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The Law

Hi lovers.

What law is?

As for the written laws, I say it comes down to two primary types, law that binds the conscience, applies to people only, and law relating to legal relationships, breach of contract, failure to perform, etc.

Tis the law that binds the conscience is what is covered here now.

It may help us comprehend the purpose of the written law. The words 'binds the conscience' may not be proper but I hope the point is made.

Let us go back to a time before a murder was committed or something stolen. There would be no reason to have a law stipulating procedure and punishment for murder or theft. Such had not yet been invented or committed and so it would be impossible to set out and draft laws that cover every possible human action or reaction. The law follows us.

So the law that is binding on the conscience exists to protect others from risk. The risk being injury or death or damage or destruction of property, things only people can do.

Would love kill or injury or damage or destroy property? No, therefore, the fact one of us committed the first murder or robbery or injury etc., the seed was planted in this dimension or density we are in in this life stream. The seed now planted and others following suit, laws had to be written to control such things as best possible, but, that is not the point, the point is, the law that is binding on the conscience applies only to men and women, humans, and only those who would put others or their property at risk.

The law is to steer us or teach us true love and respect and let me put that in perspective my way. I was thinking of times i'd manage a car and smoke a joint. I heard it was not safe to do that but I knew meself to be a good driver so that did not apply to me. Today I asked myself; am I in fact placing others at risk by so doing and the answer was quick and simple, YES. I found a few other thing I do that place others at risk and may find some more.

I saw then that all laws, the written law exist only because at some time in our past one or some of us did some things that placed others or their property at risk, contrary to the law of love, of which all is.

But, it the things people do that places others at risk that laws are then written more or less as a counter balance.

This is a revelation for me because it shows me a deeper understanding of love. So long as i do things that put others at risk or I am willing to do so, regardless how good or immune from incidents I think I am, true love is not yet in control of my thoughts. And the fact I think I am good or immune are selfish thoughts.

Any willful action that places others or their property at risk, will upon its invention, cause a law to be written as a counter balance or method of controlling expression of non-love conscience. That is why I say 'binding on the conscience'.

I think i get it now why I am still under the law. My operating system (processor) still has viruses that need to be whipped out and by that I mean, my willingness to do things that place others at risk, however minuscule and inconsequential they may seem on the face, is evidence of non-love thought. The other thing is, the only one who can accept the responsibility for placing others at risk is me. When I accept then I can delete a virus or corruption in my method of operation and slowly but surely love will take over.

So we can say then that it is offending the law of love that we are where we are. If the consciousness of love be in control all law is fulfilled.

With love

You are here

Hi lovers

I hope all enjoyed the weekend.

Love is the energy that expands and God is love.

So the Universe as we know it then looks like this:

<<<<<                                                  (expanding)                                                    >>>>>

This is you in that expanding Universe when partaking in contracts or not being in harmony with who you are; Love;

<<<<<                                      >>>>>(contracting)<<<<<                                       >>>>>

Try to view the world the way you think God would see it through your eyes.

With love



The Power of Love

Hi Lovers

Remember to meditate and call upon divine consciousness to take over your human consciousness.

"The butterfly effect occurs under two conditions:
1. The system is nonlinear.
2. Each state of the system is determined by the previous state. In other words, the output at each moment is repeatedly entered back into the system for another cycle through the mathematical functions that determine the system.

The result of the butterfly effect is unpredictability. Small differences in initial input can have dramatically different results after several cycles through the system". [renewing of the mind, my emphasis]

Creation begins with thought. Renewing of the mind begins with changing the output which requires a change of thought or interpretation of the output which would alter the output or what we perceive is our reality, the input.

The mathematical function that determines the system is how you process the input which is then output. You are in your own loop and your thoughts of your loop create your loop. In other words, your thoughts create the ride you are on.

Maybe now you'll have great love and respect for those you meet on your loop for they are of you and are what you are. Everything in your loop is what you are. By giving less than one hundred percent of self, one is withholding from self and other self. The name, the name on your loop your on.

For there to be dramatic change of input one would have to and can create a new output, a new operating system. New way of thinking. This would alter, determine, how information, input, is processed thus alter his reality, input.

If you believe the government owns the name and or has the liability for it, don't tell them that, tell them (the other you on your loop) something from your heart like, I serve of love and have no money. Come and get what possessions I have.

I love you


Hi lovers

There has been much talk over the years and a rebirth lately of folks claiming the Queen took an oath (promise) to maintain the true profession of the Gospel and up-hold the laws of God.

Let us think on this for a moment. First off, trying to change another is futile or will result in fakeness, therefore, changing thyself is the best answer as is accepting others as they are. God = love.

Blaming another for what happens to you is just plain stupid.

I am not saying the Queen did or did not take an oath (promise) or that the oath is valid or not, but what I will say, rather than look to her to uphold said laws the question is, what are you doing, if anything, to uphold said law?

