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Choose Love

Hi lovers

This speaks for itself.


Hi lovers

For years people have been saying that legal entities, corporations (non living), have nothing to offer in the way of valuable consideration.

Simply put only people can give or create value.

So why then would we people be asking such entites to accept liability?

How can the government serve us if we do not serve it? How can God serve you if you do not serve God?

I mean, people have been saying for years the government is to serve us, and I agree, but the question is, what about you? Are you serving?

This is precisely why people are taxed. On one hand they want to be served but on the other do not want to give. You want to be served but not give, then you will be taxed.

I shared a few weeks ago here that I think we know not what freedom is and that freedom comes not from seeking it or fighting for it but by being in service. We are created to serve (master/slave) and when we do is when we are free. In other words, it is for not serving we carry burden or are not free. Serve, servant, slave, are all basically the same thing but it is how you look at it.

Many will say, I am not a slave, but the truth is we all are one way or another, not to man but to God by virtue there is only the one and each of us is of the one. Every cell in your body is a slave or servant, serves. If they did not you'd have no body. This is the kind of serve we are talking about.The cells may not have the consciousness to be aware what they do, serve, but that is what they do and in that sense are slaves but do it of love.

If ye not serve the body food can the body, the vehicle that carries you around, serve you? This is the kind of serve we are talking about.

A guy shared yesterday that if one was to say he pledges his life to a judge the judge may toss him in prison. Aside from that I said this is about getting out of the box once and for all so one is not subject to courts, he as you and I, are already in prison.

The way out is to serve. Present your body as a living sacrifice.

Accept full responsibility for the name and serve in the name and now you can be served without cost or burden on anyone.

With love



Alrighty then

Hi lovers

Life is Grand

Once you've got it on the table you have no money and why (serve for the love of God), renounced claim to anything in legal name as your own, accepted responsibility for all outstanding debts and future financial obligations, and offered the only thing you have to make payment, your life, anyone after that intending to get money (anything) from you may be subject  to s. 346 of the Criminal Code. Read it.

I say that not that we would take such action but that in part is why the system (government and agents) will leave you alone.

Of course, the purpose here is not to apply this in Court but to get out of the box so you're never in Court again, the exception being if you harm someone or damage property deliberately.

Another thing to consider is my circumstances and yours are not likely the same. My words speak for my circumstances and so you may have to make some adjustments. But what is in that first paragraph above excluding mention of s. 346 is applicable for all.

The reason i say this is because I notice people read stuff here and then go off half cocked thinking what they read is it. It is not in the words or out there, it is in you what to do.

Best to follow your heart than my words, why, because I am still in the box and what the point is of doing as I? What are you following? In other words, for those who do not get it yet, anyone in the box cannot help you get out and so please, do not take what I say is gospel for you.

Christ is out of the box but his disciples were not. Which would you follow?

I love you

Taking responsibility

Hi lovers

It is one thing to pledge your life in service but on what grounds? Before one should consider pledging his life in service he should know why.

All I am going to say to that in addition to all else shared here and to those in pay it forward lately is, one has to accept full responsibility for any and all debts associated with the name (past and future), but, knowing he has not the means to pay them, and why, then offers up his life as payment.

I love you

Live to serve

Hi lovers

We had a conference call last night involving those in Pay it Forward.

I am not going to get into the specifics of the call here but will say it will likely be posted here in the very near future.

I will say this, as far as I am concerned, until one has a large inner desire to serve, alignment with the door out of the box is not possible. The desire must be so strong it overrides everything about you to the point you are willing, truly willing, to let go of all things of this earth. ALL THINGS; tangible and intangible. This is not to say you loose anything, quite the contrary, but it is necessary otherwise one is anchored to this earth, the thing(s) he cannot let go of, and cannot move forward.

I beleive this is why everyone has been going around in circles making no lasting headway.

I do not beleive one can be in alignment with the doorway out of the box until he she has come to the point that nothing but serving is on the forefront of the mind and heart. Becomes the very essence of your being.

This is your inner calling. Our eventual purpose is to express the divine and the divine if you pay attention is the server of servers.

Fear and doubt must go. Concern for self must go but knowing when you serve you also serve yourself because all is one.

What can anyone grant me that Father has not already given me?

Do you think you can buy your freedom? All those folks working for money, are they free?

One who presents his life a living sacrifice cannot be party to a contract because contract requires two way consideration but love is one way and one way flow of energy only. As someone posted at the blog the words of Bruce Lee; flow like the water.

From source to wherever it goes >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. One way street folks. We spoke of this at the beginning of pay it forward. Be like the battery who is a source of energy ready to serve with no expectation of anything in return. Live to serve.

One who knows his Father has given all his needs, he applies to no man or thing for a grant (permission) of any kind. He is not fooled into buying what is already given.

Thing is we have applied to the government and the question is, how do we break free of those contracts, subjugation?

Easy as pie; LOVE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

The pledge of your life in service in the legal name says, I accept full liability and responsibility for all financial obligations associated with legal name but, all I have is my life energy to pay with and I have given it already. The pledge of your life says I serve 24/7.

In other words, you, God, have everything. Jesus did say; if you save your life you shall loose it and if you give it you shall find it.......... and we are talking living sacrifice not death. The sacrifice is your reasonable service but for reasons of love and no other. That is a one way street.

That is the living sacrifice.

Until one has got to that zone the system will never let you go. As long as you have something to get the system will; never let you go. The system is helping you let go. When your life is pledged/given in service and claim to anything as your own waived, you have nothing to get.


But you must do so in the legal name. It is that name they come after you in it is that name you pledge your life in service and waive claim to anything as mine own. I did not say you say you are the name. Did not others recognize Jesus by that name?

What follows is a response to an email I received;

I got to about 12 minutes and had to shut it off. All I can say is anything less than love vibes me not the way I wish to vibrate.

He speaks of idiots. As far as I can tell everyone of us that serve not God is an idiot. I mean, we are heirs to the biggest Kingdom and playing in commerce, who the idiot is?

