How is this information going to reach every Canadian? By sharing this blog and the mirror blog at with all of your friends in your email address book.

Here's what to do... say the first email you are sending to John:

SUBJECT:  IMPORTANT! I need your help, John

Dear John,

I have some important information to share with you about how to change things for the better for our families. Please review the info at the following blog(s) then contact me to have a quick conversation about what we can do. I will just want to know whether you will help get the word out as well, that's all. I'm just looking for five people who will make the commitment with me to change things for the better. Let me know "if you are in".

The Blog is called Freedom From Debt at:

Thank you!
Talk to you soon.

Your friend

My Telephone Number is: 999-999-9999

The men with a names called Vic and Wally have told about 60 people (Sept 26, 2010) in Ajax Ontario about this information.

Let's do the math:

Based on sharing this with JUST ONE man or woman a day (with two days off - Saturday and Sunday) 5 people per week for just one week... look what can happen:

Week one
Those 60 just tell 5 each = 300
Week two
Those 300 just tell 5 each = 1,500
Week three
Those 1,500 just tell 5 each = 7,500
Week four
Those 7,500 just tell 5 each = 37,500
Week five
Those 37,500 just tell 5 each = 187,500
Week six
Those 187,500 just tell 5 each = 937,500
Week seven
Those 937,500 just tell 5 each = 4,687,500
Week eight
Those 4,687,500 just tell 5 each = 23,437,500
Total people reached with this information = 29,296,800
is: 34,108,800

29,296,800 divided by 34,108,800  x 100 = 85.9% now have had this information shared with them by November 30, 2010!

The Internet connected population of people have been informed and then can never say "well I didn't know there was a better way to have an economy that isn't based on debt"

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