Are you fighting against taxes or paid for your labour? Do you have insurable earnings or life insurance? Is money a motivator for you? Do you, have you, or would you launch a lawsuit against anyone or thing? Do you call people criminals or bad or evil? Have you or do you have loans? Do you judge? Do you have other Gods, authority, between you and your maker, true Father? When government speaks do you hear it? Have you a driver license or social insurance number?

I can go on here but I think the point is made, certainly if you consider if you do only one of those you have to ask, is such activity upholding the laws of God; LOVE?

So I ask in all reasonableness, do you really expect or think anyone is going to uphold the laws of God FOR YOU, or assist you in so doing if you do not?

I mean, if you can turn to the Queen or any of her agents to uphold said laws, can you not turn to yourself by getting off your ass and doing it?

If not, should the Queen or her agents stand up for you? Can they when you are not on the same page which how can you be if you are not yourself upholding said laws? Enforcing, binding them upon yourself as did the Queen.

Some say she swore an oath on a fake stone therefore her coronation is fake and she is not a Queen. Who gives a shit.  Your journey is about you and what you do and not what others do or do not do. Wake-up. If the Queen is a fake for swearing on a fake stone or for any other reason, what are you if not upholding the laws of God; LOVE?

I have said before and say again, persons are those who are not upholding the laws of God upon themselves. Said laws are binding on you but if ye not uphold them then ye offend them and who but you pays the price?

Can you be believed of your sincerity and conviction and knowingness if you turn to a book or bible and say; see, it says here I am this. How fake is that? Get off your ass and walk the walk. Your journey is about you and what you do and not what others do or do not do. Wake-up.

What are the laws of God, does anyone know? Do you find them in the new or old testament or are they written on your heart? If the latter and you are not upholding said laws, where is your heart at; is your heart open?

Folks, we can make all the excuses and come up with all the justifications we want but in the end I think you will find it is you your journey is about, hence; go within or go without, meaning, or be left behind.

I will say that until we each is upholding, living, the laws of God, there will be other earthly authorities, yup, other earthly authorities than yourself who will take charge for it is the absence of the enforcement of the laws of God (LOVE) that we are in the mess we are and we people are the ones to uphold and enforce said laws as binding upon self. This is why I say, who is going to say you cannot love and live (food on your table) and if they did, who gives a shit. What you do matters.

I mean, how the heck can the Queen uphold said laws if WE DO NOT? Maybe she is but we are not seeing or feeling it because we are not?

She would have to have far more power than she does to maintain said laws without us. She would have to be like God and so when you are focusing on her to uphold said laws who are you saying is God? Further, the law of freewill would have to be dispensed with because she would have to force them upon us. Maybe she is or God through her. Maybe that is what CORRECTION facilities are for. To give us TIME to think and maybe come out with a new perspective, a new mind.

I cannot fathom how one or a hundred or a thousand or ten can uphold the laws of God when no one else is. I mean to the extent you are prepared to die to have them upheld on your account than switch or continue to serve you own interests or mammon etc. But you, yes you, must be upholding and enforcing said laws upon yourself before anyone is going to assist you. Whether or not anyone does should not be a concern, just do it.

Yes we can forgive and love he that kills but we cannot make him uphold the laws of God, love. So maybe, just maybe, the Queen is upholding the laws of God but we are not is why it seems she is not.

I mean, I do not think going into a court saying you fucking criminals have a fucking obligation to uphold the fucking laws of God and are not fucking doing it; you fucks, is an indication the one doing the talking is upholding the laws of God. I am going to sue your asses off and take everything you own. I will never quite until you evil bastards change your evil fucking ways. hahahahaha!

I do not think fighting for taxpayers rights is an indication one is upholding the laws of God given man need not be a taxpayer and in that sense yes, paying tax's is voluntary. I do not think telling the government it can do this and not that is an indication one is upholding the laws of God. I do not think paying the government attention whatsoever, other than loving it, is an indication one is upholding the laws of God.

If you research the history of control, that is to say when the awareness of it and the effects came into being, it was the weak men that discovered fear through doubt and the power of both. Government is like those men, it fears us because it is in fact weak, powered only by us and fearing us for not upholding and enforcing the laws of God (LOVE) upon ourselves.

Yes, as much as being a tax payer is voluntary, so to is enforcing the laws of God upon yourself.

You have freewill available to you to choose to enforce and uphold the laws of God upon yourself. I would say that until we do we are in bondage.

Choose love.

I love you

Created Equal; but……..

Hi lovers

I don't think there is any doubt that we are created equal with dominion over the earth etc, but, where all that changes in one way is when one enters into a contract.

So claiming you have dominion over the earth while also party to a contract is oxymoronic.

Also, if you have dominion over the earth, then why on earth would one submit himself to any other authority? 

So we can say we contracted our dominion/freedom away, but the good news is, we can free our selves of said contracts very quickly and honourably.

Where there is love there is no contract (there are no terms and conditions to adhere to) there is no law. No contract means no claim = no legal relationship. That was the finding of the court in Tomkins v. Erie Railroad 1938ish and other cases since.