Romans 8 says it clearly as does 12 for me; those who are led by the spirit of God are the sons of God and 12 says, present your life as a living sacrifice.

We have talked about Galatians 4 where it says we are sons and heirs of God but to say we are means nothing, those led by the spirit of God will be recognized as such by their walk and not the talk. This is where I am at now. The walk is the witness to others who will say, he is a son of God

If we pay close attention to the walk of Jesus it is all there what I believe we must do, me myself and I, or Father son and holy ghost of spirit of God.

A man who steals, his actions show him not to be led by the spirit of God.

A  man who harms, his actions reveal him not to be led by the spirit of God.

A man who seeks remedy in commerce, law, his actions reveal himself not to be led by the spirit of God.

A man who obtains weapons to protect himself is not led by the spirit of God but fear.

What it is to be led by the spirit of God then is the key. Would the spirit of God lead you into commerce, or contract, or promises, to understand banking and money, bills of exchange and bonds, or steal or harm or judge or point fingers or blame? Not my God.

As a Servant of God God is THE principal or master. But, to say I am a servant of God, does it mean one actually is?

How does one prove he is a servant of God? Walk the walk Jesus walked. Follow in his footsteps and the wild thing is, back in 2001 I tossed in the towel and said regarding Jesus, I am going to walk in your footprints.

Little did I know what I was saying but here it is 10 years later and I get it.

Did Jesus carry government id? I doubt it. Did he accept any offer from man? No, he said something like, what can you give me that Father has not already given me? hahaha! Did he serve money or other men or do anything to prove himself or validate what others claimed he is or was? Never.

Did he not say I am not here to do my works but the work of the Father and, did he not say, I and the Father are one? He said he was a son of man and explained in his letters why, so people would not look to him as more special than any other and did he not say, these and greater things you shall do?

There is but one way out of the box I see. Did Jesus not present himself as a living sacrifice and what does that mean?

The answer is in Romans. "that being your reasonable service".

Service to whom; God that Father, the principal, thus his master is above all others, but we have not answered what reasonable service is.

Did Jesus contract? Never. He said, where there is LOVE there is no contract there is no law.

True love as he showed is without condition, the consideration is one; SERVE for the love of it, God the Father and ALL. One way street.

We must give nothing less than the whole of ourselves just like the queen said in 1952 in Capetown Africa.

We must let go of all claims and of all earthly attachments meaning that we cannot live without them. We can.

We must as a servant of God pledge or give our lives in service. The servant aspect says I have no money and the pledge is of your life/energy for life so no one can say you are getting a free ride but more significantly, you have given all you have to give; all debts past and future are paid. You have nothing more to give thus are no more a target. Cannot get blood out of a stone and cannot get anything from one who has nothing (let go) and given the only thing he can say is his, his life energy. Most if not all are aware debt cannot pay debt nor can you pay your debts with what does not belong to you. The point is to give what does belong to you so as to not have debt. Your life/energy.
Until you pledge your life in serve for the love of it, the system will never in my view let you go.

As a Servant of God what you possess belongs to God/All. Acts 4:32.

When I serve God the legal name serves the public, us/all.

God has already given to us and when we serve God we complete the circle of acceptance and return. God is a focal point where if we all direct our energy to God, all are in love and free.

Simple, anything not in that direction is not for me.

We must get out of commerce not seek remedy within it. Serving 24/7 of love is out of commerce.

As Bruce Lipton says, we can come from love or fear.

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I love you

Love and Peace

Hi lover

This from another lover.............yee haw

Greatest man in history, named Jesus, had no servants, yet they called him Master. Had no degree, yet they called him Teacher. Had no medicines, yet they called him Healer. He had no army, yet kings feared Him. He won no military battles, yet he conquered the world. He committed no crime, yet they crucified Him. He was buried in a tomb [3 days closing of escrow, my words], yet He lives today.

Les "When The Power Of Love Overcomes The Love Of Power, The World Will Know Peace." -Sri Chinmoy Ghose

Render unto Caesar

Hi lovers

Food for thought.

Render unto Caesars that what is Caesars..............

Who issued the birth certificate and who holds the intellectual property rights in the information printed on it by the Bank Note Company?

Her Majesty does according to the Queens printer.




Hi Lovers

I had an amazing experience yesterday that I would not share had a friend not been witness.  I am only sharing this because of what it means to me and the meaning.

This friend and I were outside yesterday. It was cool and damp, the sun peaking through every now and again and more as time passed. We were talking when out of the corner of my eye I saw something and heard what sounded much like a humming bird but not with such air force as they move.

Whatever it was almost hit my friend and he felt the air movement when this occured. Just then we saw a wee bird, chick a dee I think sitting on a branch about three feet above me.

I reached out my hand with a finger out for it to perch on and wholly cow, it landed on my finger and sat there. I know not to speak with words as the noise scares nature so I invited him in thought and baam, birdie is on me finger. I can still feel his little feet holding my finger.

Folks, I gotta say that wee event was one of the biggest of my life. Almost as big as the squirrel thing I shared happened back in 2007. The one where the squirrel followed us everywhere and was climbing on us and talking a foreign tongue a mile a minute.

Now I am not going to and hope I do not sound like I am tooting my horn here but the message I get is that I have found an inner peace that the wee bird had no fear and all I can say to that is as I feel it now, I am really putting a lot of effort and focus into connecting with God the Father, consciously.

To give thanks at all times for what I used to take for granted. To wake up and say hi and give thanx for this wonderful body that operates and functions perfectly in all ways at all times and is in perfect health. I believe with all my heart it is true what I say in my mind.

There is much more I do to do whatever it takes that I and the Father ARE one in body, mind, and spirit, at all levels, and not just hollow words.

When ever I feel down or maybe even depressed I think of how honoured I am to be able to love and serve Father for the life I have.  It seems that saying thank you truly does have effects. I notice the more energy I put into me and Father the greater our connection seems. I feel it in my heart. I know we are connected at all times so I guess what I am saying is I am loosing the resistance that was the blockage.The distortions, the energies in my field to fear.

