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I sent an email the other day regarding how we are going change how we share information and that soon i will cease sending said information to you directly via our database of email addresses.

This is an update to that email

E-mails that i send will be posted at: http://freedomfromdebt.gettingstartednow.info/ underĀ FREE Member Pages

To access them you must register which is no cost. The emails will now be forwarded through the site to you (if you registered before October 31, 2010) but there will be a varying time delay when you will receive them by email. After October 31, 2010, you must join a separate list when registering. If you want to get the emails from each "post" in the FREE Member Pages category AFTER registering, while logged in, just look at the right side of each page for the "Subscribing To Posts - Options" box just below the "Posts Calendar" (you must be logged in to see this option). If you don't wish to receive the posts in the FREE Member Pages category to be emailed, DON'T opt-in to the list - you can always view them as they appear in the FREE Member Pages category online (and it will save bandwidth on this blog). You can opt-out of this feature at any time as well... just press the link "profile" at the same location as described above and you can UNSUBSCRIBE by un-checking the box under the "Subscribed Categories" called: "FREE Member Pages".

I love you

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