No contract no law means no jurisdiction over you. Absent a legal relationship there is no relationship the law can recognize. Thus, it is by getting involved in legal relationships, contracts, that dominion is on the back burner; your private affairs subject to public ridicule.

Dominion is another word for sovereignty. Tell me how it is possible one who is bound by contract is also sovereign?

How many men and women in love wed, promising to love each other til death do they part, but then end up divorced and the worst of enemies. How it is contractual relations with those you do not say you love will turn out any better?

Contracts carry into the future yet there is only now, so if one is involved in contracts is he living in the now?  

For those who have not done so it would be a good idea to study 'promises'. You may find it is highly recommend, certainly from a spiritual perspective, that one not get involved in making comittments (promises) into the unknown future. Shit happens and so to avoid shit, avoid contracts.

5 basic human rights we all have access to or cannot be denied; food, water, shelter, freewill and self preservation. With free will comes the choice to contract or do love. 

I know of no simpler way to say all what needs be said, where there is love, true love, like that parents have for their children and our creator for us, there is no contract there is no law.  

One last thing. Would you command your children love you and if you did, would their love for you be genuine? The God I know does not command it or anything for that matter, but, I am free, do not need permission or approval, to comitt myself to love God with all my heart, and nothing but me can stand in my way.

I love you

Contract is ‘your law’

Hi Lovers

Name game aside, if you are a party to a contract the terms and the conditions of the contract is your law; what you agree with.

The courts will not trespass into or against a contract and in fact upholds and gets involved with enforcement.

The proper way out of any contract is honour, beginning with, acceptance of your responsibilitiy. You signed a contract.

Where there is love there is no contract there is none of your law but God's law now in effect. Love God with all thine heart and thy brother as thy self.

Some say the Queen has promised to uphold the laws of God, and I beleive she did but that is not the question, are you upholding the laws of God is? If you are party to a contract you are not and cannot be upholding Gods law but your own as evidenced by the contract bearing the terms and conditions you agree with.

If you think someone else is responsible for your choices and to uphold God's law for you whilst you uphold your own, good luck to ya.

The only reason for law is to fill the void of lack of true divine love expressed through each of us.

Now you can try to hide behind a name all you want but that does not change the truth, when you entered into contracts you did so beleiving yourself to be on the hook, or, you'd not have signed contracts e.g., to get that beautiful car...

Paid employment is a contract.

Sorry folks but I do not see it that one can bind himself to contracts that the system exists because of and claim to be under or ruled by the laws of God. In fact I would say one is trying to mock God.

There is but one way out of the box, to be free of contracts, out of the box, lack; it is called Love.

With love

The Way

Hi Lovers

This speaks for itself. Take it as you do. Christ says essentially the same in his letters mentioned here several times.

With love

Great stuff

Hi Lovers

Florence Shin, The Game of Life and How to Play it audio link. From Unity;

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The complete audio series (chapter 1 - 11) is here (below)

With much lover


Hi lovers

One thing we have to seriously consider is that the so called authorities have no authority over us. We seem to have this fear within that we cower to these earthly authorities.

It is a tough call when children are involved but somehow it is counted on we will cower rather than say no to these earthly authorities. Thing is though if there exists a legal relationship, as much as you may be prepared to do love, the other party(s) may not. So those contracts have to be nullified or novated or all parties come to an understanding and walk away satisfied. If you stop playing the money game and accept who you are, born naked and broke, all contracts become frustrated or non-performable; money being the consideration.

Must be something we carry forth from past life experiences. Your mind (fear) is saying I must be careful how I speak and react to these gov agents when all we need do is say no, I am responsible for me and ??????

Many will not rock the boat for fear of loosing a government benefit but, if that benefit is considered a necessity of life (food, roof over your head, heat, electricity, etc) to cut you off is akin to attempted murder. A friend said he would charge the folks at the local municipality with attempted murder if they cut off the water as indicated in a notice. He rec'd a letter of apology from the treasurer two days later. That quick.

Bottom line, fear has to go. The government it seems thinks or exists on the basis we need it to look after and care for us; it is a reflection of us. But if it was to withhold necessities of life, or allow it, and you do not need to fill out an application here, that is a crime............Take responsibility for you and child(s) and let the gov off the hook.

This is why I say we can choose to serve God, serve of love and not for money, offer our life as payment, and the right to life aspect kicks in because to withhold it is a crime. Yes you can apply for money for food but you can also say whoever withholds could be charged with attempted murder, maybe murder....You are not born with money and money is, on the face, a necessity of life in this day and age because it gives access to the substance that is your necessities of life...........I am not saying you need money but that money is required to be paid.

But most people fill out the government forms and hope it is approved and and and rather than see things for what they are or face the fact this is about you and not the letters or paperwork. Go through the hoops for government hand outs when that is not the only option. Rules to follow so that benefits, tid bits, are not cut off. Reliance on man and institutions formed by him rather than on God.