I know I have much more to do. My friends first comment after the bird flew off was, the bird flew very close to him to get our attention.

I suppose my main reason for sharing this is it may help you believe. Believe Father has given all our needs freely and that by saying thanx we acknowledge the source and that we have received. Everything we need has been FORE, or previously, GIVEN. Asking is to say you have not given Father, hence; thank you Father for landing on my finger and letting me know I am on the right path.

That so long as I trust in you you trust in me. That so long as I love you I can receive the most amazing priceless gifts beyond comprehension. Father, when you landed on my finger it was the fulfillment of something I had only dreamed would happen in this life stream, that you in the form of bird feared me not. Me and birdie are one. haha!

You may be wondering what this has to do with Pay it Forward or the subject matter on this blog and all I can say is, love, deep true love, oneness, is the way. The badness out there is to help you find the goodness so thank the Father and love thy brother/other self with all thine heart.

I see God the Father now in everything I see. For me, to cut down a tree is to cut off part of me like an arm. To other than love and respect and cherish everything is to work against myself and my relationship with the ONE. Is why no birdie until yesterday perched on my outstretched finger at my invitation.

Call it hocus pocus I care not, for this is not about pleasing any man or government but doing what my heart says and for me the bird landing on my finger is God saying to me, you are on the right path. Let go of everything else and ye shall receive.Have no fear.

There is a wonderful feeling in my heart that I notice the more I believe in the Father gets stronger. For me, I love to love the Father and the only way anything is going to stand in my way is if the body is no more. I and the Father are one and I live to serve Father end of story. When I think these and others thoughts fear is not.

Although a bird landing on ones finger may not have much if any meaning for anyone but me, it speaks volumes to me because there was a time I shot birds for the heck of it, many of them. I stopped the day my younger brother passed on 26 years ago and only now is trust returning.

There have been what we may call strange events around the world involving animals and for sure they are showing me, WE ARE ONE. Time for the barriers, we are different, not one, to fall.

All of it is one. This is why they say, what you see in another is in you. I can only ask that you consider that and give it a shot taking a new view of things and stop, when you notice, directing negative thoughts at anyone or thing or event. Send love in the stead. Have compassion for you know not why they do what they do. You think you know and hope you know and that you are right, but we do not KNOW. Only a fool claims to be a wise man and a bigger fool believes in him.

I do that negative thought projection far far less than I did and what brought that about was my saying to myself during those weak moments, there you go talking to yourself again. Trust me, when you take that position you learn, reprogram yourself, to send love and compassion. You are sending it to yourself through the all, one. We must be the change we desire to see in the world and let go of that what perpetuates the past repeating itself, same old same old, over and over.

WE, EVERYTHING, without limitation, is ONE.

Love, true love, and one will feel his way out of the box.

Love, totally without condition, is the way.

The core of the problem is not on the surface, it is within.

Let your body be a living sacrifice does not in my world including asking for anything but giving thanx. I highly doubt the spirit of God led us into commerce.

I love you and I love birdie......... 🙂


No Free Riders

Hi lovers

I spoke with a friend today who had attended a meeting of some sort. Business related I assume. He shared they spoke about a situation where a guy invited some friends to help fix the roof of his home. No money was offered but the guy did say he would provide the beer.

So happens one of the men helping fell off the roof and died. The Labour Board was called in. They asked if money was offered and were told no but that beer was provided. Right then and there the folks from the Labour Board said the beer is the consideration = commercial activity/contract.

I did not ask but I gather that since beer was the consideration it altered the scope of things, primarily upon the guy who called upon his friends for help.When he offered beer he offered compensation and grounds for contract or where love is not.

This is in my view a perfect example of how easy it is for one to be caught up in the regulation and requirements of commercial activity. Better yet, if love had been the consideration the labour board folks likely would have walked away.

Tis as Jesus said a very thin and straight line that must be walked to be free. I can think of no better reasons for doing and being than for reasons of Love. Where there is love, there is no contract, commercial activity, there is no contract there is no law or regulation.

Where there is true love there is simply no need for regulation.

I often hear folks who once claimed "I love you forever" but as soon as the other stops loving them they stop loving which proves it was not love in the first instance. What they should be saying is "I love you so long as you love me" and we can see clearly and plainly the consideration is something in return which is not the UNCONDITIONAL love of God or that I beleive is required to break free of the box.

Everything not love is there to fill a void and cannot be the same as or as good as where love shines.

I would say after hearing that thing about the beer and Labour Board that the line is indeed very narrow and very straight and unconditional love is the only way.

You see by that beer story that it is not always the money that one is in commerce. It is the consideration, the why, the reason; creates a contract again where love is not. I will do this for you if you do that for me = contract, but, if you do what you do for no consideration but say love and affection for God the Father, where the contract/commerce is now? If you pledge your life in service of love and affection for your maker, God the Father, where is the contract/commerce now?

This is a reason I say, our time and energy is better spent remembering and being who we are than figuring out the rules of man, the fools game; money and banking and earthly laws etc. I see all of that as a deception, to temp and distract me from a greater calling.

As much as each and everyone of us is free to choose his employer, I choose that what gave me life; God. And there is only one way I know of that would make that statement true and it is as Jesus taught. Not the interpretations of man what he taught. He showed the way that we may follow not him but the way. To glorify not him but God the Father.

After all, even Canada recognizes the supremacy of your employer (God) and will your power and authority if you choose to and serve your employer the way Jesus did.

Without getting into specifics here are the basics as I know them

I am recognized by others by the name BVR. I serve God. Love not money is the consideration, why I do what I do. I waive/renounce claim to anything and everything in said name as mine own.

Under 'public good' comes up 'Free Rider'. Basically what it is saying is, no one gets a free ride but how it is you get a free ride if you have pledged your life in service in the legal name? That is the name they say you receive in. Have you not given the whole of yourself (100%) until death of the body? Am i worth less if i give of myself freely than for so much per hour?

