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It seems that I may need to clear the air for the deaf and blind.

With regard to asking people to partake in the sending of suggestion to the government, re changes to the financial system; at no time is this about having the politicians save my, our ass. It is an opportunity, excuse, if you will, to bring the people together so we can save our own asses; co-create our future. It gives those of us who know something about money, banking, commerce, history, government, politics, and law, an open door to educate those who do not.

To wake them up through education to what those knowledgeable know so there are more of us with the knowledge.

As they say, and this is not about consumerism, "an informed consumer is a wise consumer". Further, the idea behind non-interest bearing currency is to take the banker out of the picture. The only thing in my view that can accomplish that is a shift in consciousness. In other words, if everyone on the planet knows how the banking system works now, and that it is the cause of all debt, people would see the banker for what he is and not pay him any attention, thus, dis-empower him.

Nor is money a motivating factor, love is. If everyone on the planet loved everyone else, or at least most, what need would we have for money? Right about now some of you are thinking, but that will never happen. Your darn right it will never happen if that is your best thought.

WE, create our reality. Gregg Braden has proof of the power of collective focus. 4 people cured cancer in under 3 minutes. Polluted water is returned to a perfect crystalline state. Drop in crime and peace in areas where peace is foreign. All it takes is a common focus. Bruce Lipton shows scientifically the power of love and the consequences of fear.

You doubt;




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