I notice my fears and figure out ways to get over them. Florence Shin 'The Game of Life and How to Play It' is a great book. Simple short and sweet. It seems that when you are willing to face the fear the thing feared is not there.

Anyhow, from where I sit, getting out of the box has nothing to do with paperwork except maybe to convey: I turned to serve (love my brother and God) of love for God thus have no money (not to mention you are not born with it and serving for it is a choice); all things made of Gods dust belonging to God, the principal, I own nothing; I accepts full responsibility for past debts and future financial obligations, including those associated with obtaining necessities of life, but, all I have to pay with is my life (in service) and so I offer it in payment now. I have nothing else I can say is mine to offer.

How much more honourable can one be???????????? There is much talk of honour but from where I stand; there is but one way to being honourable, serve of the love for God including all that entails, which as I see it is covered in the paragraph immediately above. But it is not the words that matter it is the intent. Are you true to what you say? Can God be mocked? Might there be consequences for attempting to mock God?

If you are offered welfare or any other benefit you will not and cannot take it and serve God. Thanx but no thanx. If you are spoken to as if the one speaking to you has authority over you, you will not and cannot acknowledge that authority and serve God. But is it good to be respectful? Yes. Does God require you be licensed to drive a car? No. Is it good to know how to manage a car? Yes. So this is not about slaying the law but fulfilling it.

Honouring and respecting it as well as and more importantly, each other. We do that by serving God of love for God. That what gave you life and has provided all your necessities freely but you do not believe enough to take the leap of faith. You hold faith in your earthly employer, the elected, letters and other peices of paper to do your walking and talking.

Psalms 118:8

You, the agent, can only have one master or principal. If you choose God, to be true, you must stand firm. You must know what it means to serve God as your principal. It is no different than a government agent serving his principal, e.g. Her Majesty, except he serves for the money. But if that agent were to serve another master whilst employed by Her Majesty, things not good will happen as they have for us because we not serve of love for that what gave us life.

With God you serve of true unconditional love and for no reason whatsoever but that. Could be it brings you joy. But to serve for a reason is a consideration and a legal relationship (contract) may be formed. Where there is true love in service such is not possible and you would never be involved in or subject to legal actions/claims. There is no other way people. God made us in his image does not mean the human physical form but the spirit, consciousness of God. Be led by the spirit of God.

One final note. As a golfer one thing we learn is when on the green, when putting, you look beyond the hole, the hole being the objective. It is true that if you look at the hole the ball more often than not comes up short of the objective, hence; look beyond the hole. The point here is that to reach your objective you must see past, beyond, now. See, feel, know, you have acheived your objective.

If I were to putt with an attitude of, how will the ball go in the hole, rather than knowing the ball will go in the hole, my putting average would skyrocket.

Lastly, maybe we, because we not do love are withholding necessities of life. Surely when one gives 100% of himself he withholds nothing.

I love me.

Renewal of Your Mind

Hi lovers

The math does not lie and the math says if we all served of love all would truly be free. No debts, no stress, no legal mumbo jumbo, no paperwork, etc.

In other words, where there is love there is no contract there is no law and yet folks still look elsewhere than themselves for a way out of the box.

They look at the government id documents, contracts, U.C.C., PPSA, a name, this that and the other thing, but it is you, the man in the mirror, and you alone that this is about.

In other words, the way out of the box is you and nothing external of you or that was not part of you upon extraction from the womb. Get naked and look in the mirror.

What you see is what you got to work with. Everything else is not you and has nothing to do with how you get out of the box.

Love is like the battery in a flashlight, there as a source of energy (consciousness) knowing only one thing; give.

At no time does the battery think about it, therefore; it has nothing to gain or loose. It exists to serve and therefore has nothing to gain or loose.

The instant a concern comes to mind is the instant love is no longer in control. Trying to address these concerns is a NEVER ending task. These concerns evolve from the mind, the intellect. Love has no concerns.

Surely you are better than a battery.

I hear still folks suggesting you have to do this or that with this document or that, or follow this or that procedure; none of which is you accepting responsibility for your life or doing love. Look within or miss the boat.

This journey is about you and not the documents you carry. Those documents did not get you into bondage, you did. All bondage is associated with money and when you serve of love you have no money thus cannot be so bound. Where there is love there is no bondage.

Doing love is a choice one may make and once made is made It is said it is done.

This has nothing to do with a name, legal or otherwise, this is about you and the choices you make. Those choices are a reflection of who you are. How you speak and what you say and how you say it reveals much about you, the type of spirit in control, your level of consciousness spiritually speaking. Good spirits or so called evil ones, regardless, that is who you are at that moment and how you will be judged by others.

It does not matter your name if your are doing the love thing for doing love is doing love. Where there is LOVE there is no contract there is no law. There is no exchange thus no legal relationship possible. No legal relationship = no possibility of dispute or controversy.You cannot be taken to court.

Love energy flows like this starting at you >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Where is the legal relationship? What claim can be made against you? What can be got from you that is not already given? What more have you to get? Only one insane would attempt to get from you what you have not. Freedom then comes from the joy of helping and serving others for that is your inner calling.