It is said in the Minutes of the Standing Committee on Banking and Commerce that it is the promise of the people to pay that backs all money. I know of but one way to be free of that pledge, regardless of who made it but by the voluntary pledge of my life in service haha! Obligation paid now into the future sure seems like what they says Jesus died for, to pay our debts, except as I say, he did not give his life that it pay my debts but showed me how I can pay mine. In any event, the concept of free rider, something for nothing goes out the window if your life is given in service; means for no consideration but the love and glory of God the Father, that what gave you life.

Now this brings us back to the renouncing or waiving of claim to anything in my legal name issued me as mine own. If I do not get that bit on the table then it will likely be construed on one hand I serve God but on the other I serve God in exchange for stuff = a consideration, and so I am not true to my word.  But, by getting that added bit on the table I am truly giving of myself for nothing in return = 100%, and at that point I believe is when the trustees appointed by God will step forth to take care of financial obligations associated with my legal name, me.

Not that this should be the reason to serve but they more or less have no choice since my working for God of love and affection for God in the name BVR means I do not have money to pay/exchange. Further, having renounced anything in said name as mine own and the government having custody of the information from which name I serve in was derived, who has it all now? Who has all legal right and claim and obligation?

To keep it simple on the mind I think the fact a BC is not personal id means it is intended we serve in the name on the BC. Thing is though everyone has their concept of what it means to serve and many more fear for the unknown.

I repeat what serve means for me albeit these words do not fully express what I feel inside.

I am recognized by others by the name BVR. If it be the will of God I am recognized by that name,so be it. I serve God. Love not money is the consideration, why I do what I do. I waive/renounce claim to anything and everything in said name as mine own. (God gave dominion not ownership rights is part of the fools game).

Is to say. I work for God and God does not pay money. Regardless, since i work for God if you have a beef with me take it up with God, but, no one seems to know the address for service but, that matters not to the employee for it is the employer/principal/master who is liable (Jesus did say that, but only if you glorify the Father) and I would say Her Majesty has already accepted the responsibility and placed herself and governments up as Gods trustees to minister (serve) to those who minister (serve) to God. Thing is, when you serve God you serve all.

This choice to serve in my view must be genuine in that the choice is made in recognition of the gratitude owed ones maker and genuine desire to express that by serving freely and unconditionally.The stand must be firm.

So yes, the government does hold the information in custody from which the name I serve God is obtained. It holds that information for 'safekeeping' which is guardianship and that information is protected. I should say was protected (and can be again) because when we took ourselves into commerce, money the consideration, we took the name with us and since commerce is about serving self interests or not the whole, we assume the associated burdens, responsibilities and duties etc; NO FREE RIDERS. Not because the government forced it upon us but because of the path we chose. So choose again. Make a different choice.

To get that name on the protected list again, and you, we must in my view turn to serve our maker, we have no money, cannot pay, do not expect a free ride so give our lives in service in that legal name and to back it up waive/renounce claim to anything and everything in said name as mine own. Now there is no way after that it can be said I am a free riders or benefit from commercial activity/contracts or receive benefits period.

I am subject to Gods laws.

In a sense we are saying what the Indian did when he walked into Court and said, I am a hunter and a fisherman and I have no money, except offering greater detail so as not to be bothered for money again. If God is your employer, and I am not saying what words to use to describe your relationship with that what gave you life, I would say the system has no more jurisdiction over you. As I see it it has jurisdiction for one reason. We are in the game (commerce which is regulated) concerned for our own well being at the expense of others rather than serving one another freely and unconditionally. If you give your life you shall find it but if you save it you shall loose it. Present your body as a living sacrifice is in my view the giving of your life and is how we get past the I am not born with money money thing.

There is a huge spiritual aspect here and people are just gonna have to find out by calling on the Father for help.

With love

With love

Hi lovers

That word lover does carry far more weight then perhaps many believe.

I have been quiet the last week or so but for good reason. To close out as much interference as possible.

First off we must come from a 'all are one' and 'we are indebted to the divine' for giving us life and it is to the divine 'we owe our allegiance.' Sons of God cannot be executed against but, and I say again, to be that one must serve in the legal name.

I must forsake/renounce any and all claim to property in the name as mine own and serve in the name.

At this moment there is a shared interest in the name which is good but the problem is there are two having a claim/interest in property in the same name; the government and you. You are the one doing the work in the name and for that you have a right of claim or interest, but, that is what is holding things up.

But, if we forgo claim to the name and property in the name and serve in the name, then legally speaking there is only one claimant/beneficiary, the government.

In other words, you do the work in the name but the government, the other party holding the interest by way of holding the SOB, receives the full benefit of the work.

You may recall I shared a friends daughter works for Sears and was issued a credit card by Sears with her name on it. The card was issued that it be used for purposes that benefit Sears, not her private interests. If she uses the card like we use the BC and name for our own benefit, then she has the liability, but if she uses it as intended, to serve the interests of Sears, Sears receives the benefit and Sears is with the liability.

You see here that although her name is on the credit card, she does not have the liability. Clearly then this comes down to who you serve in the name.

Now there are a lot of masters and servants out there but for you and I, there should be one Master, the Master of Masters; that what gave you life. To whom do you answer, who is your principal, who do you serve, how firm do you stand with your principal and do you have principles?

This is all I am saying, The BC, not being issued that it is personal identification, it is not intended we serve self or advance our private interests in the name.

Where the funds come from that liabilities associated with name are taken care of is not our concern, what is, who and how we serve.

I would say there are various levels of freedom dependent upon the type of freedom sought but that the ultimate freedom stems from serving in the name.

So we see Sears retains legal title in the credit card, account, but not the name on it. The only thing she did was provide the labour that was of benefit to Sears and in return Sears pays.

We know the government retains legal title in the BC so the only thing to do is make it clear we serve in the name and renounce claim to property in the name as mine own.

With love

Not a respecter of persons

Hi lovers

A person is that what is not led by the spirit of God.

