy but outside it starts with source of credit which for us in our terms is source of energy.

Bottom line as i see it now, we are source of credit which is not what circulates in the system as money but is the source of the all credit, sub-credit, that does circulate as money. Nothing moves without current-cy.

So the step down is of our golden credit (note) to sub-credit (chq) and the convertor is the bank.

If your note is converted for a loan then the loan proceeds are paid out on a cheque drawn on a bank making the bank appear as source of credit and to whom the return, repayment is to be made. But, if your note is issued for conversion and not a loan, the proceeds would go into your account to be paid out from your account on your cheque recognizing you as the source. The deposit of the proceeds of the conversion of your note the return to source because you are. End of the Line.

The sub-credit you pay out of your account as represented by the cheque is spent for whatever purpose you give it and it enters the financial system as debt free money.

Three things of interest.

To explain credit and sub-credit. Bank of Canada money is sub-credit. It cannot issue such paper unless there is something of value backing it and the thing of value backing it or that give the paper value is the true value. All what circulates as money is backed by or given value by our credit so it is our credit that is the true value, money, but gold does not circulate as money so once again we see a conversion is required. That what circulates as money as Lee said, represents value but is not THE value. Our gilt edged credit, we, is.

Just like the beginnings of the money changer. People deposited gold and the goldsmith issued a receipt. Soon people began to negotiate the receipts in the stead of the gold. Today we are the gold and our notes the receipt; good as gold.

It seems it is the function of the banks and only banks to convert credit to money/sub-credit.   That is the purpose of banks in the system. This i would say is why trying to change the system is futile. It is perfect as it is. It is us out of whack. The proof. We, the source of gilt edged credit, today's gold which is easily convertible to money, act like debtors.

The most protected system within the system is the financial system and without source of credit, us, there is no system so in that sense we are God over the system.

In physical terms we are source energy and in the system we are the source of all credit.

Now some of this talk of source of credit etc may not feel great but we have to speak the language the system understands or what we say will not compute. I think if we say we are source energy it will not compute but source of credit will.

I should add that it is the event of our birth that is registered not us, therefore we are not in reality recognized by the system, but, the name on the SOB is registered, a BC issued, and it is the name on the BC that is recognized. Now to show the perfection of the system it is set up such that you are more or less invisible, untouchable, are the source of credit, but your credit is not meant for your benefit because you are not supposed to be recognized. Your credit/gold is supposed to be for the benefit of the BC name that is recognized by the system. When you become source of credit, the name will be recognized as the owner of property; beneficiary of your credit/energy. The system also sees it benefits because it knows it issued the BC, but it cannot see you, but does see value accumulating in the name it does see, and so in its mind, the value belongs to the system/machine.

Just as your body is a tool through which the soul creates and experiences, we are in the same boat in that we are the soul and the BC name the tool through which we experience. As much as we are powered by divine energy so to must your name be powered by the divine energy, golden credit, flowing to you or the name is dead and love would not allow that. In a spiritual physical sense we create via divine energy and in a physical legal sense the the name creates via our golden credit. I say name because the system as far as I can tell does not or is not supposed to recognize us if for no other reason than we are not registered with it and I cannot fathom how a computer/system can recognize something not registered with it.

It may be that if we believe other wise it is evidence we are prisoners of our mind. From what I have been reading lately, it seems the game is to put us to sleep so other private powers with private interests can benefit off our credit, legally.

I love you

The Engine

Hi Lovers

Here is a quick layout of the flow of energy that powers the system. Notice this look like a loan transaction with people as the co-signer/guarantor.

All money is borrowed into existence. That is just the way it is.

Gilt-edged (golden) credit of the people >>> Gov't Bonds >>> Bondholder >>> Currency >>> Circulation >>> if you take the money you are liable for the interest obligation aka, taxes to the bondholder because you accept the benefit of a loan.

If you do not you are Source Energy/Credit to whom a return must be made.

Since we did not pledge our energy/credit but the fed did, if we do not take the money we cannot be liable because you were not asked and were not informed that the fed had put up you, your credit/energy, to make its bonds (obligation/the money) good. But that does not excuse a return being made to source, you.

The issue is not that you did not authorize the loaning of money on your credit or banking but that you serve of love rather than for the money.