Some think their energy exchanged for money is more valuable than the energy of another given freely. Which is richer?

Knowing money is borrowed into existence is it love to partake in such activity knowing thy brothers bear the burden?

What excuse have you to keep looking away from you, love, as the answer?

You cannot be free of all burdens of this earth until you let go of all things of this earth as being you, or forming who you are, or as important.

We are created to serve like the cells that makes up the human body.

Lay your life/energy on the line of the natural love and affection for all, the universal body, and the Kingdom will open up to you.

I say again, it is you, the choice/choices you made that got you in the box, not the gov documents, and it is you and the new choice/choices you may make, and not the government documents or law or procedures, that will get you out of the box.

In other words, and I am not saying to do this, but you could toss aside all government anything and knowledge of the laws etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc and put your life in service as the only thing you have to pay with to be free of the contracts and requirement to pay money.

Be led by the spirit of God, for those are the sons of God and co-heirs with Christ. All others are 'persons' in law. Son is a term of nature and person a term of law, therefore, if you is treated as a person it is because you is under the law because you not be and do true unconditional love.

You are not loving your brother. You are at WAR.

With love







Further to the post Choices


In the letter from the Senator he mentions 'properly rescinded' contracts. Properly rescinded the keywords.

I am not drawing conclusions but will say, where there is a contract, all parties that formed it must agree to its cancellation and or modification. We can perhaps argue this or that, not my name etc., but that does not excuse me from what i got me in to. I, not the name, agreed to a loan and agreed to pay back.

I am not going to hide behind a name. In fact, is that not what some say owners of corporations are doing; hiding behind the business entity free from liability or responsibility for things done in the [legal] name of the entity?

How can God accept liability if we do not accept responsibility. Ultimately it is the human aspect that is responsible here on earth.

All I am saying is it seems the proper way to deal with this is to seek agreement. In my letter I laid down the facts, offered my life in service as all I have to pay with, and asked that the pledge of the whole of my life in service is accepted as payment? An offer that cannot be refused in that to do so is stupid given the circumstances.

There is nothing greater one can offer than that. As we say, we cannot be made to work for money or worship other gods, e.g. judges.

By giving our life in service as payment, all we have that we can say is mine, is the fulfillment of all contracts.

The wonderful thing about an agreement is you know where you stand. Meaning, if you and the gov come to an agreement that your life in service is good as payment, you know exactly where you stand. Absent agreement what have you?

This may help steer you what you can do to get out of the box.

With love


Ltr Re cancel gov contracts

Hi lovers

Wally sent me a document. It written by a State Senator in 1985 in which he acknowledges that people are canceling contracts with the governments by returning anything and everything received from governments.  He acknowledges it is legitimate and that most authorities (police) are UNAWARE of the contractual aspects of this and the choice we all have.

Here is a kicker. The permit in your car is evidence of a contract with the State. After considering that it hit me, to whom are you subordinate if you are the permitted?

Which god have you before you?

We cannot have two or more gods before us like we do. We must make up our minds and if it is that the one infinite creator, God of the Universe is your master, then as has been shared here much recently, you cannot obey any other whatsoever..................That is not to say you disrespect government or its laws but that they do not have authority over you.

If you are led by the spirit of God then God 'is' the authority over you.

All government issued anything must be returned. You may have to as said in the bible, sell everything so as to have no permits or evidence you are party on contracts and rely on the right to life to kick in, otherwise there is a withholding of necessities of life, work for money or else, and that is a crime.

You have the freedom to choose to serve/worship God in your own way. If that way be to recognize that God as your master no law can prevent it. Discrimination comes to mind.

Present your body a living sacrifice, being your reasonable service, love, equates to equality: II Corinthians 8. The fact is the government does own everything, legally speaking, and does have the liability, but the contracts (SIN #, driver license, permits, etc) have us subordinate to it.

We are children and master of all, but, perceived as children of government rather than of God.

So the primary choice to be made upon which all else is built is in my view simple; have no other gods before you. Choose God the Father, love, and get rid of anything and everything that is evidence of a contractual nexus with any and all earthly entity.

I shared the Religious Freedom Act not to rely on it but to show you you can choose to serve and worship God your way. In fact you are now in that you choose other gods as your master.

This is the way home folks. This is how WE become one again. When all such contracts are nullified there is no more individualization. No names to separate one from the other.

I feel I must reiterate. We are not saying fuck off government or shunning it laws or saying we are above the law, but turning to our maker, that what gave us life, as our master which i know to be love and walking the walk.  In fact it could be more like, God is my master blah blah but if it would make the government happy that I carry a driver license then it can ask and i will do so gladly.

I except the government will provide proof of contract of insurance for ITS car I will be using........hahahahaha!

Do you feel freer just thinking about sending all those government things back and turning to our maker as master?

I prefer the word commitment (voluntary) than commandment (shall do) and say God is my master in that love is my guide and I do not recognize any others laws as authoritative but nevertheless, in respect of equality for all, respect the rights and freedoms of others including the dead.