God is not a respector of persons means; not a respecter of that what is not led by the spirit of God and you will find this in the bible.

It is true corporations have not and cannot be led by the spirit of God but the people who run them can and so can you.

Your energy may be better spent, righteously, if rather than label this that and the other thing as a person, you look at and within yourself and concern yourself with your walk and your walk only.

The ALL CAP name is probably the one that is capitalized/funded/pre-paid. The name from your folks is worthless.

But, if ye not be led by the spirit of God, you are not respected and worthless in that sense because you are a person, not part of the God family in that you are not loving it. I mean nothing derogatory.

We each has within the spirit of God. When led by it then the status of the ALL CAP name in the all knowing information system, God, changes and how you are recognized by it changes.

From person to Son of God. Are you willing to die, present your body as a living sacrifice for God?

With love

Read between the lines here. Bottom line, are you led by the spirit of God? Led being the key word.

With love



I think now is a good time to share something.

When we operated a business we had products for sale. Each product had disclosed a price attached that indicated the price we would like to get but was never etched in stone. Those who asked for a discount got it and those that did not may have but not because they asked. All these years you paid money and maybe just maybe it was free money to he that received it because maybe just maybe you never had the obligation to pay.

Point here is, what is in front of ones face is not necessarily all there is no know, or just because it says this in print or was said, does not mean that is the only possibility or choice.

If one does not ask one cannot know.

Why am i sharing this?

When the Pay it Forward program began a fee was mentioned.

Of all the people that requested information only one asked, can I partake without paying and the answer was YES. Others asked for a discount and again the answer was YES.

I heard of some people complaining of having to pay a fee or that I am charging. Others responded, i would like to join but have no money, but did not ask.

This shows how we are complainers rather than get the facts or seek full disclosure or another way rather than expect the other guy to tell you everything you want to know when you should know he cannot know what you want to know. Is this a reason people feel they are abused by the system? I hope this helps the complainers see another way, that maybe what they think they know is not true or the only way.

I mean, the whole pay it forward thing is about doing love and only one asked to get in for no fee.

Having said the above, I expect many will ask to partake now they are informed they can ask to get in for no fee, rather than ask of their own free will which would defeat the purpose of getting people to get their heads out of the sand, stop complaining, stop labeling, stop assuming; know that not everything is disclosed or openly available to the eyes or ears, that the obligation is on you.

Nevertheless, had a fee not been mentioned I would have been swamped with paperwork. I had a guy think that for a few bucks I was going to make all his life's debts go away. I have turned many away from joining because it was evident to me their motive is not or was not at that time, love, giving freely of oneself; what pay it forward is about.

Therefore, as of now the pay it forward program in its present form is closed to further participants except those who partook in the Giver program as it stood in 2007 and who have not yet joined. If you have already sent an agreement in it will be accepted.

I have been at this over 12 years and sold everything (my dream home included) but a few items to fund my way as much and as best possible and share the ride with you. 25 years of my life sold to fund the last 10 that I can do this full time for me and share it. I have no regrets.

I think many lack patience and rush off to this alleged remedy or that and round and round it goes, very few making an actual commitment to one way. There seem to be a handful of solutions offered each year year after year. We here via pay it forward are not offering a solution for you is it. We are not out to create or recreate or fix, but to bring back, install, what is, has been, and will always be; love.

The intent made clear from its inception is the bringing together of people of like mind and heart and intent and purpose that the force of love and our strength may grow in unity.

That our energy flow freely like the battery that provides the energy to light the light; like the creator who creates and has nothing to claim or secure or control.

We do this because we know doing love is the way out of the box on all accounts.

With love

You are it!

I think I know what to do with the BC now and effectively. On the back of the BC is British Columbia they once had the words 'For Treasury Use Only'.

In the bible was the little old lady who gave all she hath to the treasury.

That concept and what the Queen did when she became Queen is what gave birth to the Giver process in 2007 and has molded to the current Pay it Forward program.

Thing is though is that it is not the BC that is of value, it represents value and that value is in the last place you will look; within; YOU ARE IT.

All this time people have been following the paper, the money, seeking valuable remedy and yet you, we, are it. hahahahahahaha!

Your God given energy is most valuable, is the gold with unlimited reserves.  How you spend it is questionable.

But, and this is the big one, what value are you? What value have you given yourself? How much are you worth an hour or week or month or on an insurance policy? These each has the effect of the devaluing of your value and you do it to self.

How much do you give of yourself? Now that is an entirely different value is it not? No value (valuation/self assessment) = unlimited value.

Your value or its maximum is dependent I would say upon the value, and/or type of value you give of yourself. Spiritual/love or legal/money.

What you pay in taxes is representative of what you give legally, albeit grudgingly. How much you give of yourself, spiritually since that is what you are, 10%, 40%, 99 or 100%, is what really matters and determines your value.  But only at 100% is the potential, value, unlimited.

So all along we have been assessing our own value by placing limitations on that which is otherwise invaluable/priceless.

As Roger E would say, we sell ourselves short. But more significantly, the idea that we did not see it is us that is the value, is evidence of blindness. haha!

To serve God is to hold the highest of Offices. Seriously, Office of BVR, Servant of God.

The reason even the government says it owns nothing is because God does. The government is the trustee and if you do for the money so are you and if ye not pay or perform in that Office, the other trustee will and has taken control.

Screw this Executor crap. I accept that it is the will of God that I be recognized by the name BVR, therefore, hahaha, as the holder of that Office, I fill in the blanks.

Now, it is one thing to say these things but in this day and age that is not good enough, so, what have you to offer as a Token of your Faith and Sacrifice? What have you to connect you, your energy, value, to the Treasury directly? Put your value where your mouth is.

There is no need to draft a bond here as the Token of your pledge is your bond, the value they need that the trustees can settle the accounts associated with the Office given you by God.

Can there be a higher Office?

Oh ye of little faith.

With lottsa lovin.....