I love you



This is to help put things in perspective and give us an idea where we are now. It would help if you have read 'The Law of One' before going further.

Ra enlightens us that there is the one infinite creator, logos, and under that creator are what are call sub-logos. So the one infinite creator for us is the mcp and we sub-logos. The creator of this solar system and earth are a sub-logos; is not the one infinite creator although that one is in everything. It is the head honcho of head honchos.

Now we sub-logos got creative and decided to create a system/universe with the power given us. With the power and ability given us we decided to create a universe and called it a Nation/Canada.

So we are the mcp over the system mcp that formed the Nation. Those operating under a title other than one that means or implies ordinary man or woman, sub-logos, is in capacity as an sp.

Somewhere along the way, we creators of the system, Nation, forgot who we are to the extent it is like we are now living in what we created and what we created has taken control over us.  The system we created to serve us has taken over and controls us because we ALLOWED it. We forgot we are the creators of the system to the extent the system is in charge of us. haha! You want to break the system, you are fighting your creation, you are fighting yourself.

The banker/moneychanger was created by the legal reality mcp via the Bank Act, so banks (moneychangers) and what they do are sp's.

But, there had to be a higher authority, legal logos that the authority, power and ability, exists to create the Bank Act program.

That is the Constitution. There is no higher authority in law than the mcp, constitution, legal logos. So we see the mcp is a sub-logos over a system. We need to see we are a sub-logos over the mcp because it was created by people to serve people. As it is we created a system to serve us, forgot that bit, and now the system controls us.

So fighting or bucking the system or doing anything but loving it 100% is going against ourselves. As source energy, our only concern should be providing the energy that the system we created to serve us can serve us. If we serve our creation freely it will serve us freely for we are the governors in that we decide how much or how little energy flows to it and under what conditions.

So, there is a sub-logos over us that created us and we are sub-logos over what we create. That includes the Constitution/mcp that created or from which was a big legal bang and boom, Canada is born.

The interface (silver wire) between us and the sub-logos below us, our creation, system, is a name registered with the system as evidenced by birth registration and a birth certificate.

It is all good. The name as far as I can tell is the means by which you are or can be recognized by the system as a source of energy. The only question is, how much of you are you willing to give to your creation?

I dare say but shall, if anyone here think the system is bad, then he she for sure is a lost higher level sub-logos, God.

With love


Hi Lovers

Movies like the Matrix and Tron are showing us the system and its components. It is like we exist in a giant organic based computer, or one that started that way.  There is only one thing that is not in or of the system, the source of power.

I thank Lee for the fine job of interpreting and putting in simple terms the following perspective. Key words here are master control program (mcp), sub-programs (sp), and source energy.

The mcp, not government, is the head honcho and all sp's created under the authority of the head honcho, which in non-digital or physical terms is the Constitution.

Tis the mcp that all sp's must respect and honour. Hint here for you folks is you are wasting your time going to the sp's because their allegiance is to the mcp and ultimately the system. The reason and the only reason the sp's have no obligation to you other than within the rules of the program that created a particular office of ministry or agency, sub-agency, blah blah is because the mcp does not see you as its source of power.

The most important aspect of any system is from where will the energy come to run it. Constitution (mcp) is by the people for the people but that only works if the people serve the mcp. But, as Lee points out, everyone serves for the money and so money has become the known source of energy (god/life blood) but money represents value and that value is us, our production/OUTPUT, which for the mcp is valuable input; energy.

Men and women do not make up any part of the system as we are its power supply, but, men and women who are persons (taxpayers, drivers, tenants, etc.) are not respected because they are hungry sources of energy; they want the money for their energy. They want more to get than to give.

The Constitution was drafted by the people to serve the people but since the people not serve it (the system) freely and unconditionally it cannot serve us freely and unconditionally.

So the key then is to get the mcp to see us as its source of energy which to the sp's makes us God. Tis the mcp that controls the sp's and so when the mcp sees you for who you really are, you must walk the walk for it to see you as source energy, it can then serve you. Basically the system is serving us to the extent we serve it. It is because we not serve it freely and unconditionally, as intended, the original instruction, or basis of the system, that they system does not see us for who we are and that is why you are under or subject to attack by the sp's.

As a source of energy if you not give it freely it will be taken. End of story because the divine objective/intent is to get you to give it freely. That you love to live and live to love. To get joy from serving other self; you-self, all are One.