If it helps, as much as some here will question how they will live if they do this, the other side will be wondering the same thing. I have heard it many times in my travels, but how will you get the necessities of life? The answer could be, who is going to withhold them?

With love

Freedom of choice

Hi lovers

In Ontario is the Religious Freedom Act, R.S.O. 1990, Chapter R.22

This acknowledges and guarantees your right to serve God, live, your way which would include to serve of love and not for money or other considerations.


Whereas the recognition of legal equality among all religious denominations is an admitted principle of Provincial legislation; And whereas, in the state and condition of this Province, to which such principle is peculiarly applicable, it is desirable that the same should receive the sanction of direct legislative authority, recognizing and declaring the same as a fundamental principle of the civil policy of this Province:

Therefore, Her Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Ontario, enacts as follows:

Free exercise of religious profession, etc., guaranteed

1. The free exercise and enjoyment of religious profession and worship, without discrimination or preference, provided the same be not made an excuse for acts of licentiousness, or a justification of practices inconsistent with the peace and safety of the Province, is by the constitution and laws of this Province assured to all Her Majesty’s subjects within the same.  R.S.O. 1990, c. R.22, s. 1.

Good listening

Hi lovers

I heard the first guy speak before and is right on. Thanx Hmmmm for bringing it to our attention again.

Episode 17   Click HERE

I love you

Laws of God

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From a case we shared previously, Dominion Canners Ltd v. Costanza.

The laws of God and man both give the party an opportunity to make his defence, if he has any, said Fortescue J. in Dr. Bentley’s Case[22] at p. 567. Nor is the application of the principle that no man [Page 66] shall be deprived of his rights without an opportunity of being heard, limited to strictly judicial proceedings. Cooper v. Wandsworth Board of Works[23] at p. 189.

Shows us that the laws of God apply.

This is maybe why the guy in B.C. who along with others was charged with trespassing got off when he said, "I do not believe God wants those trees destroyed".

This is a reason I say you have the choice to serve God for the love of God. Call it a defense or lawful excuse matters not; if you serve God for the love of God you have no money with which to obtain necessities of life nor will you need any.

Is it not said in the New Testament; Love God with all your heart and your brother as yourself.

Call it law, commandment, or commitment, serving for the love of God can be your law but keep in mind, love does not command for to command love is not love.

So you could say something like, God, love, did not create me and Christ did not teach that I serve for money or that I obey any other authority (god) for there is but one authority (God the Father of all).

I love you

Control mechanism

Hi lovers

If you listen to 'A Conversation with God' book 3 is where they speak of the discovery of fear as a control mechanism.

Until that moment fear did not exist in our consciousness.

It is an interesting parallel what Col. Mandel House said long ago; "we will suffer the people to earn a living".

It is in my view via control of the money that folks are enslaved. Not by the money or by those who control and regulate it but through fear. Fear of, how will I live without money, yet that very beleif is what has one enslaved.

Having pretty much let go of that fear by turning to God the Father as my life giver, provider, licensor, protector, it has become quite obvious to some what we have to do to move forward or to para phrase, get out of the box.

It really is quite simple yet, as much has been shared on the topic I have not heard from anyone who gets it.

You are not born with money and not required to have it to pay. It is the fear that prevents people from seeing past the money or life without the need for it. It is the focus on the money rather than on love that has folks trapped.

Before I get into the totality of the Final Stand here is the link to a conference call we had April 26th for those in Pay it Forward.

The audio quality is not the greatest but you should get the basis of the way out of the box. It is about 2 hours.

The information does not say specifically how to get out of the box because that bit has to come from you, loose the fear, but it lays a good foundation where we are going. I will expand on that in the next few days or so and all will be given an opportunity to join us in the Final Stand.

Key points, accepting full responsibility/liability, BUT, all I have to pay with is my life meaning; give nothing less than the whole of your life in service freely and unconditionally of love for God = a one way street. A one way flow of energy from you as source to wherever it goes = no contract no law. No law in that contract, 2 way street, is the law.

Further, my life giver is my employer and my life giver does not require of me things the earthly government does. Who and how you serve or comply with determines who your master is. As of now the evidence is government is your master because of all the things you complied with believing you had to and fearing ramifications if you do not.

If you choose God, love, as your master there can be no room for argument. Either you serve like you say or you cave in to fear.

Fear runs deep in our consciousness and must be overcome and fear comes in many forms but it is all False Evidence Appearing Real.

Bruce Lipton has shown scientifically the cost of living in fear and the benefit of living in love.

Choose Love.

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I love you!

Preparing for the Final Stand.

Hi lovers

In keeping with helping to build an era of love and peace we have a decision to make.

We either keep on keepin on doing as we are complying with the government laws or we choose to serve God of love and be in compliance with the laws of the Universe.

To put it simply, and many have said they serve God, but, are they willing to stand firm on that to the extent they are prepared to put thier life on the line. I cannot say but will say, as far as some of us can tell, unless one is prepared to do that his words and intent mean diddly.