We are free

Hi lovers

The following is not the be all end all and is not meant as an attack on or to belittle anyone or thing. The idea here is to nail down which name is recognized that presumptions are removed.

My name is private between me and those I share it with. Neither it nor I have been authorized for commercial or public use, license or contract, and it is not part of any public record. Therefore, the name we are talking about here, the one recognized in law, in the public, on contracts, on Accounts, license, permits etc., is the one that originates from the registration of information about an event. It seems that the purpose of the attachment to one of a name derived of information registered by the GOVERNMENT it is to usurp his/her God given rights, liberty, and inheritance; to obtain jurisdiction over that what belongs to God.

Again, do not see this as a blame thing but what we are allowing.  As children of God we have no need for money but we all jumped onto that bandwagon is why we are where we are. We are all one way or another Servants. Under Master Servant the Servant can take the money as a consideration. Doing so made the money master our master/god/regulator.

Love is not regulated.

So as has been said before by me and many others, including some comments posted here, we must put our bodies in service as a living sacrifice. When we get down to the nitty gritty we know we are not born with money and the only way in my view to get that turkey off our back, where we are, is to place ourselves in service to all; unconditionally.

It is then we go from being a drain or draw on the system, each other, to a credit to the system, each other. It is then we are truly free. So freedom does come by being a servant.

I like how one posted it here; Kings and Queens serve. Now we know why we are not at this moment recognized as true Kings and Queens. It is one thing to say you serve and quite another to have it acknowledged which is what we need; acceptance we serve via the name, thus credit the system, thus the system benefits and ought also bear the burden.

Sure you can go about your merry way saying I serve but if that name not be in service on the record, you are being served by the system via it is the perception. Hence why judges have said, you want the benefits Canada has to offer but do not want to pay taxes.

What greater tax is there than to voluntarily place yourself in service to all, a living sacrifice, freely and unconditionally? Servants of God have no money, cannot work for money.

I look at it this way and if it not make sense it may be because these few words do not impart my meaning in full.

God serves all. Her Majesty is declared a servant of God and the name was issued in Her Majesty's name. If I not serve in that name then i receive only via that name = an unbalanced situation. But, if I put myself in service in the name we have; me >>>name>>>her majesty>>>God, or if you prefer, me>>>name>>>God.

We have to consider here that the earthly authorities cannot know who you serve unless it be in a name. You may say they do not need to know and that is true, but, sooner or later that name will be attached to you or attempts made so to circumvent that put yourself in service in the name.

For example:

I shall, in the name BECK, VICTOR ROBERT, of the love and affection for and the glory of God the Father, my principal, from this moment onward and to the best of my ability, give nothing less than the whole of myself freely and unconditionally in service to all.

I am drafting such a document now in which I acknowledge a debt to God and Her Majesty. The latter because the agents of this world are employees of Her Majesty. I acknowledge also that as a Servant of God, love not money is the consideration thus I have no money to cover for the name. What I do have and can do is pledge my life in service via the name. That there is the living sacrifice and a credit to the system that the system trustees can do their job of balancing the accounts.

All this aside what drives me is knowing i have a choice of service to others path or service to self path and the prior is my choice so I do not care what else is going on so long as I am doing my best to be a good server. I have undertaken to help build an era of love and peace and by golly, that is what I shall do to the best of my ability.

I do not indicate myself as anything but a servant of God and God as my principal. If I knew the address for my principal he would surely accept and pay the bills but I do not and is why I believe Her Majesty is appointed to see to it that the Accounts are balanced. But, if any only if, it is known we serve God and not our private interest.

How can she, the ordained, or the authorities know we do unless the name issued under Her authority is in such service?

So as much as I doubt God created me to serve my private interests, I doubt the name was created to serve my private interests. I feel it is imperative the name be placed by you in service to all. That is to say, you do not use the name for the advancement of your private interests. Of course, for that to be effective, one must first place himself in service to all.

By clarifying which name we are talking about we can get down to the nitty gritty of how we employ that name. The choice is and has in all ways been with us.

If you choose to see the name as separate from you and God, part of the dark side, then with slight modification the same can be accomplished.

Lottsa love.... 😎

About face

Hi lovers

I think it safe to say that we are perceived as a draw, burden on the system.

The name BVR exists in the information technology system.

As of now BVR (me) is or is perceived a draw/drain on the system, being served, but what happens if I serve freely in the name BVR?

Does that credit or charge (restore) the system? System is an interesting word. Look it up.

Would this cause or allow for the liability to shift from you to the new beneficiary, the system? The system is constituted by all things, information known. Is this getting the light, love, where there is dark? Love the system.

Trying to beat is sure is not working.

With love

Biblical stuff

Hi Lovers

Romans 12 is a good read as is Romans 13

Interesting is the plaque behind the judges chair in the main Cobourg Court house that says in Latin; shame on he that thinks evil of it.

It is not disclosed but i suggest it is or has something to do with the powers that are ordained by God.

I would say true love cleanses one of evil. I think evil is to mean where true love is not.

Romans 13:8 is interesting; Owe no man anything but to love one another: for he that loveth another hath fulfilled the law and 10, love worketh no ill to his neighbor: therefore love is the fulfilling of the law.

Love is the fulfillment of law.

Romans 8:14, For as many as are led by the spirit of God, they are the sons of God. Now that there says much. To be recognized as a Son, one must walk the walk and talk the talk as the Father would walk and talk.

Seems to be saying as i thought, do the will of God, love, and one becomes a son.

Not by what you say but by what you do.

16. The spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God. (walk the walk is the witness I would say)

17. And if children, the heirs; heirs of God, and joint heirs with Christ………Says nothing that we are Executor. In fact Wally and i just discussed this and feel her majesty is the one ordained Executor, her representatives the appointed trustees and us, who walk the walk and talk the talk, the heir. The heir would have a right to ask for a full accounting, otherwise, he has no clue where the estate and he stands. haha!

We sure seem to be treated as trustee by the system, but maybe because we are in fact servants claiming what is not our as ours and doing what we do for the money. I shared what is said in Blacks 4th Ed. regarding Master and Servant. The servant has two considerations to fill the office and money is one.