Confirmation of this is the birth certificate. One way or another the system will get our energy or some of it. I say again and really hope this sinks in. The only reason people are under attack or subject to taxes or paying money is because they not serve of love. They do not give their energy freely.

The only thing we have that is ours to give is our energy. No nation, or system can function without a source of energy. The constitution would have no purpose if it not be to serve, but it cannot possibly do so if we not serve it, the system, because where else is there to draw energy but from us. We is the source energy, there is no where else to go.

We can give our energy freely, do love, or not and it is the not part we are doing that life is the way it is. Imagine you control the switch to the power supply to your stove and you cut the power from 100% to 50% or 25% or 99%. Can the stove operate as intended? We are by not giving 100%, starving the system and for that we starve, or, have not experienced nirvana.

Above I said there is one aspect of the system, any system that is not part of or is external to the system, the source of energy. In legal terms, once the mcp sees you as a source of energy giving 100% unencumbered energy, the jurisdictional issues are solved because you are out of the system now; external. Like God, in and around and transcendant of everything.

Further, the mcp's first and primary concern is and always has been to maintain, ensure, an energy supply. Hence courts to enforce payments and tax collectors which is all about money as source energy being returned to source to keep it going but again, as said above, money is not source energy but perceived as that because all people serve for money, so the eyes and ears and voice for the mcp, the system, see only money as their source of life. We can probably say that all persons are sp's.

My point here is that the system operates on the basis that a return must be and shall be made to source. Just like you pay money back to a bank. If you do not give back, action will be taken, assets seized or garnishment.

The system lives off money/form/information, but the mcp knows source energy, you, need substance; hence, right to life and that speaks to the sp's not to mess with source energy but as said above, if source energy is not recognized as source energy, e.g., he serves for money or not love, then he is a person and since persons are of the system he is an sp. No men here.

Anything and everything formed under the authority of the constitution is an sp. Birth certificates are issued under the authority of section 92 of the constitution and there is our connection to it as its source of energy, the reason it is and has purpose. I do not, but if you sense the constitution is being used against you or is a bad thing or is being abused you are probably correct, but, it is because it was drafted by people not to screw people but to serve people but even the servant with the best of intentions can only serve to the extent the servant is served, provided what is needed to serve, in this case of ourselves, our energy.

A birth certificate as we know is not intended to be personal id, it is meant that you be recognized as a source of energy; LIFE EVENTS are that.

By not giving freely we are withholding energy and a withholding of all or some energy is not good for any system, and in this case it has caused the system to change from its original instructions, just as we have, and gone into survival mode; a matter of life and death.

I hope this is making sense here. You have to see that everything is energy and the flow of it. Main thing is to know you are a source of energy and that without people, what purpose or power can any mcp/constitution have and so have no doubt we are connected to the system under the authority of the mcp but as source of energy, not sp's.

Life events are not sp's but the only source of energy for the system we are in, but, man can take on the role of many a sp, which if he does, he cannot be recognized by the mcp (constitution) as a source energy. Now it becomes a battle of the sp's when all you folks need do is wake up to who you are and the war will be over because once you are recognized by the mcp as source energy giving 100% freely, it will do whatever is necessary to make sure no sp messes with you and that you are well fed. What some may call constitutional guarantees but the guarantees are based on you giving your energy (100%) freely and unconditionally.

Pay attention here: The constitution was not drafted on the basis we will or must serve for money. To do that would be like designing a system that draws power from itself. In other words, there would be no external power source and we all know a power source is a must. We are that external power source but we've gone internal and that is why the sp's can see you as sp's. It is not the name that gets you but that you act like an sp in the stead of being a source of energy.

To clarify, it is the mcp that must see you as source energy. I think Lee is correct that no sp can communicate to the mcp that you are source energy. When the mcp recognizes you for who you are, it is not that the sp's will but that the mcp will send a command to the sp's to protect and serve source energy; you.

Simple as that folks.

Peace is with us...............


Hi lovers

For those in Pay it Forward, the meeting Thursday went well and I will, as I said I will, give a full report and cannot do that until I get home.

As for there not being new posts here for a while, as far as I can tell there is nothing more to say, or, if the information is correct, we are there and what more need be said?

I love you

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