What I am saying is, we do have the choice to serve God and that message has been conveyed. To be taken seriously though it seems we will have to be prepared to die. Not that anyone will die but that until one takes the stand he is prepared to, he will not be taken seriously.

In other words, it seems unless one is prepared to put his life on the line to save his soul he will loose his life meaning, remain in the box, in debt, and regulated.

I will elaborate further in the coming week or so. 'Til then, know we are preparing to take the final stand and that we believe it will result quickly in the freedom from the box we seek. In short, we are standing for love and nothing less than.

Where there is love THERE IS NO CONTRACT THERE IS NO LAW THERE ARE NO DEBTORS OR DEBTS OR BILLS OR MORTGAGES. All things are free meaning, cost goes out the window.

I love you





Hi lovers

This is primarily for those desirous of helping to build and era of love and peace.

This is from Christ's Way and is but one of the up-dates posted October 2007. You can find all the letters if you search Christ Way. It is my view that these letters and up-dates are the best if for no other reason they come from a soul that came as a man and is now where wish to be. You want truth, go to the source I guess is what I am saying. I have been reading the letters since 2006 and the up-dates since 2008. To each his own.

Up-date 8. MEMBERSHIP of the  'ERA of  LOVE & PEACE'  or  'KINGDOM OF HEAVEN' on earth.

Before setting out the rules for Membership, I will refresh your memories concerning your own creative power within your minds.

But when your thoughts and feelings unite in thought patterns of desire, or intention or purpose, you have created a life-form. That life-form is a blue- print, an electrical outline of your intention and the corresponding magnetic field of emotion draws particles of energy together to bring this driving intention into visible manifestation."  

This is a manifestation of your own desires and because your knowledge of yourself and your future is so limited, this manifestation will bring its happy side and its dark side into your experience.

But when you first go to Divine Consciousness and seek the true solution to your problem and take this solution back to Divine Consciousness for its perfect manifestation on earth - then you have the perfect manifestation of Light carrying within it no future disappointments.

Try to make it second nature to first seek guidance from Divine Consciousness. Even though you may feel you have heard nothing from the Divine,  I tell you truly - if you remain steadfast in faith, in time to come, you will find the answers in visible form returning to you.  Therefore:

1.  As a Member of the Kingdom of Heaven of Earth I will meditate daily, starting with ten minutes, and moving on to whatever time I am comfortable with.  I will set aside all thought as much as possible, quieten and silence my mind.  I ask Divine Consciousness with heartfelt prayer to enter my consciousness and take over, bringing me Divine Wisdom and Divine Love that It may bless my own life and all I relate to in any way, and the world generally.

I will use this time of union with Divine Consciousness to KNOW that all matters I take to it for healing and solving will be duly healed and solved.
I pray that Divine Consciousness will give me the grace to KNOW that IT always answers the prayer of loving conviction.

2.   As a Member helping to create the Kingdom of Heaven, I must set aside every thought of envy.  I must remember and affirm that as the child of Divine Consciousness, the 'Father', I may ask for whatever needed or wanted and know that, in due time, it will surely be manifested for me.

3.   As a true Member of the Kingdom, daily I will reject all ego thoughts and replace with those of compassionate love and the unconditional loving thoughts with which I will help build the Kingdom.

Daily I will repeat to myself.  'I have undertaken to help build an Era of Love and Peace and my every loving thought is a transforming influence on earth'.

4.  I must remember that the Kingdom of Heaven  is a place of joy and laughter.  Daily I pray that I may become more enlightened and lifted into appropriate spontaneous joy and laughter to help lighten the spirits of those around me.

5.   Daily I must remember that to overcome ego and make deep meaningful contact with other people, I must LISTEN!   I must control my ego drive to talk about myself, and must listen, striving to understand and empathise with what I am being told.

6.  Daily I must  remember that to overcome ego, I must be able to hear any truth about myself  without wanting to retaliate or find excuses.  In the Kingdom of Heaven is no backbiting, vindictiveness, resentment!   By undertaking to help build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, I must transcend all these ego impulses - exchanging them for unconditional love.

7.  Daily I must remember that in the Kingdom of Heaven is only a KNOWING that tomorrow will be perfect because Divine Consciousness fills the minds and hearts of every dweller in the Kingdom.  Therefore, I must avoid all alarmist talk.   I will not get caught up in retelling the faults of others.  I will not indulge my lower consciousness by contemplating the evils of the governments and the world.  To build the Kingdom of Heaven I must withdraw from everything which I do not want to see perpetuated - otherwise the Kingdom will never take shape, or others may build it and I will be left behind.  I will be shut out  by the self-indulgent consciousness I am  building every day,

8.  I will listen with love to all who seek my comfort and will ask Divine Consciousness to give me the words to say to heal their hurt.

9.  Daily, I will visualise and make the following affirmation with love for the world and for myself.  I will affirm constantly that because Divine Consciousness illumines my mind, my affirmations are powerful and life giving.  I visualise they are the seeds of future events.