Romans 13:1, 2, 3, and 4 are great. 5 is interesting too, conscience sake. Seems to be saying in conjunction with other versus that God is, works through the earthly authority to lay burdens upon us to cause us to seek the way home.

One cannot do other than love and be in the love zone, and be a Son of God. If not that then not an heir and no rights of dominion over the earth.

If, and I say if, Her Majesty is the Executor, is head of the Executive, and from where authority the authority of that office is extended to her representatives, Romans 13:6 and 7 are fitting.

Reminds me again of the guy who said he did not think God wanted the trees destroyed and was set free.

Some have said we have a covenant with God. It may be more along the lines that God wills/promises certain things but that until we become Sons, doing love, giving, sacrificing our lives to God for others, there is no covenant, will, to enforce. Hence, Declaration of Servitude. Perhaps when one declares his service to God and pledges his life to serve others the covenant, will, is then executable. I do not think they can execute a Son of God again. haha!

So one does not become a Son and heir of God by separating himself from anything, let alone the belief he is or may be slave, or filling an Office of some sort, or because he says he is, but rather by the walk he walks and the talk he talks.

Now since Romans 8:16 mentions witness, it suggests someone is watching. This is why I say, I think the legal name that is recognized in law is to account for the choices we make in that name. Who does one serve and the BC may be proof of your divine status of heir.

If so we have Her Majesty as Executor, her representatives the trustees, us the undisclosed Servants/heirs. When an heir shows for the first time it is a matter of duty that the Executor or a trustee provides a full accounting of matters regarding the Estate. If the heir of God thing is genuine then there must be some earthly authority that recognizes an heir when it sees one. The recognition would in my view be by way of information.

The above is intended as food for thought.

With love



I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I did!

We know we come to this world naked and broke. We know we own no thing but our lives.

In my view then the only thing we can do that financial obligations are extinguished is pledge our lives.

Pledge; the bailment of a chattel as security for a debt or other obligation without the transfer of title. We do not transfer title of our body, belongs to God, but may of our energy for the greater good of love and affection is what I am suggesting, and freely at that. This is one of the principles of pay it forward,  that unless we give 100% freely of ourselves, doing true love, and let go of all claims, we are withholding. BC is not personal id, does not id your body, but, your energy does flow through the name.

Shawn shared this last week: American King James Version
1 I beseech you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service.

Living sacrifice. This is very similar to what I have been saying, that we must do as Jesus, give our lives, but this has not to do with a death for you are no good dead; hence, present your body a living sacrifice. Via your body comes energy/life force, all we have.

So if you were to pledge your life via the name have you not given the only thing you have in satisfaction of debt, your life/energy? What more have we to give than to release any and all claim we may have in the BC name. That would include debts owed you. Parable of the creditor debtor.If the debtor asks forgiveness but then holds his debtors liable he is not in honour. For one, what his debtors owed him belong to his creditor. So when I ask forgiveness I must forgive my debtors.

In my view we must give nothing less than 100% to be free.

A reason I acknowledge an indebtedness to Her Majesty is that I can pledge my life to pay for value received in the name as the only thing I have to settle with so no one on her side of the fence, e.g. a court, can say, you want the benefits Canada has to offer but do not want to pay taxes.

By acknowledging a debt to her majesty and pledging my life as the only means to pay with, what are they going to say, not good enough; specially since I also acknowledge myself a bond-Servant of God and as we know, such servants are not paid money thus do not have any. No commercial activity where there is love.

I am also saying, God is my principal when I say I am a Servant of God. To me this is perfectly legit compounded by the address for my principal, glorified/credited, is not known so I cannot forward legal or financial obligations to God so someone on this earth has that function, e.g. her majesty as defender of the faith and who recognizes the supremacy of God, my principal.

Faith i would say is a thin line.

Many say they have it but do they. I mean, if one has concerns from where food will come, is that an expression of faith that the Father has provided? Is it purely a lack of faith, trust, that we cannot see past money as a need, that we are in bondage?

Who my principal is is my choice. It can be me, her majesty, a lawyer, a judge, or God. God is the only one I know of that likes to receive love and for sure gives it freely and unconditionally.

There are those who say the government registered their body or made us slaves/chattel. Even if they did it would be for one reason, to capture the fruits of our energy, so give it freely in God's name and the enslavement is over.

Truth is I have received value in the name BVR and for that I am indebted. Ultimately to God yes, but we are dealing with authorities in this world and I make it clear they are subordinate to my principal by virtue God is my principal; cannot have two masters, principals.

In short what I am saying is, I am a Servant of God and as such have no money. God is my principal not her majesty or any other. The principal has the liability, hence, glorify the Father, but the fact of the matter is even courts acknowledge the address for service is unknown. So I cannot see how her majesty will cover for or support BVR unless BVR covers for, supports her via my pledge of my life.

My pledge of my life a Servant of God is a pledge of my life to her majesty/ALL via BVR. Or, it is not me her majesty has an interest in, or not directly per se, but BVR. Is she serving BVR or is BVR serving her or is it reciprocal? I would say that choice is with us and that right now it is deemed we receive from Her Majesty in the name but are not GIVING back freely. Taxes is a form of payment for service but we all know the taxes pays the interest to the bondholder and is not in fact helping one iota.

I think the last thing we should be acting as are victims or asking for help.

I love you

Court news

Hi lovers

I just received word today from one of us in court the last couple of weeks that things went rather well. It is in relation to a divorce and custody.

The case started out with everyone calm but that last couple days before today the judge began to get irate because our friend was refusing to acknowledge himself by or as the legal name so and so. They were at the point in the court of calling witnesses including the X wife to identify the father as so and so.