'Daily, I open my heart and mind to Divine Consciousness transcendent to help me dissolve all present selfish ego drives.
Daily, I open my soul to receive Divine Consciousness to assist me in building a new ERA of LOVE & PEACE in the world.

'In the KINGDOM of HEAVEN only Divine Love, Divine Compassion, Joy and Laughter and beauty of self-expression will be sublimely manifested always.

' Nature in every area of the world will flourish luxuriantly, harmoniously, supplying fruits and food for every single person on earth. All people will be well fed. All will be well clothed. All will be uplifted in spirit and will manifest Divine Consciousness in every way, every day.

'I lift this Vision of Felicity to Divine Consciousness where it will be ignited with DIVINE LIFE for its perfect manifestation on earth.  I give my loving thanks to my SOURCE that even now it is all beginning to take shape in the unseen.
'Thank you, Father.'

My beloved souls, it is known that at this time there will be clear and unmistakable divisions between the children who choose the Light and the children who prefer the diversions and darkness of the worldly ego.  For the Light to lighten the world all must become the children of the Divine.

Lovingly, compassionately, even reluctantly I leave you, having spoken what I would have you understand.  My LOVE enfolds you in ardent longing for you to to receive my words as simply as a tiny child listens to its father's well-loved voice, to ensure  my urgent message may bear fruit in your lives and the lives of those who surround you.

'This is a true message of powerful creativity of your future. If you will believe and act, you will see it come to pass.  Most certainly within your own lives you will find yourselves in your Kingdom of Heaven.

Rest in Love Divine. Rest in Peace.  Rest in Light.


Hi Lovers

You may recall earlier this year I had a court appearance regarding the allegation of traffic Act related offences. You may recall I requested and met privately with the prosecutor. The main thing I got out during that meeting is there is no lawful authority to treat a BC as personal id or me as BVR.

I appeared before the court after that meeting and began by saying "I am not BVR, the name is BVR". It was then the judge and a different prosecutor than the one I met said they would go xparte' which means proceed without me.

About two weeks ago I was given a Notice of Motion by OPP for the crown making a motion for change of trial date.

I was asked by the OPP officer if I was VB and said no the name is. He asked if he could call me Vic and I said sure.

First thing is since they were moving xparte I in fact have no knowledge of a trial date, further, the Notice of Motion was regarding R vs. BECK.

I thought, who or what is BECK?

So I sent the Notice back to the crown prosecutor and a copy to the justice of the peace saying;

The man who was given the Notice of Motion enclosed has no knowledge of a trial date (true), nor, who or what BECK is.

I added in closing; said man did not and does not authorize the use of 'his name' for public or commercial purposes or purposes of trade.

What name I mean by 'his name' is any name someone wants to get something from me through.

I mailed them with no return address or name.

On another topic, we will have news soon of something grand and all will be offered an opportunity to join in what we call the "Last Stand'. That is if necessary. All in relation to getting out of the box based on an inner desire/calling to help to build an era of love and peace and not ones stuff account. Seperate the wheat from the chaff.

If some one is willing to set up a Skype conference situation I think it would be good if we held conferences via Skype once a week open to all who can make it on. There is another good reason related to the Last Stand but i shant get into that as it may not be necessary.

I love you!


Hi lovers

Something you may not be aware of. The government it seems does have and must have insurance to cover auto accidents/incidents in the event you do not. A friend made and inquiry about such insurance and the response was "why do you want to know".

This is further evidence for me that if we choose to serve of love and not for money we do not have money and so the government has insurance to cover liabilities so those who know not love and want to suit you (e.g. resulting from a car accident) get their money.

But, so long as you serve for the money that policy will not kick in. I have no doubt that there are other solutions already in place for those who serve of love. Including obtaining necessities of life. But, for many, they cannot get past the what if but it is the what if that has them locked into that unknown.

I heard a speech by P.M. Stephen Harper over the weekend that contains a statement he made that says it all; "Canada must reflect the character of the people". You wonder why Canada wants wants wants, look around you. Give all you got to give and there is nothing more to get from you. It is your giving that is the payment for life. The living sacrifice.

I was laying in bed the other night and found me. I exist in my thoughts. When my mind is silent there is no me. Me, my thoughts, is the resistance. Resisting and blocking input from the divine all knowing mind. This is what I mean by let go. As Christ says, do you really think your finite human minds can known anything?

This is why they say go within or go without but you have to shut the mind chatter off. All of it in order to receive true clear divine guidance. Only then is one led by the spirit of God, the divine mind.

Now ask yourself, what concerns does the divine,  one infinite creator of the Universe, of the seen and unseen, have? I say not one and so if one has concerns one should ask self, what the heck is guiding me? There is only now. Concerns for the future, the "what if", are not in the now where the divine is.

So long as ones intention is to serves for money, is in commerce, he carries the burdens.

If we want what Canada reflects to change we must change. Let go..

I love you

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