When i got wind of that I suggested he acknowledge to the court that the people are correctly identifying him but by his name that is private between him and those who know him as that so and so, that that name is not and has never been authorized for commercial purposes, contract or license (marriage license in this case), and this may be the biggy, is not part of any public record. The judge at this point went silent and was visibly different and the lawyer for the X wife dropped his head. We love them. They tried hard to establish his identity as that of a BC and it appears that door is closed. Time will tell. The good thing is our friend is in it for the enjoyment and experience and not attached to stuff or the outcome.All he would like is fair access to the children.

He also read out a sentence of a letter I have from and signed by the Minister of Government Services that the government registers information about events, not people. The letter was accepted in evidence. He asked the court if it was identifying him or his children by information pertaining to the birth registration. To do so is to say the government registers people which is not true. To do so would make the children and him property of the state and human bodies cannot be owned or claimed.  Not live ones anyhow.

I believe that is how they get jurisdiction over our bodies.

He already had the BC and the court obtained copies of the SOB's pertaining to the children.

So it is on record essentially that the name on the court claim and marriage contract is not our friends name but of information registered by the government. haha! We have been winging this one on the fly, addressing issues as they arise and learning from it although the case is not over yet.

The big thing here is acceptance. There is always a way to turn what may appear bad to good or opportunity. People have asked in the past how  to deal with witnesses identifying them as so and so. Well, now you know how. Unless the name you share with people is from government id, the one you say is private between you and them, no matter who it is. But yes, depending on the situation someone else may assume the name you said and the one on a claim are the same or yours. Although our friend never spoke a name but friend, our friend as far as I am concerned did a fine job of clarifying that, the confusion of names, on the record.

I should add that he has from the beginning identified himself as a friend of the court to assist in settling the matter honourbly.

This sent to us and posted to the blog a couple of weeks ago has been very helpful;

The name you are known by your friends or anyone for that matter is private between you and them. It is not from a BC or any other government id unless of course you go around flashing gov id saying this is me. The name on the BC as we know looks and sounds the same but is not the same. One is private the other for public use, hence; glorify her majesty via the BC/public name.

Maybe we can see it this way; We (tools) serve God, all, Her Majesty on the one hand, serves the public in her name, and on the other, serves in Gods name those who serve the public interest.  At all times it is God working through us tools or fools. haha! All are one so does it matter what we label a thing or is it our intent backed by our actions that is the real factor in all this?

I love you

Standing firm

Hi all of the one


A friend called the other day who is involved in the meetings with the church and lawyer and he made a suggestion that stuck and grew and got me. He said, maybe rather than ask the church for help as we have been, we can offer help to the church.

That got me thinking that almost everything we do is based on asking someone else for help rather than stepping up to the plate to help. What love would do right?

That brought things back to the BC in that since it is not personal id, it is or may be used that we serve and offer our services.

Another thing I think we all need to consider so as to have a solid footing is that all is one or not. If so then the Queen is a God as much as you and I and the dust is. We really do need to settle that issue in the mind first and foremost when you think about it. I mean, if all are one then we must see the divine in everything no matter how we judge it.

For me, all are one and this agreement makes things very simple regarding how I, we, move forward.

Law Firm, law is firm, solid, and our declaration (law) to serve the creator sets us on the firmest of ground upon which all firms are built. Acknowledgment of debt to Her Majesty for invaluable services received in the name of a BC.

The good thing is, my life pledged in service to God, and not having an address for service for my Master, forgiveness of debts coupled with notice of undertaking, should get us out of the box. See the Queen as the trustee part of God, this is why titles are registered.

Another thing that spurred me on was an email from a friend reminding us that we are resisting the will of the creator/grantor of the BC and forgiveness, and like my friend mentioned above, that they owe us nothing we owe them. This duality talk is for explanation purposes because all are one in my world.

All are one so when we serve creator/God, we serve all including Her Majesty. So by declaring we serve God (no address for service for billing/etc), are Servants, and Pledge the whole of our lives in spirit and in the BC name in repentance of our sins and in satisfaction of debt, past, present, future. Returning the BC as a Token of our surrender and Alliance that title to any and all earthly claims be taken in the name of Her Majesty (spiritual/legal trustee). Acts 4:32 - 35.

There is no asking for anything but rather an offer to help. No claim I am owned but rather I owe. If we give thanks to the creator then we are acknowledging a spiritual indebtedness of sorts to creator, heirs and successors, and legal indebtedness to her majesty, heirs and successors.

In short by serving God we serve all and if we serve in the name on the BC we serve Her Majesty and can be freed and free others of our sins/debts/damages. In this way we take care of our spiritual and worldy sins/debt.

I think that any form of claim is a denial of some sort or an attempt to take control rather than relinquish it to the will of the Creator (giver) and Her Majesty (trustee).

I have shared on previous occasion that Christ through his letters put out an invitation, which I accepted 3 years ago, and that is, to help build an era of love and peace and I finally got it that the key word is help, not be helped.

See, by pledging the whole of our life gratis and unconditionally to God and acknowledging a debt owed her majesty and pledge of the whole of our life to her majesty via the legal name, we have no means to pay a legal debt, or, the pledge of our lives is the payment. The system as you know has this thing about debts owed her majesty and i suggest is why we are under constant attack for money and performance. Not to mention, where there is no love for creator, all, is contract/commercial activity.

Of course, we ask for forgiveness of our debts we created or incurred in legal name which should be accepted given we've pledge our lives in free service. haha!

If your spirit is saying serve then claiming anything must go out the window. Everything seems to point that we bear burdens for our resistance to serve; give nothing less than the whole of ourselves. I suggest that so long as one comes from a I am owned or have something to claim and secure stance, he is in no way helping.

I am aware that claiming private rights has an effect, for I have shared the results of what people do when they reserve rights in the name but those concept are about self.

As I have suggested before, if you want to be a freeman on the land, solid ground, there is no better way in my view than to pledge ones life to serve his maker because he can. That in and of itself establishes your maker as you Master and the rest is about service.

Cannot serve God and mammon is to say, I cannot put my interests before God's. I cannot advance my interests and yours. The way to success is to help others be successful not the other way around is what we have been doing all these years.

I love you

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